The Bittersweet Deal
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As suspected, Kris didn’t react well to Jungah’s disappearance. Her phone rang with endless phone calls and messages from him. Yet, she couldn’t bring herself to answer them.

She admitted it. She was scared. She was a coward.

She didn’t know how she would face him or what she would say if she ever saw him.

After mulling around with a hundred possibilities going through her mind, Jungah finally took a shower in the late afternoon. She stood under the hot water and let it run down her body.

Jungah scrubbed soap all over her body. She especially focused on her neck where the love marks were still visible.

The scrubbing slowed down, and her expression softened. She closed her eyes and thought back to last night.

Jungah remembered the way Kris had held her closely and tightly, yet carefully and gently as if she was a fragile item. From his actions, she could tell how much he really adored and loved her. Yet, she was still confused.

She was torn between her love for Kris and her loyalty to Zico.

Jungah knew who she was in love with.

It was Kris, without a doubt. Last night had been both hell and heaven for her.

It had been heaven because she had made love to Kris, and she would never be able to forget that special moment.

Yet, it was also hell because feelings of anger, bitterness, and uncertainty had been jumbled up in the experience.

She regretted that she had given in so easily last night without pushing Kris to answer the bugging questions revolving around their future. She couldn’t just forget about Zico so easily. It was only natural that she worried for him.

Zico had always been there for her. He had been her first love, and first love was always the hardest to forget. No matter what she did and who she was with, he would always leave an imprint on her.

Jungah wiped the water from her face with a heavy, morbid sigh. She shook her head to stop thinking about the situation for at least a few minutes. Jungah turned the water off, wrapped herself with a towel, and stepped out of the shower. After drying herself, she put on a thin, long-sleeved white shirt with comfortable gray shorts.

Jungah dared walked over to her cell phone. There were seventeen missed calls, seven new voice mails, and ten text messages.

All from Kris.

With a trembling hand, she listened to each voice mail.

‘Jungah, why did you just leave like that? Answer my calls, please!’

‘Why won’t you answer my calls?! Call me right away when you hear this message!’


‘Jungah, I’m going ing insane. Please, please call me.’

‘Jungah, please, baby, call me. I’m begging you. We have to talk.’

‘Jungah, I’ll be waiting. Call me.’

‘Jungah- sigh- I don’t know what to do anymore….please call me back. I’m waiting for you. I’ll keep waiting. So just…call…please…’

Jungah snapped her phone shut and closed her eyes. Her heart bled at his heartwrenching pleas. She knew he was waiting. She didn’t want to keep him waiting. But she needed time to think. She needed time to rethink about herself and her position between Kris, the man she was in love with, and Zico, the man she had to protect.

Ding Dong. Jungah froze. Her eyes shifted towards the door. Her heart beat rapidly.

*Is that Kris? . . What do I do?*

Ding Dong.

Jungah’s eyes darted frantically around the room. She wasn’t prepared to face him yet. She still had to think of what to say to him.

There was a jingle of keys, and the door unlocked.

*Wait…Kris doesn’t have my key…*

Jungah turned towards the front door and waited until the trespasser came inside. Zico stepped into the apartment and halted when he spotted her. His eyes rounded in surprise, but a warm, friendly smile lit his face up.

“Hello, Jungie Jungie.” He waved.

“W-what are you doing here?” Jungah softly whispered as he walked up to her.

“I came to check up on you. After this morning, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I wanted to make sure everything was okay.” Zico searched her face. At that particular moment, her phone rang. His eyes shifted to it. He saw the name ‘Kris’ blinking desperately. Zico turned his attention back to Jungah, who had spaced out in front of him. “Um, Jungah, your phone is ringing. It’s your boyfriend.” He announced.

That didn’t give her the motivation to move. In fact, she turned away from the blaring phone.

“Aren’t you going to answer it?” Zico asked in puzzlement.

“Leave it.” Jungah whispered thinly as she trudged towards the kitchen.

