My Next-Door Idiot

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There are a lot of words used to describe Kris Wu. Neighborly is not one of them.

There will always be people who come and go into your life, but your worst enemy is someone you can never escape. Everywhere you went, Kris would always be there, making you miserable with every second. And just when he moves to China and you think you're free, he suddenly moves back right next to your house for more. But the worst part is, after 6 years of not seeing him, Kris became extremely hot.


It should be illegal for parents to have friends.

Why? Because their friends always end up being the parents of the rudest, most annoying and arrogant children.

Take me, for example, having to see the Wus lounging in my living room every time I come home. It really doesn't help that we live right next door to them.

Don't get me wrong, I love Mr. and Mrs. Wu. It's their son who I really can't stand, drinking all of my soda and going through all of my stuff.

That's right, Kris Wu. My worst nightmare. It also just so happens to be that our bedrooms are both on the second floor, perfectly adjacent. With big fat windows facing each other, so I can't go through a day in my room without seeing Kris in his.

Let's not forget how incredibly close our houses are to each other, so I can hear all of his music playing, and he can hear my screams when I tell him to shut up.

He even used to climb into my window sometimes, taking and leaving whatever he wants. Usually my homework. No big deal. 

And instead of hiring a babysitter, my parents always thought it’d be a fun idea to drop me off at the Wu’s house and leave me to suffer. Eventually, the Wus started leaving the little demon at my place as well.

The day the Wus left for China was the happiest day of my life. I know they'll come back eventually, but for now I'm just enjoying my life in peace before terror strikes again.


*In this story your name is Kwon Jihae ^^

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