Last Love | G-dragon fanfic


Women. Fame. Money. This man got it all. The only and only G-DRAGON, or also known by everyone else as the 'KING OF KPOP' He is powerful, famous, and talented. He is the man every girl dream of. He is the idol of idols. But who knows how he is really like behind the closed door. Lonely and desperate, Kwon Ji Yong finally came across the girl that manage to turn his boring life around.The cold-image leader of Bigbang had a soft spot in his heart for his girl and the second he laid his eyes on her, he know he would do anything in his power to keep her forever. He never know what 'real love' should feel like until he comes across his 'last love'.


"You have no idea how happy I am right now. Apart from all the fame I have, all the girls chasing after me like you said, but to know that at the end of the day I am with you. I am dating you. Make my life so much more lively, baby. And I never felt this way.."

Jieun stared at me in awe and I didn't even recall seeing a blink there.

"So please, don't break my heart and say it's not going to happen because I know all I want to hear right now- I mean all I need to hear actually right now is that you are my girlfriend."


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LilyGd #1
Chapter 49: I don't blame Angela, I would do the same lol. In fact, if I came face to face with Jiyong, I think I would pass out hehehe. And if I were his girlfriend, I would also be jealous of that hat thing. Jiyong has already done this with Dara and Panda too. I know it's a stage thing, but ... I'm jealous ^. ^
Baekie_18 #2
Chapter 49: This angela is just so so irritated to me. I wish that my jieun would understand this from ji’s point. Anyways happy new year to you authornim !!
Baekie_18 #3
Chapter 48: Hehe my god this two is just so damn sweet to each other. I can’t take this anymore! Anyways stay safe authornim!
Baekie_18 #4
Chapter 47: Awww this two just can’t keep their hand to theirselves hahahah. Anyways I got where jieun is coming from so I think ji should kinda back off for a while first(?). Happy holidays to you authornim !
Baekie_18 #5
Chapter 45: I wish they both will solve this misunderstanding sooner. I don’t want them fall apart like this. Anyways thanks you for the update and have a nice day authornim.
Heymama #6
hi authornim..any updates on this fanfic?
Heymama #7
Awesome..GD in hot soup!!
Heymama #8
Chapter 43: Love your storyy soo much.. pls update !!! Thanks!
Titan-eden #9
Chapter 42: ???
Chapter 39: Thanks for the update!ive had enjoyed the chapter very well..