*Leave it?* Zico glanced at the phone in bewilderment. He started to grow more and more suspicious. *Jungah won’t pick up his phone calls. That can only mean one thing.* Zico walked into the kitchen, “Jungah, did you fight with Wu Fan?”

She stopped sipping the water from the bottle and stared straight ahead of her. *No, in fact, it’s the opposite. I ed him, and I don’t know what the hell I’m supposed to do now.*

“Jungah.” Zico softly called. Gently, he grasped her wrist and leaned to the side to get a better look at her. His eyebrows furrowed in concern at her colorless face. “Jungah, what happened? What did you two argue about? Did he hurt you in any way?” His grip on her tightened at the last question. If anyone ever harmed Jungah, they would answer to him.

Jungah shook her head, to his relief. “I just don’t feel like answering his calls, okay?” She swept passed him.

*But why? Why would you ignore his calls for no reason? Something is up. I can tell.* Yet, Zico didn’t pressure her. He never did.

Zico walked back into the living room. Jungah was sitting on her couch with her knees propped up and a cushion wedged between her crossed arms and chest. She was staring ahead with a mask of indifference. Zico tried to comfort her with his own way.

Not by demanding her to tell him everything nor yelling at her, but by using his cheerful nature.

Zico hopped onto the seat next to her and stole a cushion from the other end of the couch. He hugged the cushion and gave her a cute smile. “Did you eat, Jungah?”

“I had cup ramen before.” She mumbled.

“That’s not enough. Why don’t we get something good to eat? We can go grab a yummy dinner then get your favorite rocky road ice cream. What do you say? Yeah?” He nudged her in the ribs.

Jungah turned her head and softly gazed at him. She neither agreed nor protested.

Zico took that as a yes. He yanked the cushion away from her and grabbed her arm, “Come on!”

With zeal, he dragged her out the door. Zico drove them to downtown Seoul near Cheonggye Stream. They ate dinner at a Korean BBQ place then grabbed ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Jungah didn’t have any appetite, and yet, she was forced to eat because of Zico. He wouldn’t stop feeding her, and at that moment, she couldn’t bear to say no and curse at him like she usually did.

Zico and Jungah walked down the Cheonggye stream with their cones of ice cream in their hands.

Zico stopped blabbering for a second and angled his head to get a good look at her. *I wonder what is going through her complex mind at this moment?* Jungah’s chocolate ice cream was melting. Some of the chocolate drizzled onto her hand, and yet, she was too lost in her thoughts to feel it.

“Aigoo! Han Jungah!” Zico’s yelp brought her back to reality. She turned her head and looked up at him in confusion.

Zico grasped her left hand, which was holding onto the melting ice cream. “Look! Your ice cream is melting! What are you?! 5?! it off!” He put the ice cream towards her lips.

Jungah hesitated for a nanosecond before timidly the chocolate off the cone.

Zico shook his head as he clucked his tongue. “Where is your head, little lady? Pay attention to the ice cream! It’s dying beause of you! Can’t you hear it? JUNGIE JUNGIE~ I’M MELTING~ MELTING!” He poorly re-enacted the fate of a melting ice cream cone.

Yet, Jungah didn’t laugh. She was miserably staring at the ground with heavy shoulders.

Zico softened. *She must really have a lot on her mind right now. If only she would tell me, I could help her. Doesn’t she trust me? I’m always here for her.* “Aigoo. I’m bored.” Zico stretched his arms above his head then took a of his rainbow sherbet ice cream. “I wsh we could go somewhere fun!” He beamed at Jungah, “Is there anywhere you would like to go right now, Jungah? If you want, we can go there right now!”

Jungah dismally shook her head. Then abruptly, she halted. Her eyes began to slowly widen as she took in his words.

“Is there anywhere you would like to go right now? If you want, we can go there right now!”

There was one place she had just thought of, and she desperately wanted to be there at the moment.

“Actually there is somewhere that I want to go…”

Zico stopped and turned around. He tilted his head in interest, “And where would that be?”


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