Unexpected Guest

The Only One
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Show Luo- Touch My Heart


On Saturday, Jaejoong had no time for play. He had been working on the pool project for a while now. His home office was chaotic with papers strewn all over the place. When the sun was starting to fall, he finally finished the last proposal.

Jaejoong had the phone pressed between his ear and shoulder as he copied page after page. “Yeah, I’m done. I’ll fax the report to you right now. Let me know when you’re done looking over it, yeah? Good.” He hung up and attached the hand-drawn plans to the file. He grabbed the copies off the ground and made his way over to the fax.

Jaejoong placed the pen between his teeth as he began to dial the number. The fax made a dying noise, and without warning, it shut off. Jaejoong blinked, flabbergasted. “What the-“ He tried to turn the fax on, but it wouldn’t work.

“What happened?! It was working fine before!” Jaejoong smacked the fax a couple times, but it refused to be awakened. He released a frustrated groan and slapped his palm over his face. “Great! What do I do now?” His eyes opened widely.

Another brilliant idea popped into his mind.

*That’s it!* Jaejoong snapped his fingers.

A crafty smile lit his face. He walked over to the door, “Oh, Bomi~”


For the past thirty minutes, Kris had been starting at his fax. *That’s really strange. I thought he said he was done! Then why am I not receiving anything?* He checked his fax to make sure it was working. With a frustrated sigh, he leaned against the wall. His mind wandered to something else- or rather, someone else.

“Today’s steak tastes especially good. Maybe it’s because I’m eating with you.”

A smile automatically lit his face up. It felt so natural to smile now. Her smile created warm, fuzzy feelings in his stomach that he had never felt before. The feeling was new, and it wasn’t unpleasant at all. The sound of his doorbell snapped him back to reality.

Kris straightened up and glanced back. *Who can it be? Xiumin? Luhan?* He glanced at his fax and walked over to the door. When he checked the monitor, no one appeared on the screen. *Xiumin better not be trolling me.* Kris opened the door.

“Boo!” A figure jumped out from behind the wall. He jumped slightly in surprise. His eyes widened at the uninvited guest. “B-Bomi?” Kris stuttered. He had totally not expected her.

Bomi giggled. “Surprise!” “W-what are you doing here?” Kris questioned.

Bomi pouted. “You don’t want me here? Okay then. Bye.” She turned to leave.

At once, Kris grabbed her arm, “Wait-“

Bomi blinked innocently, “What? I thought you didn’t want me here.”

“I-I never said that.” He protested. “Oh.” She turned around in her spot and smiled.

“But really…is there a reason why you’re here?” Kris asked. “I came as a messenger.” Bomi replied.

“Messenger?” He was confused. Just then, he received a text message. “Hold on.” Kris checked the note.

“Bomi arrived, right? My fax broke. Look over the documents I sent. Send them back as soon as you can. DO NOT send Bomi back home empty-handed! I won’t let her in! You must let her stay with you until you have completed your feedback!”- Jaejoong.

*This is a trick!* Kris thought. Bomi held up the manilla envelope. “This is for you.”

“Oh, um, thanks.” Kris took the envelope, “Do you, um, want to come in?”

“Um, no, if you’re, um, uncomfortable.” Bomi teased. He turned red. She laughed, “I’m kidding. I don’t want you to feel obliged to let me in. I’ll be at the café downstairs. Call me when you’re done!” Bomi waved and turned away. Kris grabbed her wrist. She gave him a questioning look.

“You can come in.” He said. She gave him a look. “I don’t want to force you.”

“You’re not. I…I want you to come in.” And he meant it.

“Okay then…Feel free to kick me out whenever you want though.” Bomi said and entered his apartment. *Trust me. There is a slim chance that I will do that.* Kris shut the door behind him.

“Wow!” Bomi gasped in wonder. His apartment was amazing. Anyone could see that this place belonged to Kris. It just screamed his name. She touched the painting on the wall, touched a sculpture, and bent down to examine a plant. “You have a beautiful home.”

Kris glanced around while rubbing the back of his neck. “It’s nothing. Do you want something to drink?”

“Sure.” Bomi smiled. “Can I take a look around?”

“Yeah, go ahead.” Kris went to the kitchen and opened his refrigerator. He pulled out a carton of juice, grabbed some cups, and suddenly froze. *She wants to look around, which means she’ll go into my room….* Kris swiftly ran out of the kitchen and hurried into his bedroom.

Bomi spun around. “Your room is really big. You use it alone?”

“Yeah.” He was distracted by folded boxers and wife beaters on top of his drawer. She was going closer and closer to it.

*. Why didn’t I put those away this morning?!* Kris quickly followed to search for the perfect opportunity to hide his underwear.

“Your bed is pretty neat. I like the colors of your room.” Bomi complimented. “Thanks. Your juice is outside. You want to drink it?” Kris asked

. “Mmhmm.” But Bomi continued to look around the bedroom. She saw a picture of a young boy that had a striking resemblance to Kris. “Omo. Is this you?! You look the same!” Bomi laughed. Kris nervously eyed the underwear. Bit by bit, he scooted closer. When he was sure Bomi wasn’t looking, he lunged forward and pounced on his underwear. “Who is this woman next to you? She’s very young. She looks like you, so she must be your mother. Am I correct?” Bomi grabbed the picture and turned around. Her eyes widened at the sight of Kris trying to bury something in his drawer.

“What ar eyou doing?” Bomi asked. Kris froze. *Oh .*

Bomi put the photo down and approached him. “What is that in your hand?”

Kris spun around with his hands behind his back. He clutched onto his boxers so hard that his knuckles turned white. “Nothing.”

“You’re hiding something from me. What is it?” Bomi tried to take a peek.

