I Missed You

The Bittersweet Deal
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The week passed by at a snail's pace.

Jungah felt strangely empty and jaded. Who knew time would pass by so slowly without Kris by her side?

It was finally Friday. After school, Jungah dropped by her apartment then went to the hospital in time for her appointment.

The doctor took one more x-ray before proclaiming the good news. “Your arm is all healed. Congratulations, Jungah.” He took the cast off her arm.

*Finally.* She felt light and fresh. Jungah stared at her right arm in awe. Never would she take it for granted again. Six weeks without being able to use it had taught her a valuable lesson.

“Be careful. Let’s not see each other again because of another broken bone.” The doctor grinned.

Jungah gave him a small, grateful bow and left the office. She walked down the clean hallway of the hospital, which smelled like windex and antiseptic alcohol. Jungah stared at her right arm, and a big smile came on her face. She flexed her fingers and curled her hand into a tight fist. *I missed doing that.*

Jungah received a text message and halted midway. She pulled out her phone from her bag and checked the message.

‘You look prettier when you’re smiling.’ –Kris.

Her eyes rounded. *How does he know I’m smiling?!* Her head shot up, and she searched for a sight of her boyfriend. She finally spotted him striding towards her like a runway model.

Kris stopped in front of her with a smirk. “I shouldn’t have said that. Now you’re scowling again.”

“What are you doing here?” Jungah questioned without a greeting.

“Did you forget? I told you that I would come with you when you took your cast off.” Kris stated.

“Yeah, well, it’s a little too late for that.” Jungah held up her right arm, “As you can see, that’s already done.”

His eyes lingered on her mended arm with happiness for her. “I can.” Kris slipped his hand into her right hand and pulled her arm back down by her side. “Congratulations on your recovery, Han Jungah.” He smiled. Her eyes were brimming with curiosity and wonder.

Suddenly, he yanked her towards him, and a small gasp emitted from at the unexpected action. She raised her head to be nose to nose with him. Her heart began to pound madly once again.*Shut up, stupid heart! If he makes a smart remark about my racing heartbeat, it will be all your fault!* Her wide eyes fixated on his perfect face.

Kris gave her a half-smirk, but his eyes were full of adoration. “I missed you. The entire time we were apart, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I’m glad to finally be back by your side.” Then he lowered his head and kissed her fully on the mouth.

Her eyes rounded at the surprise kiss, but they quickly fell close. She kissed him back with buckling knees. *I didn’t say it outloud, but I feel the same way. I missed you. I thought about you every day. And I’m glad you’re back.*


Kris and Jungah were sitting across from each other at a peaceful café with azure walls. In fascination, he watched her eat the waffles without shame or embarrassment. *How can she not mind what other people, nevertheless, what I think of her? She’s amazing.*

“Quit staring before you blow a hole in my face.” Jungah ordered without looking up. She chewed on the wall, sipped on her banana shake, and ate another piece of the waffle. Kris chuckled but didn’t look away.

Jungah couldn’t take it anymore. She slammed her fork down on the table and stared at him, “On second thought, I’ll blow a hole in your face.” He continued to stare at her.

“Aish. Look away. My arm is healed, you know. Don’t let me try out my first hit on you.” She curled her hand into a fist with furrowed eyebrows.

Kris clasped his hands together and rested his chin on them. “You’re probably the only girlfriend who dare threaten her boyfriend and actually mean it.”

“Don’t test that theory.” Jungah sipped her shake again. A dash of whipped cream was on her upper lip.

“You have cream on here.” Kris pointed to his own lip. Jungah glanced downwards, “Where?”

“Here.” Kris reached out. Jungah immediately leaned back with an odd look. “I can get it myself.” She poked her tongue out and smoothly the cream off her lip.

A shot of desire fired up his body and straight into his chest. *Damn. Does this girl know how attractive she can be? She has the ability to pull on any guy’s heartstrings, including mine.* Kris dropped his hand and watched her with gleaming, admiring eyes. “Why wouldn’t you let me take the cream off for you?”

“If my entire body is bound and broken, you are more than welcome to do it. However, as long as I can use some kind of limb, I don’t need your damn help.” Jungah stated. He opened his mouth, but she shot him a look, “Even if you happen to be my boyfriend.” Jungah picked up the fork and began to eat again.

“You’re so different.” Kris laughed and shook his head.

“You are, too.” Jungah admitted. *I never thought any boy would make my heart pound except for Zico. It’s a miracle.* She looked up at him with a small smile. *You are my miracle.*

Kris reached out and tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear. Jungah reached her fork with the waffle out, and he took a bite. They stared at each other with goofy smiles and hearts in their eyes.


Kris drove Jungah home. The car stopped in front of her place. She unbuckled her seatbelt at the same time he did. “Don’t bother opening the door for me. My arm isn’t broken anymore. I can do it myself.” Jungah dismissively waved her hand. Kris paused.

“Later.” She opened the door. “Aren’t you even going to invite me in?” He feigned disappointment.

“I saw you for four hours straight. I think that’s enough.” Jungah snorted. But the truth was, she wanted to invite him in. Yet, she couldn’t because she had forgotten to clean her home this morning.

Kris smirked and shook his head in wonder. Jungah got out and shut the car door. He opened the window and leaned over his seat to take a good look at her. “Go.” She nodded.

“I will, but before I do…” Kris wiggled his finger towards him.

Jungah gave him a puzzled look and bent down.

He motioned for her to come closer. “What?” She leaned her head into the car.

Kris swiftly grasped her chin and kissed her lips. Her eyes rounded in shock. With flaming cheeks, she yelled, “YAH! DON’T KEEP KISSING ME OUT OF NOWHERE!” He smirked, “Don’t act like you don’t like it. I can tell you do by the color your ears turn. It’s a pretty shade of red.”

“Aish!” Jungah cursed and boxed her ears.

Kris laughed at her reaction and shook his head. “I’m leaving before you kill me.”

“Yeah. Go.” Jungah crossed her arms petulantly. Kris gave her an amused look, shifted the gear to driving mode, and drove off.

Jungah shook her head as she went into her apartment. She looked in the mirror and touched her flaming cheeks. Jungah turned her head and checked her ear. It was still red. *I have to stop reacting like this to every little thing he does.* Jungah touched her lips, and her expression softened. She acknowledged that his kisses were sweet and loving though.

Her phone beeped with a new text message, making her jolt in surprise. She pulled out her phone and checked the message.

‘Date tomorrow. I’ll pick you up at 10 sharp.’ – Kris.

*How can he decide without asking my opinion?* Yet, Jungah smiled.

She couldn’t wait for tomorrow.


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Chapter 77: So much angst.... Oh my god.
Don't know why but I only cried when Zico died... That was too much for me.. Or the reason that he was the first one.
And some how I knew that same thing will happen to other two. And I was right.
Thank you for the amazing story.... <3
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I cant wait to start on this!
Chapter 77: The angst is real omg ??? I may have gotten my heart broken but I love this so much.
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Chapter 49: My heart hurts ;3;
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Chapter 77: Oh my God, after reading this straight for a whole day, my heart was wrecked at this ending. It brought pain and anger, on the second thought it was mixed emotions. Good Job!
Chapter 77: Oh my god, this story really make cry like mess. Damn!
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Chapter 77: Oh god this is one of the two books that can make me sob like this. How could you do this to me oh my god their are tears coming down and like I'm literally about to make a small pond on my bed because of all the tears ???
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