Hanlim's School for the Supernatural

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“A human in this school? You're joking right?”

“Watch yourself hunter. You don’t belong here.”

"Leave this school or I'll make you regret it human scum." 

"If you want to survive in this school peacefully, word of advice, avoid the Royal Trinity at all costs."



Baek Yerin the Hunter


Kai (Kim Jongin) the Wolf Prince

Oh Sehun the Demon Prince

Byun Baekhyun the Vampire Prince

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Yes I have decided this will be my new fanfic. Of course I won’t be starting this until I finish Lost Love. I will probably write this as I write Blood Lines. I haven’t decided yet but this fic will be happening. Please tell me what you guys think of it so far and please support this fic as well as Lost Love and Blood Lines.

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