Exchange Student

The Bittersweet Deal
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Kris looked up at the filthy, wrecked Brandnew Stardom High School in front of him. He raised an eyebrow in disapproval. *Seriously? This is the school that I’m supposed to deal drugs at? I guess it makes sense. This place is so ty. It seems like every kid here will be high on something. This will be an easy task.*

Girls ogled him in interest as they passed by.

Some guys looked him up and down and snickered as they passed by.

“What the hell is wrong with his hair? Does he think he’s a kpop star or something?”

“ing giant, man.”

“What a douche. Look at his clothes.”

*If they only knew who I was and what I did for a living, they wouldn’t be treating me this way.* Kris rolled his eyes. He could care less about what worthless high school males thought about him. They didn’t mean anything in his life, and he tended to be merciless to people that would not ever matter to him. Kris quietly inhaled then entered the school. He received many stares but coolly passed by without meeting anyone’s eyes.

“Look at his size!” “Damn!” “Who is that hottie?”

Kris spotted the office and entered. It was a small, busy place with only one secretary. He approached her desk. She didn’t even look up. Kris cleared his throat. The secretary finally looked upwards. “Can I…help you?” She asked, clearly taken aback by his size.

“Yeah, I’m the…new exchange student…from China.” Kris spoke in accented Korean.

“Oh.” The secretary took out a folder, “Name?”

“Wu Fan.” He answered. She found his fabricated file, “Here you are. This is your schedule and uniform. Earrings and tattoos are forbidden. You might want to take your earrings off when you change.”

Kris nodded, took the schedule and uniform, and headed to the bathroom. It stank of pee and cigarettes. Kris wrinkled his nose in distaste. *High school kids are nasty these days.* He waved the smoke away and entered an empty, cramped stall. After changing, Kris came back out of the stall and took his earrings out. Slinging his light backpack over his shoulder, he grabbed his schedule and left the bathroom.

The halls were empty except for a few stragglers. Kris searched for his classroom and finally found that it was the last one in the hallway. Holding his breath, he entered the classroom. It was a mess. Students weren’t in their seats. Spitballs were being spewed out of straws. Paper balls were tossed back and forth Some guys were asleep with Playboy magazines over their faces. Others were laughing uproariously about dirty jokes. Girls were doing their nails and talking crap about other girls. All of them looked up as Kris entered the room. Their jaws dropped at his handsomeness and immediately, their topics switched to him.

Kris looked at the students and raised an eyebrow. *I thought they said no tattoos and piercings. What the hell. Everyone has tattoos and piercings.*

The door swung open and a timid, bald man came inside. He kept his eyes on the floor as he lumbered towards the podium. Mr. Kim looked up and blinked at Kris in surprise, “W-who are you?” “I’m the exchange student.” He replied.

“Oh. May I see your schedule?” Mr. Kim questioned. Kris held it out, and he took a look at it. “Ah, okay. Good. Ahem! Attention, please! We have a new student!” No one even looked his way. “Class! Settle down! Please!” Mr. Kim went over to break a quarrel between two boys. He desperately looked at Kris, “I think we can do the introduction another time. Why don’t you find an empty seat, and sit down?”

Kris walked away. *What a poor excuse for a teacher. He can’t even control his own students.* He searched for an empty seat. “Come sit here, cutie~” Girls gave him sultry winks. He turned away and looked for another seat.

There was only one empty seat in the back next to a girl with long, straight black hair. She had pale skin like the moonlight, and Her lips were thin and pink. She had her earphones on, and she was looking distractedly out the window.

*What is Zico doing at this precise moment? I really hope he’s okay. God, I wish he would stop dealing with drugs.* Jungah slightly shook her head in disappointment. Suddenly, she felt a backpack land next to her desk. *What the ?* Jungah tugged her earphones off and looked up.

A tall and extremely gorgeous male with light brown hair was standing next to her. He was about to sit down, but she shot out a long, slender leg and kicked his chair.

Stunned, Kris stared at her.

Jungah fearlessly stared up at him, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m sitting down.” He stated.

“Yeah, I know that Sherlock, but why here?” Jungah questioned. She nodded at the group of giggling girls, “Go sit with them.”

*Is this girl for real?* “And why would I do that when there’s an empty seat here.” Kris asked her with irritated eyes.

“Because I don’t want you to. No one sits next to me. And I want to keep it that way.” Jungah stated.

“Hey, hottie! Come sit here! Don’t sit next to the depressed !” The girls cackled. Kris looked down at Jungah, who casually shrugged, “Need I say more?” She put her earphones back in her ears. Kris arched an eyebrow. *She really wants to be like this? Fine. Two can play the ‘who-can-be-a-bigger-’ game.* Kris yanked the seat out and sat down.

