Two to Tutor

My Next-Door Idiot
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“Oh nooo! I failed my math test!” Nayoung’s voice wailed during last period. What the heck, Nayoung’s amazing at math. I caught her quickly glancing at Kris before she sighed. “With exams coming up I really need to improve my study habits! If only I had a tutor...”

Ooohh. She’s a smart wench. Luckily she moved her dirty tactics to Kris instead of Luhan~

“If only...” She repeated loudly. Kris didn’t move a muscle and Nayoung looked desperately at me. I finally caught on and rolled my eyes with a sigh.

“Kris...Why don’t you tutor Nayoung?” I suggested. Kris didn’t look up from his paper.

“I’ll pass.” He said.

“Come on Kris, you don’t want her to fail her class, do you?” I said.

“It’s not like it’s my concern.” Kris snorted.

“But if she fails a class she has to stay back a year!” I persisted.

“Good, she can keep you company.” Kris said. On instinct I was about to smack him in the back, but decided to keep calm.

“Are you struggling in math too, Jihae?” Luhan asked me. Damn it, he’s going to think I’m stupid!


“Are you kidding me? This idiot here doesn’t even know what numbers are. Seriously I bet she thinks 1+2=Singapore.” Kris scoffed obnoxiously.

Okay, that’s it. I stomped on his foot and he shriveled down his seat in pain.

“Awww, Jihae. It’s no good if you fail either! How about while Kris tutors Nayoung, I tutor you?” Luhan suggested.

“Sounds like a great idea!” Nayoung piped immediately.

“I agree!” I followed. Spending time with Luhan for a couple of hours and all alone... Sounds like a plan to me.

“Wait...” Kris started.

“So it’s a deal!” I wrap my arm over Kris’s shoulder. “Why don’t you and Nayoung exchange phone numbers and you guys can talk over a day.”

“Jihae-ya, give me your phone.” Luhan instructed. I did so and he typed in his number and called himself.

“Wait guys, I didn’t agree to—“

“Done! I’ll call you tonight, okay?” Luhan smiled, handing me back my phone.

“Okay!” I chimed. I looked back at Nayoung and she gave me a wink. I guess we’ve created some kind of peaceful understanding for now.

The bell rung, signaling the conclusion of the day. We grabbed our bags and started heading out to front lawn while I talked to Luhan.

“Bye Jihae-ya!” Luhan waved happily at me once Kris and I reached the sidewalk.

“Bye oppa!” I chimed, waving back.

“I’ll call you tonight okay?”


“Make sure your phone is on!”

“I will!”

“Bye Jihae-yaa~”

“Bye op—“

“LET’S GO.” Kris barked, yanking me down the sidewalk before I could finish my sentence.

“Hey, watch it.” I hissed, pulling away from him and rubbing my arm. “That hurt.”

Kris didn’t say anything as I stared at him. No apology? Tch, whatever. I’m in a great mood and nothing can ruin it. Luhan and I get to spend time together after school! And don’t forget Nayoung stopped pursuing him and is going after Kris instead, which means I get Luhan all to myself. My life is perfect.


Today is the day. Luhan and I agreed on Thursday, and at last my time has come!

I need to look good. Hell, I need to look amazing. I brainstorm for a while until I remember: Mrs. Wu has a curling iron! I dash over to the house next door and bang on the door.

“Hello! It’s Jihae!” I yelled. I have to hurry; Luhan comes over in less than an hour. The door opens and Mrs. Wu appears in front of me.

“Oh, hello! Come in, darling.” Mrs. Wu stepped aside and widened the door for me to step in.

“Hello, Mrs. Wu.” I bowed politely before I went inside. “May I use your curling iron?”

“Of course! What are you dressing up for so suddenly?” She asked as we walked to her bathroom.

“Well... To tell you the truth, there’s a boy coming over later today.” I told her.

“Really?! Oh how exciting! You know, I met Kris’s father when I was your age. This boy might be the one.” Mrs. Wu said as we entered the bathroom.

“Maybe he is.” I smiled to myself. I sat down in a chair and Mrs. Wu the curling iron.

“I’ll curl your hair; you need to look good for your future boyfriend.” She winked at me.

“Don’t say that, Mrs. Wu. But thank you so much for every

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