Last Period

My Next-Door Idiot
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I walked into last period to see Kris sitting with EXO-M, talking as usual. Of course he has this class with me. Kris saw me and waved dramatically.

“Hey look at that we’re math buddies!” Kris said, amusement wide on his face. He kicked the chair of a desk next to him, gesturing me to sit there. I hesitantly walked over to the seat and put my books down.

“How’s your face? That soccer ball hit you hard.” Xiumin asked, letting out a slight laugh at the last sentence.

“And you flew like 5 feet back.” Chen chortled.

“Not even! At least like 8.” Tao giggled.

“Yes yes it was all very funny wasn’t it?” I mumbled.

“It really was.” Luhan bit his lip to prevent himself from grinning too wide. “Too bad you missed it, Kris.”

“I’ve seen her make an idiot of herself in elementary school way more than I need to.” Kris snickered.

“At least I didn’t hit the people next to me in music class when I was doing the dance moves our teacher taught us.” I remarked. Some of the EXO members snapped and pursed their lips to tease Kris.

“You guys seem close. It’s weird.” Tao stated. “Are you two cousins?”

“Yeah, it’s as if you’ve known each other for a long time but Kris just moved to Korea.” Chen added.

“Please, if she was related to me she’d at least look decent.” Kris scoffed arrogantly. I kicked him hard in the shin, gaining a yelp from his mouth.

“If I was related to you I’d kill myself, not like I’m not considering it now.” I mumbled.

“I think you left a mark on my leg, crazy woman.” Kris hissed, stuffing his head underneath his desk to get a better look.

“So then are you two just close friends?” Luhan blinked sweetly at me, trying to lighten the mood. It’s seriously impossible to stay in a bad mood while staring at his smile.

“Well actually Luhan we’re-“

“You’re in my seat, Jihae.” I heard an icy voice pierce. I looked over Luhan’s adorable head to see Nayoung shooting daggers at me with her dark eyes. I almost winced from the sudden coldness but then I realized the pure jealousy distinct on her face, spreading the feeling of satisfaction inside me.

“Actually, Kris is the one sitting in your seat.” I stated.

“Kris? Who’s Kris?” Nayoung asked, miffed.

“I heard my name.” Kris said, sitting back up. He made eye contact with her and I watched her priceless reaction of facial swooning.

“Kris....Wu?” She finally managed to say. Her face stirred into a mixture of recognition, shock, happiness and aftermath of swooning. For a minute I am legitimately confused until I remember about that freakish crush she had on him in 3rd grade. Wow, it’s been over 7 years and she recognized him better than I did.

“Sorry, am I in your seat?” Kris questioned. Nayoung blinked a few times and then cleared .

“It’s okay, you can sit there.” Nayoung smiled. She then shot her head towards my direction. “Jihae, move.”

“Why don’t you sit next to me, Nayoung?” Luhan suggested. She quickly glanced at Kris, and then back to Luhan, then back at me. She dejectedly took her seat in front of me and next to Luhan, and engaged in a conversation with him. That’s when it hit me. If Nayoung loses interest in Luhan to go after Kris, it turns into a definite bonus for me!

“Pssst. Kris.” I whispered.

“What do you want?” He whispered back.

“Do you think Nayoung’s pretty?” I asked.

“Who’s Nayoung?” Kris said.

“Are you two talking about me?” She stopped talking to Luhan and turned around sharply, smacking me with her hair.

“Hey, why don’t we switch spots?” I suggested.

“No, stay here.” Kris put his hand on my desk.

“Kris, remember Nayoung? She was my friend in elementary school.” I gestured at her and she batted her eyelashe

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