I Can't Lose You

The Bittersweet Deal
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Many blissful weeks passed since Kris and Jungah had began to officially go out. It was the happiest moment in his entire life. She was slowly starting to open up more to him.

All of their weekends were devoted to one another. In that time frame, many kisses, hugs, laughter, and secrets were exchanged.

However, one big secret was swept under the carpet: Kris’s true identity.

Jungah still didn’t know he was not an average high school student. He wasn’t in high school at all. He was one of the leaders of a large drug mafia, and she had no idea that he was in the same business as Zico.

Kris wanted to tell her, but he never found the proper time to.

To be honest, he was scared.

What if she was in danger? Worse, what if she hated him?

What if she never wanted to see him again?

Kris wasn’t afraid of anything. Needles, ghosts, knives, natural disasters, and other terrors didn’t bother him at all.

If there was one thing he was afraid of, it was losing the girl he loved.

One evening, Kris was at a meeting with Black Pheonix. They were a dark and dangerous Chinese group who feared nothing and had so much power and influence in the drug industry. They were on a business trip in Korea, and Kris had been summoned by the leader Cheng.

Kris didn’t like being in his presence. Yet, rejecting Cheng would mean death. He didn’t take lightly to a negative response.

Kris and Cheng exchanged drugs and money. Kris checked the amount, and Cheng made one of his subordinates check the drugs. The inferior nodded, and Cheng looked at Kris with satisfaction. “It was nice dealing with you, Kris.”

Kris buttoned up his blazer, “Please,” His eyes flashed in warning, but he kept a pleasant, professional tone, “Call me Wu Fan.”

“My apologies. I didn’t mean to offend you.” Cheng curtly bowed his head.

“None taken.” Kris assured.

“I heard the Cold Dragons are having some trouble with someone duplicating their drugs. Pity, pity.” Cheng shook his head with a frown, but his eyes did not show any sympathy at all. “Do you need some help capturing those thieves?”

“No, thank you. We have it under control.” Kris stood up.

“Please send Liang my greeting.” Cheng gave him a toothy grin.

Kris shuddered inwards but maintained a cool expression, “I will do so. Now, if that’s all, I will be excused.” He bowed and turned to leave.

Cheng’s eyes fell accidentally upon the shining ring on Kris’s finger. “New ring?” He called.

Kris froze.

“I don’t recognize that ring. You haven’t worn that when we last met.” Cheng casually pointed out.

*This perceptive bastard.* Kris slowly turned around and replied with a straight face, “It’s been more than six months since we last met, Cheng.”

“But that ring seems special.” Cheng’s eyes sparkled slyly, “Don’t tell me. Kris- I mean, Wu Fan- you…have a girl?

” Kris stiffened. His hand curled into a fist, and he wanted to hide the ring so badly. It wasn’t that he was ashamed of Jungah. It was because if Cheng knew about her, he would use her as a weakness if Kris didn’t do his bidding.

“My, my. I never knew you would get a girlfriend. Liang told me all about you. How you don’t blink an eye to the most beautiful ladies. It’s interesting to see that you have finally fallen in love. Hmm…I wonder what she is like. She must be very…lovely if you have fallen for her. I would like to see her.” Kris could see the relish in Cheng’s eyes. He was subtly giving Kris a warning.

“I don’t know if that would be possible. Goodbye.” Kris brusquely stated and headed out the door.

Cheng smoothed his bottom lip with his middle finger and smirked, “I don’t think Liang knows about this. Maybe I should drop my good friend a call…”

Kris walked to his car as quickly as possible. He unlocked his car and slipped inside. Kris slammed the door a little too hard, and the entire car shook. “Damn it!” He hissed and striked the steering wheel in fury and distress. *I hate that son of a Cheng. Now that he knows about Jungah, I have to keep a better eye out for her. I have to be careful not to expose her more to the evil in my world.*

Kris rubbed in face in exhaustion. With a sigh, he uncovered his face and looked down at his phone that was charging. Kris pulled it off the charger and turned it on. When saw Jungah’s pretty, angelic face, he felt better instantly.

Yet, he couldn’t shake the uneasiness off.

* this.* Kris tossed his phone onto the seat beside him. Then he turned the engine on and sped off.


Clutching onto her phone, Jungah raced down the steps of her apartment building. The cold night wind hit her, but she was too rushed to feel the dropping temperature. *Where is he? Damn it.* Her eyes swept over the dark scenery. She finally spotted Kris standing next to his car near the back of the parking lot.

“Kris!” Jungah called. He looked up. His pose straightened up at once. *Jungah. My Jungah.*

She began to run towards him.

*God damn it. She’s beautiful.* Kris was overwhelmed with wonder and admiration once again. His heart swelled with joy and burst with love. *Only she can ever make me feel this way.*

Jungah halted in front of him and stared up at him, breathless. Her eyebrows pinched together in worry. “What’s going on? Why did you come all the way here this late?”

Kris just softly gazed at her. Jungah was incredibly strong for someone her age and gender. She had burning zeal that no other person had. Yet, she was nothing compared to the gangs he knew. To them, she was like fish bait. She would be crushed so easily by their grasp. *I can never allow that to happen to her. Never.*

Her expression fell, “Did something happen? Your voice sounded strained-“

Wordlessly, Kris stepped towards her and wrapped his arms tightly around her. Her eyes rounded in surprise at the abrupt action. *Now, I’m okay.* Kris closed his eyes in comfort and held her closely.

Jungah had a hundred questions running through her mind. Instead of asking them, she simply embraced his waist and let the silence envelop them both.

Minutes later, Kris pulled away. Jungah gave him a questioning look, “What’s wrong, Kris? You can tell me.”

Kris placed his cold hand on her cheek and gave her a small, tender smile, “It’s nothing. I’m perfectly fine.”

“You sure?” She asked in suspicion. He nodded.

“Okay then…you should go. It’s late.” Jungah stepped back.

*No. I want to stay with you tonight. I don’t want anyone or anything to harm you. I want to hold you to console myself.* Yet, Kris forced himself to nod, “Yeah, I should. I’ll see you tomorrow. Sleep well.” He turned around and went into his car.

Jungah placed her hand over her opposite elbow and watched the car come to life. Kris glanced at her and waved half-heartedly. She waved back, and he backed out of the lot.

Jungah watched until his car disappeared. She tilted her head with her bottom lip jutted out in worry. *Did something happen tonight? I swear I could’ve seen something sad in his eyes. Whatever. If he says it’s nothing, it probably is nothing.*

Jungah turned back and headed home.





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