Doctor Zico

The Bittersweet Deal
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“The Chinese food is here!” P.O. hollered.

Jaehyo went over and paid for the food.

“Wahoo!” P.O. cheered at the abundant amount of food.

Block B huddled around the food and took their black bean noodles.

Zico glanced at the time. It was past 6. *Where is Jungah? She’s late. She knows today is Saturday night, right?* He saw his friends hording the food. “Hey, leave some for Jungah.” Zico said.

“Speaking of Jungah, where the hell is that girl?” U-Kwon chomped on a piece of radish.

“Yeah, she’s usually stomping in here like the wild bull she is.” Kyung snickered.

“I’m going to tell Jungah that you were talking crap behind her back, hyung!” P.O. guffawed.

“Maybe she hates eating with us.” Taeil pointed out.

“Yeah, it’s all your fault U-Kwon.” B-Bomb blamed.

“Me?!” His eyes widened, “Why?!”

“You’re always picking on her.” B-Bomb stated. “You do, too!” U-Kwon yelled.

While they quarreled, Zico worriedly looked at the door. *Where are you, Han Jungah? The food is getting cold.*

“Just eat. If she wants to come, she’ll show up.” Jaehyo said.

“It’s okay. Hyungs eat first. I’ll wait.” Zico said.

Jaehyo rolled his eyes. He shook his head as he jabbed the black bean noodles. *That girl is always messing everything up. Why is Zico always revolving everything he does around her? Does she even appreciate everything he goes through for her?*


“Pull over here!” Jungah shouted.

Kris pulled over on a random street and stopped the car.

*! I’m late! It’s already 7! !* Jungah fumbled with her seatbelt.

Kris smoothly pressed the button, and her seatbelt loosened up. “I told you. I can take you to wherever you need to go.”

“No, thanks.” Jungah said as she climbed out of the car. *I don’t want to take the chance of Zico to see you. He’ll misunderstand again.* She started to run, but stopped and looked back. Kris gazed at her with curiosity and hope. Jungah took a deep breath and sincerely spoke, “Thanks for today. I…had a good time.” With crimson cheeks, she ran off. *What the hell did I say back there?! Whatever!* She glanced at the time and ran faster. *I’m coming, Zico! You better wait like you promised you would!*

Kris smile as he watched her dash off. His insides felt warm at her simple, but genuine words. “Thanks for today. I…had a good time.” It was worth blowing off his meeting just for her. *Everything is worth it for you, Han Jungah. I think I’m starting to find another purpose in my life. And it’s because of you.*


Jungah skidded to a stop in front of Zico’s apartment. She fixed her hair and cleared . With a deep breath to calm her thudding heart, she reached out to open the door. However, the door popped open, and she heard Block B’s voices. She jumped, startled, and blinked at the males.

“Oh! Jungah’s finally here!” U-Kwon called.

“Too bad you’re late. We’re all leaving now.” B-Bomb snickered.

Her face fell. *Am I really that late?*

Kyung came out with a grin, “Yo, bull. You’re a bit late.” Taeil and P.O. waved and left.

Jaehyo rolled her eyes, “Will you at least call or something if you’ll be late? It’s common sense, you know.”

Jungah ignored him. Her eyes were searching for only one person. Zico stepped out, “Later, guys.” He turned towards her and blinked in surprise, “Jungah!” Her expression was guilt-ridden. “I’m really late…huh?” She whispered fretfully.

Zico smiled, “Nah, you’re on time. Come on in.” He waved her inside and shut the door behind her.

Jungah saw the dishes of empty Chinese food on the table. *They already ate.*

“You didn’t eat, right?” Zico asked.

“Huh?” Jungah looked up then shook her head, “I didn’t, but it’s fine-“

“Good, because I didn’t eat either. I’m freaking starving!” Zico roared like a lion and went into the kitchen.

Jungah followed him with a soft, concerned expression, “You didn’t eat either?”

“Of course not! How could I eat without you?” Zico smiled. “We only get to eat once a week. I better make the most of it.” He gave her a wink and took out the two bowls of black bean noodles. Jungah grew speechless. She was so touched that he had waited just for her. He hadn’t even eaten yet. constricted tightly, and to her horror, her eyes grew wet.

“Can we microwave this?” Zico tilted his head.

