Almost Death

My Next-Door Idiot
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“It’s a little too late for someone this pretty to be out and about, ya know.” The deep, groggy voice creeped into my ear and I shrivelled in fear and disgust. My throat was completely dry and I was so struck with fear to move, besides my persisting trembling.

“Don’t even think about screaming or you’ll end up dead in a dumpster.” The man growled and tears started welling up in my eyes. Oh my god I’m going to die. This is it. This is the end of it all. “Now be a good girl and come with me.”

I didn’t say a word as I weakly turned into a dark alley with him, whimpering at his nails aggressively digging into my arm and the knife wavering below my chin. With every step I took down the alley I felt my stomach turn over more and more, feeling ready to throw up at any time. I’m so scared. I can’t believe this is happening. I closed my eyes and started thinking about all the people I cared about in my life. My parents. EXO-M. Luhan.


Then, in a flash of a moment, I felt the impact and heard the cracking sound of a fist tearing its way through the jaw behind my head and the release of the tight grip around my body. I gasped as I looked behind me and felt the sudden jerk at my wrist yanking me forward. My feet fumbled to keep up with the abrupt speed but I managed to get ahold of my footing and wipe my tears as we made it out of the alley.

“K-Kris…” I whimpered, as we turned the corner and charged down the street.

“Keep moving.” He barked at me, keeping his tight grip around my wrist. I stayed silent as we made it into our neighborhood. He finally let go of me and we rested for a moment, panting heavily to catch our breath.

“What… were you ….. THINKING… “ Kris managed to cough out, his hands resting on his knees. “Are you stupid?! How can you be out by yourself this late and not pay attention to your surroundings?!”

I looked up from the ground as my heavy breathing settled down and stared up at his face. He looked so distraught; his face red and his eyebrows heavy with rage, but his eyes somber and filled with fear. 

“I-I’m so sorry… Kris I… I…”

I squeaked when he suddenly pulled me into him and tightly wrapped his arms around me. Another tear came down my eye as I pressed my cheek to his chest and submerged myself into his embrace. I’ve never felt so at peace just standing there with him, feeling warm and protected. Somehow I felt every bit of emotion soaking into me from his grip, holding me as if he would lose me in an instant if he ever let go.

“It’s okay. Let’s go home.”

- - -

We silently made our way back to my house and I grabbed some ice and a wet towel to wipe some of the blood off of Kris’s knuckles. We quietly made it to my room without my parents noticing, and I helped him dress his wounds as he weakly sprawled himself over the bed next to me.

“How did you find me?” I asked quietly, keeping my eyes fixed onto my bedsheets.

“I saw you still weren’t home even though it was late and I was worried because the bus stop is a few ways outside our neighborhood. I couldn’t shake the anxious feeling I had and walked back and forth down that street for a while until I saw you and that turn into the alley.” Kris still seemed so angry and distraught about everything, as he laid over my bed and iced his hand. I’ve never seen Kris so serious and protective before and it’s making me feel so… weird.

But that does not mean I like him! It doesn’t. “Thank you, again. I really owe you my life.”

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