Mind Over Matter (Kyungsoo's POV)

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Have you ever wondered what was going on with our very own Mr. Smarty Do Kyungsoo's mind during his 'precious' times with the woman of his life, Han Iseul? Now I present, some of Kyungsoo's epic point of views that were left unseen in the story of Mind Over Matter, Let's get into his mind, shall we?






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Mind Over Matter









Hi. Nice to meet you.

My name is Do Kyungsoo.

I am a person who needed to settle down. I am not getting any younger. I’m twenty-six and I need to at least share my superiority with someone else.  

So I've decided that I would settle down and with the fact that I couldn’t find any female close to my surroundings whom I could be fond of, I tried another method that I learned through the social convention called friends, co-workers I prefer. It's supposedly called 'Online Dating.'

I opened this site that I read about on the internet and it stated that I would find my destiny if I clicked it open.

So I clicked it open and it didn’t bring me straight to my destiny.

It stated that I should register first.

It lied to me immediately. What a ludicrous way to advertise.

But I didn’t imagine I would indeed meet someone on this fancy website which I find too girly for a male like me.

I got this notification that stated ‘Someone poked you’ and I couldn’t find the sense of using such gesture to say someone clicked onto your profile. It doesn’t make sense at all but anyway, I opened this person’s profile because she’s the first one to poke me and I don't intend to wait for the second, it will be tiresome. And I don't want more than one person 'poking' me. I hate it.

It sounded so wrong, I didn’t like it.

I shall send a grievance to the website master. It was badly chosen, the word usage.

But going back to the topic of discussion, this someone is by the name of Han Iseul.

I got fond of her name. It means dew – water in the form of droplets. She might be fond of water, I like water. Also, she reminds me of the fruit, Honeydew.

I don’t eat Honeydew. I don’t like it. I hope she doesn’t like Honeydew as well.





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