Jungah turned away, quickly wiped the tear drops away, and cleared . She faced him and grumbled, “Just eat it.”

“Okay, Jungie Jungie~” Zico placed the bowls on the tables. He broke a pair of wooden chopsticks and handed them to her. Zico broke his own wooden chopsticks, “Thank you for the yummy food!” Jungah shook her head. *Such a kid at heart.* Zico peeled the wrapping off and mixed the noodles and sauce together. They were slightly stiff from waiting too long. Jungah stopped mixing her noodles and gazed at him. Guilt washed over her. *Stupid Han Jungah. How can you make him wait for you like this?*

Zico shoved a mouthful of noodles into his mouth. “Mmm! Yummy! It’s still good! I think we should eat black bean noodles like this all the time! It’s even more delicious after the wait.” Her eyes softened. She knew he was just trying to make her feel better.

Jungah took a napkin and leaned forward. She brushed the napkin against the corner of Zico’s lips. He stopped chewing and stared at her. “You have sauce here, you clumsy fool.” She murmured. Zico softened. Jungah pulled back, “There. Now you’re less embarrassing.” She lowered her gaze and nibbled on her noodles.

“Thanks, Jungah.” Zico affectionately spoke. Smiling, he continued to eat.

After they finished their dinner, they set the dishes outside his door. In silence, they watched television. Once in a while, Zico would erupt with laughter and slap his knee. “Did you see that, Jungah?! So funny! PUHAHA!”

Jungah raised an eyebrow at his reaction. She received a message and checked it. ‘Was your prince charming mad that you were late, Cinderella?’ –Kris. Jungah blinked in surprise. *How did he know I was with Zico?* ‘If Prince Charming was mad at that, he wouldn’t be Prince Charming at all.’ She sent back. *I feel bad at bailing out at him like that. But I told him I needed to be somewhere by 5! And because of him, I showed up 3 hours late. Actually, it might not be all his fault. Part of me…wanted to stay with him.* Jungah thought.

The show ended, and Zico stretched. “Man, that show was funny. I want to see the next episode.” He glanced down and did a double take at her knee. His face fell, “What happened to your leg?”

“My leg?” Jungah looked down. She had forgotten about her scraped knee. “Oh. Nothing.” Jungah tried to cover it up with the end of her skirt, but Zico caught her arm. He turned her leg to him and gently took the band-aid off her knee. His heart twisted in anguish when he saw her scraped knee.

Jungah reddened as she tried to cover it back up, “It’s fine-“

Zico caught her hand with a grim expression, “It’s not fine at all. You’re still bleeding. Who bandaged this for you?”

*Kris.* “I-I did.” She fibbed.

“You babo. Did you clean it with alcohol first? It’s still dirty. Aigoo. Stay here.” Zico got up and headed to the bathroom. He brought the first aid kit back to the living room.

Zico placed the kit next to Jungah and got on his knees in front of her. Zico tossed the old band-aid away. He brought out antiseptic alcohol and a cotton ball. Zico dabbed some of the alcohol onto the cotton ball. He brought the wet cotton ball close to her knee.

Zico felt her knee turn rigid. He looked up at her. Although her expression was void of emotions, he knew she was scared of the pain. “It’ll be over. You need to clean the wound first, or it can get infected.” The cotton ball came in contact with her skin.

“Holy !” Jungah cursed. Instinctively, she grabbed his shoulder and squeezed it. Although her grip was strong and her long nails dug through his skin, he didn’t complain. She winced in pain as he cleaned her scratch.

“There. The dirt is gone now.” Zico tossed the cotton ball to the side.

Jungah exhaled in relief as she pulled her hand away from his shoulder and placed it back in her lap. He spread the antibiotic ointment around her wound. Carefully, Zico blew on her wound. Jungah watched him as her heart fluttered lightly. A shiver of pleasure ran down her spine. She didn’t like to play damsel in distress, however, she liked being taken care of by him.

Zico stuck a band-aid over her knee and smiled, “Dr. Zico has completed the surgery.”

Jungah glanced down at the Hello Kitty band-aid and frowned, “Why don’t you have any normal band-aids?”

“Because I’m nothing near normal. I’m special.” Zico scoffed.

*Yes, you are, Woo Jiho.*  Jungah watched him with glistening eyes and an appreciative smile.

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