Loving Jessica Jung

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"She's been there on my saddest moments and she's been a good friend, But why do feel like i want something more from her" - Jessica


"Helping her was my sole purpose, But falling for her wasnt part of the plan" - Ash



- Jeonghyun "Ash" Park

- Born in Seoul, But grew up in England

- Mysterious, seems cold but very kind and sweet

- Has a dorky and playful personality but rarely show it

- Always been mistaken as a guy because of her look



- Jessica Jung

- Former member of Girls Generation

- Ice Princess

- Gorgeous, cold outside but very warm inside

- Ceo of B&E

- misses her 8 sisters.



- Rest of SNSD

-Taeny couple

- misses their sister Jessica




After Jessica's been "Kicked out" of SNSD she's been sad and she misses them deeply, Yet they cant do anything but endure the pain of being apart.  After all it was for her 8 sister's freedom so she have to find a way to help and save them, On her way to her hotel room one night she meet someone that offered her something that she couldnt refuse.



Hello guys.. ^^ i know havent finished my other story but i want to share this story to all of you.

i hope you all like it.. This is a Jessicaxyou fic but there will be Taeny here.. dont forget to vote and comment guys if you like my story, thanks :)

Thought I post a teaser :) btw We're backk
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