Kris whirled around. “I-I said it’s n-nothing!”

“You’re stuttering, which means you’re lying. Come on, oppa. What are you trying to hide? Is it…something naughty? Like ?!” Bomi teased.

“No! It’s nothing like that!” Kris bellowed red-faced.

“Then show me!” Bomi bounced up and down.

“I can’t!” He claimed. She stopped jumping. “Oh. So it is .”

“IT’S NOT!” Kris yelled. “Hi!” Bomi suddenly waved.

*What? Who’s here?* Kris turned around. “Gotcha!” Bomi grabbed the object in his hand.

*NO!* Kris faced her. Bomi stared at the pink boxers with pink hearts. “You wear…pink?”

“Give me that!” Kris reached out and snatched air. Bomi waved his underwear in the air with a giggle. “I always thought you were the type to wear black! Aw, it’s cute that you wear pink!”

“Give me that, Bomi!” Kris was almost begging. How embarrassing was this?

“You’re turning the exact shade of your boxers.” Bomi walked backwards while tauntingly waving his boxers. Heat rose up his neck and crept to his ears. “Don’t be embarrassed! As they say, real men wear pink!” Bomi cheered. “I said give me that!” Kris growled and lunged for her. Bomi jumped onto his bed and stuck out her tongue. “Can’t catch me~”

Now she was just playing with his ego.

Kris was determined to get her back for this humiliation. Swiftly, he hopped onto the bed. Bomi screamed and jumped off. She raced towards the door. Kris caught her in no time. His arms wrapped her from behind. He tried to steal his underwear back, but she was sneaky and kept it away from him.

“Do you have an underwear ? Give me my boxers back!” Kris demanded. “No, it’s fun seeing you lose your cool like this! Wait until I tell the entire world! Golden Tower’s Director wears pink boxers with hearts on it like some kind of cupid!” Bomi shrieked into laughter as she ducked from his grasp and scrambled backwards. She jumped back onto the bed and wiggled the boxers. “Come and get it~”

His eyes narrowed. She was going down. Literally.

Her eyes widened as he unexpectedly tackled her. “Oof!” Bomi landed on the bouncy mattress. She opened her eyes and froze. His face was right in front of hers. *Got it!* Kris grabbed the boxers and looked down. His entire body became rigid as his eyes enlarged to twice its size. *Oh shoot…*

It was the first time they had been in bed together since that eventful night.

He was right on top of Bomi. Their noses were touching. Her eyes wildly darted around his face, and his eyes flickered to her lips. They could feel each other’s hearts beating fast and hard. Kris leaned a little closer, and Bomi forgot how to breathe. His eyelids closed halfway, and she dared not move. She could not wait to feel his tender lips over hers.

Right when Bomi shut her eyes, Kris’s phone rang. They opened their eyes and blinked at each other. Just like that, the moment was gone. Rapidly, Kris got off her. Sheepishly, Bomi sat up.


“Kris! It’s me! Xiumin!” He called cheerfully.

*Of course.* Kris groaned inwardly.

“Do you want to go a nightclub-“

“No.” He hung up sourly.

“Who was that?” Bomi asked curiously. “A telemarketer.” Kris muttered.

The pink boxers lay on his pillow. He quickly snatched it off the bed and put it away in his drawer. Bomi slipped out of the bed and stood up. Kris walked up to her. They met eyes and looked away at the same time. Their cheeks burned as awkwardness hung between them.

“Um, juice?” Kris meekly asked. “Sounds good.” Bomi smiled back.

They left his bedroom and came back to the living room. Kris brought the juice and handed her a glass. “Thanks.” Bomi took a sip and glanced around. *He has a spectacular apartment. And the view is pretty, too. I wish I could live here.* She had to admit though, this place was only nice because it belonged to Kris.

Kris glanced at her. He had so many things to say to her, yet he didn’t know how to bring them up. Bomi felt his gaze and looked at him. Kris quickly looked away and gulped his juice down. *Is it just me, or is it hot in here?* It was the first time he had a girl over at his place, so it was a bit nerve-wrecking.

“Don’t you have to look at the documents?” Bomi helpfully asked.

“Oh. Right.” Kris got up, took the envelope, and began to examine the papers Jaejoong had sent.

“Don’t worry about me and take your time. I’ll just be here.” Bomi said.

“Okay. Feel free to watch television. Here.” He handed her the remote.

“Thank you.” She the T.V.

Kris glanced at her once more heading into his study. He didn’t want to keep her waiting, yet he didn’t want her to leave so soon either. An hour later, he was almost done. He just had some finishing touches to make. *Is Bomi still watching television? Maybe she grew bored and left.* Kris got up and headed over to the living room to check on her. He didn’t see Bomi anywhere. *Where did she go? Did she really leave?*

That’s when he noticed a small figure curled up on the couch.

Kris walked over and saw that Bomi had fallen asleep. Her long, slender figure was stretched across the couch. *Waiting must have tired you out, huh?* Kris grabbed a cushion nearby and gently slipped it under her head. He retrieved a small blanket nearby and placed it over her.

Kris bent down to fix the blanket. Doing that, he caught sight of her face.

Kris reached out and d her cheek with the back of his fingers. As expected, her skin felt as smooth as a newborn baby’s.

*What have you done to me, Park Bomi? You have me wrapped around your finger. I can’t go through a day without thinking of you. You entered my heart without me even knowing it.* Kris smiled softly and d his thumb over her forehead. Slowly, he leaned in. His lips met her forehead, and he shut his eyes as he gave her a loving kiss.

*Park Bomi, wo ai ni.*


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Chapter 44: This was so sweet! I enjoyed this story!
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