The Greatest Winter

My Next-Door Idiot
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“I am so glad we picked on bubble tea!” Chen chimed, on his straw.

“Me too. Good call, Tao.” Lay gave the youngest a thumbs up.

“I told you guys! The best way to start winter break is with bubble tea.” Tao nodded to himself.

“This is great. My mind seriously can’t wrap around the fact that we have a whole two weeks of freedom before school starts again.” Xiumin said, leaning back on his chair.

“And better yet, Christmas is coming up!” Luhan happily drinking his taro.

“Oh my god, you’re right! Christmas is actually really close...” Chen said.

“Jihae, are you doing anything for Christmas?” Xiumin asked me.

“Uh, probably something with the family. They’re crazy about Christmas.” I responded. “What about you?”

“We usually just all hang out together. You should text me if you ever want to celebrate with us.” Luhan offered.

“Excuse me but we’re closing soon.” A worker walked up to us.

“Oh it’s no problem. Thank you for your services.” Lay politely bowed to the worker as we stood up, taking our bubble tea with us as we walked out the shop.

“Whoa, it’s freezing!” Tao said.

“Because you just had bubble tea.” Chen told him.

“Oh yeah.” Tao peeled open the top of his cup.

“Hey Jihae.” Luhan called. I turned around to face him and he used his straw to shoot a tapioca pearl at me, which hit the square of my nose.

“Ha!” Luhan pointed at me with a huge grin on his face.

“Watch out Luhan!” Lay said before he in a pearl through his straw and spit it at Luhan.

“Oh, it’s on now!” Luhan in multiple pearls and shot it at all of us. I laughed and blew a pearl at him, and Chen shot one at me.

“Eeww these are cold!” Xiumin whined, attempting to take a pearl out of his hoodie. Luhan used the distraction to his advantage and shot a pearl at Xiumin’s eye.

“OW! Okay, death wish granted. Come here you!” Xiumin tried grabbing at Luhan but Luhan smiled and launched another pearl at Xiumin’s cheek, causing him to flinch. Xiumin continued chasing and Luhan just laughed and threw his missiles through the pink straw.

“Get away from me Tao!” I chuckled, using my arms to shield myself as multiple pearls were tossed towards me.

“Dream on!” Tao said menacingly. I quickly fumbled with my straw trying to dig out a pearl but he pulled the straw out and threw it behind him.

I gulped and ran the other direction as he shot pearls at my back. I tore open the top cover and flung all the pearls in my cup at Tao.

“Hey! No fair!” Tao said, covering his head.

“It’s what you get!” I stuck my tongue at him as he shook off the tapioca.

“Oh, I think your phone’s ringing.” Tao gestured to the device in my pocket. I took it out and looked at the caller ID.

“Oh no, it’s my dad. I forgot to tell him I went out!” I exclaimed. The EXO-M members halted their tapioca war and looked my way.

“Tell him you stayed after school for a project or something.” Chen suggested.

“Until 7:00?”

“Just answer your phone, he might not be mad.” Luhan said. I clicked the answer button and nervously brought the phone to my ear.



“Uh... You

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