Jungah gawked at him like he was out of his mind. She yanked the earphones out of her ears and snarled, “WHAT THE -“

“ALL RIGHT! CLASS WILL BEGIN! OPEN YOUR BOOKS, OR SECURITY WILL BE CALLED!” Mr. Kim shouted. Finally, everyone sat in their seats and took out their books. Jungah scowled at Kris as she took out her own damaged book. *ing new kid. I’ll kill you.*

Kris smirked. He felt immature for being like this with a high school girl, but somehow, he also found it amusing and satisfying. *Sorry, little girl, but you don’t scare me. In fact, you should be the one frightened of me. I didn’t come all the way here to be shunned by a girl like you.*

Soon, it was time for break. Everyone darted out of the room like it was on fire. Jungah swept right by Kris, purposely shoving his backpack onto the floor. He raised an eyebrow. *That girl has a horrible attitude.*

“Han Jungah.” Mr. Kim called as she approached the door. She paused and turned around with a blank expression.

“I’d like you to help our new exchange student.” Mr. Kim beckoned Kris over. Jungah shifted her gaze up to him. *The guy who had the nerve to sit next to me.* “This is Wu Fan from Japan.” Mr. Kim said. “China.” He corrected. “Oops. Yes. So I would like you to show him around our school.” Mr. Kim asked.

Jungah crossed her arms and looked up at Kris, who had the audacity to stare back without flinching. Jungah shrugged, whirled around, and walked out the door.

Mr. Kim nodded, “Go follow her.”

Kris paused for a millisecond before following her. A boy bumped into Jungah, and she stumbled back. Kris caught her arm instinctively, which caught both of them by surprise. Jungah harshly yanked her arm away with a fiery glare, “Don’t touch me.” She strode away.

Kris knew he shouldn’t mind a high school girl, but she was starting to irk him. No one had ever dared snap at him like that. Although he didn’t pay attention to the love calls from girls, he knew he was good-looking and popular. So why wasn’t this particular girl giving him the respect he always got? *Keep calm. Maybe she knows everything that happens around here. She could be useful to me.* Kris exhaled and followed Jungah.

She glanced over her shoulder to see that he was still following her like a pesky mosquito.

Jungah spun around so abruptly that Kris almost bumped into her. “Why are you following me?” She questioned. “Because the teacher told you to follow you so that you can show me around.” He replied.

“Well, aren’t you the perfect teacher’s pet? Seeing that you actually follow orders, you are clearly not meant to be in this school.” Jungah snorted with a cross of her arms.

“So you won’t show me around.” Kris stated.

Jungah let out a cynical laugh. She stepped up to him with bold, mocking eyes. Her lips curved into a smirk, “Look here, Big Bird. Do you see all these students around us? Do you think they have one ounce of respect for authority here? If you say yes, you’re obviously blind. They don’t give a damn about what the rules are, and I’m the same way. Didn’t the school tell you no earrings and tattoos are allowed? But look around. Every ing idiot in this school has some sort of earring or tattoo. That bald told me to give you a tour, but there is no hell of a way I’m playing hall monitor and showing you around this damn institution. So either give yourself a tour, or ask someone who cares, because I apparently don’t.” She shot him a look then sauntered off.

Kris stared at her in disbelief.

No one else had made him feel so small. Nobody had ever dared stand up to him.

Even before they knew he was a gangster, they had always feared his aura that was pulsating charisma and demanded respect.

Kris watched Jungah swiftly turned the corner and swiped his thumb across the bottom of his lips. *That girl was fearless. Either she’s stupid or brave. Either way…things are about to become interesting.*

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Chapter 77: So much angst.... Oh my god.
Don't know why but I only cried when Zico died... That was too much for me.. Or the reason that he was the first one.
And some how I knew that same thing will happen to other two. And I was right.
Thank you for the amazing story.... <3
40 streak #2
I cant wait to start on this!
Chapter 77: The angst is real omg ??? I may have gotten my heart broken but I love this so much.
Chapter 75: I regret asking for her to die like I didn't mean for her to die this way ???
Hauntzer #5
Chapter 77: i had to beat myself up so I wouldn't cry endlessly over this bc I don't wanna wake up w swollen eyes tmr omg...
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Chapter 49: My heart hurts ;3;
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Chapter 77: Oh my God, after reading this straight for a whole day, my heart was wrecked at this ending. It brought pain and anger, on the second thought it was mixed emotions. Good Job!
Chapter 77: Oh my god, this story really make cry like mess. Damn!
Do_not_forget_this #9
Chapter 77: Oh god this is one of the two books that can make me sob like this. How could you do this to me oh my god their are tears coming down and like I'm literally about to make a small pond on my bed because of all the tears ???
Chapter 77: How did you just do this to me