Chapter 4

The young prince

Jimin was lying down next to the fire they made for the night. Tae and Jungkook were busy talking about stuff that Jimin wasn't interested in so he just closed his eyes when promptly Jungkook started talking to him.

Jk- why are you still here by the way? You always disappear after some time.

Jm- I am always close by. Probably on a tree here and there you just don't notice me.

Jimin continued with his eyes still closed and with a lower tone.

Jm- the use of magic always demands some sacrifice anyway. The less we use it the better it is for us...

Jk- yes like your life span, am I right? Sorcerer is the most stupid being ever. Why would you sacrifice some of your life span for power?

Hearing this Jimin opened his eyes and looked at him. He was right. Most magicians sacrifice their life span for magic and Jimin himself doesn't have much to live because of how that day he abused his power.

Jm- You are right. They are fools for power. But every good thing is not free. That's how life has always been. Even your sword has the blood of the strongest dragon in its blade dear prince Jungkook.

Jungkook looked at him horrified. Dragons are considered to be pure and respected. Yet they are going for a sword like this.

Jm- haha not so pleased to get the sword now, aren't you Jungkook? Well, that's why it was sealed in that volcano but we need it this time.

Jk- is there no other way?

Jm- no

Both looked at each other for some seconds then looked away. After a while, Jimin started again.

Jm- I wonder why though. Why so much hatred- ah no it must be a pity... You pity the ones who uses magic is that right?

Jk- ...

Tae- the one who betrayed the Jeons and cause all the chaos was a magician.

Jm- oh is that right? But I am sure you guys know there are more to it. That was a dark past, that man had to choose between his lover and loyalty. Can you blame him for wanting his love to stay alive? If I am honest he is a disgrace to our race but I wasn't in his place.

Tae- I didn't hear that part of the story.

Jm- I am sure Jungkook had guessed it already. Life is unfair.

With that Jimin closed his eyes and dozed off in less than no time.

Tae- ha is he asleep? Anyone can attack him right now. How can he be so careless?

Jk- I will be on guard tonight. Sleep you too you must be tired.

Tae- okay

With that Taehyung took a blanket and covered himself to soon drift away to dreamland. Jungkook looked up at the sky and realised that soon it will start snowing.

When Jimin woke up the next dawn he saw a blanket on him. Without questioning it he just stood up and dusted off the snow that fell on him.

Jm- Ah it started snowing. So cold

Jimin blew on his hands to warm it up.

Tae- we need to find some more warm clothes or else we will freeze to death.

Jm- let's hurry up. There is a village near.

They said and jumped on their horses. Jimin still riding with Taehyung. Soon enough the village was in sight and they quickly brought new clothes and food as their reserves were getting empty. They decided to relax a bit at a restaurant before continuing their long journey.

Jm- Some soju, please

Jimin shouted, determining to enjoy the little peaceful moment which will soon disappear.

Tae- are you high tolerant, Jimin-ah?

Jm- of course, who you take me for Keke?

Both well resolved on competing to know who is more tolerant. While eating and drinking Taehyung started again.

Tae- I've been wondering. What happened he sorcerer?

Jm- hmm? Well, it is said that he started working for the Lees.

Tae- wow after everything he keeps on betraying the Jeons even after their deaths?

Jm- oh no-no he is still doing that for his loved one. The lees couldn't let go of such a powerful magician and kept on blackmailing him. However, the one he loves was heartbroken at the betrayal he did with the Jeon and went separated ways.

Tae- so he keeps on humiliating himself for someone who doesn't even love him anymore?

Jm- Human's feelings are complicated and I don't think that's true. Anyway right now he is our enemy and we should not forget about it.

Tae- but-

Taehyung was cut off when he saw Jungkook standing up and leaving. He was probably fed up with that conversation.

Jm- he is kinda ill-tempered, isn't he?

Tae-no he is someone very kind-hearted but he gets pissed off when justice isn't established.

Jm- hmmm I guess so. Let's Hurry up now.

They ate quickly and left the restaurant. They went to their horses but Jungkook wasn't here yet. After sometimes they noticed Jungkook coming with a black horse. Both Taehyung and Jimin looked at each other all confused. Jungkook came closer a gave the reins to Jimin.

Jk- stop using magic to travel now.

Jm- oh wow thanks...

Jimin said astonished. It wasn't that Jimin could not afford a horse. He could find a use for them. But now that Jungkook gave him one, he felt something warm inside of him. Taehyung shouldered him and smiled.

Tae- see I told you so.

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