King's bodyguard

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Forbidden love between the king and the bodyguard

GENRE: Angst, drama, dark humour, pain, romance, most likely

Mostly: JinDy, but because I am trash for other OTPs, they might appear and there might be hints for them








Also...hating myself for posting more stories, but who cares...? It might take way longer for me to update stories, but im just way too into writing and coming up with new stories ok? 


Andy thought becoming a king was the most challenging thing he had ever had to do in his life. That was before he realised he had fallen in love. 


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missstery #1
Chapter 21: Hello, very late but I'm here. I'm sorry about that. What a way to come back, the chapter was great. I hope they soon trust Andy, because he is their king and apparently his power is enormous and he can surely defend his people. I'm glad they let Jin know he's not guilty, I just hope he believes it so he doesn't feel bad. You can see the love between them, it was very cute. And the ending, wow, Andy really is powerful if he already knew what was going on, I already want to know what they will do. Thanks for updating, I hope you are well and healthy. Take care and a big hug.
missstery #2
Chapter 20: This Andy is a bit stubborn, take a risk like that in the portal, although it was expected. Yes!! Jin woke up and Andy felt it, I think their connection is really strong, or is their love? Hahahaha, I was about to yell at Andy don't go to the light, but I think this time it's a good idea. He's really powerful, I was surprised by his reaction, but it was logical after everything that happened. I'm glad to see you back, I must confess that I was worried because I didn't know how you were. I hope you are well, and thanks for the update, a hug and take care.
missstery #3
Chapter 19: Thanks for the update, although I suffered the previous chapter, I think this time I suffered more with Hyesung, because he release all the pain that had saved, but I'm glad to see that he is better. Now just have to wait for Junjin to wake up. Take care and a big hug
Shinhwa_kiwi #4
Chapter 18: Minsung Jindy Ricwan... all 3 lovely couples is here and what is their destiny? I can't wait for that kkk
Shinhwa_kiwi #5
Chapter 18: Minsung Jindy Ricwan... all 3 lovely couples is here and what is their destiny? I can't wait for that kkk
specialss #6
Chapter 16: The queen got pregnant with andy's child?
I always admired syungdy friendship..they are so adorable..finally you make minsyung ..I hope you will update this fic more often..I miss this fic
Chapter 16: Totally satisfied even though it was quick. Idk how fast I came after reading your tweet since Minsyung is my secret ship ;; Great chapter, please think of including with them another time too
Chapter 15: I'm happy you didn't forget this story, it's different than the others
So is Jinnie slowly dying? Since it spreads...
And Andy with Hyesung was cute, they seem cute talking, like Hyesung seems so much older and wiser
So they erased Andy's mind but everyone else still knows? And did Andy used to know magic but forgot?
Dongwan and eric need to talk more about their past