The Bittersweet Deal
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Around 3 in the afternoon, Block B finished all their business deals. Jungah was sitting on the bed watching mindless TV.

Her phone lit up with a message from Zico. ‘All done, Jungie Jungie~ Come down to the lobby! :D’

*Finally.* Jungah quickly changed and headed out the door. The elevator arrived on the first floor. She stepped out and looked around for any sign of Block B. *Where are they? I thought they were already here.* Jungah stepped outside the front entrance and onto the wooden bridge. She glanced side-to-side but did not spot a familiar face. Suddenly, big, warm hands covered her eyes. Jungah was about to elbow the intruder when his sweet, soft voice spoke in her ear, “Guess who~”

Her heart throbbed as it swelled up at his touch. *Zico…* Slowly, she reached up and grasped his hands over her eyes.

Zico pulled his hands away, and Jungah turned to face him.

He smiled, “Did you wait long?” “Just three hours.” She shrugged casually, but her heart was still far from beating steadily.

Zico laughed, “Mianhae. I tried to end it as soon as possible. Now we can have fun! Wahoo!” He threw his arms in the air, and she shook her head.

Loud voices approached her. Jungah turned her head to see the rest of Block B coming over.

Kyung slung his arm around her neck, “You were bored without us bothering you, huh?” “You wish.” Jungah snorted and sullenly crossed her arms. “Smile!” P.O. held up his Polaroid camera. Kyung made a peace sign and tilted his head towards her. She stared at the camera like she wanted to murder it. SNAP! P.O. pulled out the photo and wagged it.

When the picture came into view, U-Kwon burst into laughter, “Jungah! You look like the grudge!”

“Can’t you smile like a normal person?” B-Bomb questioned.

“I’m not a normal person.” Jungah stated. “That’s right!” Zico put his arm around her, “She’s my Jungie Jungie~ and she’s special!” “Special, my .” U-Kwon snorted. Jungah kicked his leg. “OWOWOW!” He hopped on one leg while cursing her soul. *You asked for it.* She rolled her eyes.

“Where should we go?” Taeil asked while stretching his arms above his head.

“To the lake!” U-Kwon pointed. Everyone started running over there like a bunch of wild animals.

Jungah stayed behind and leisurely walked towards it. P.O. poked his finger into the water and shivered, “It’s cold!”

“Why don’t we throw Jungah in it?” B-Bomb teased. “I think that’s an excellent idea.” U-Kwon grinned back.

“I concur!” P.O. punched his fist in the air.

Jungah stepped back with a growl, “Don’t you dare.”

“Never dare Block B.” U-Kwon said.

Then the three of them dashed towards her.

Jungah shoved P.O., and he landed in the lake himself. B-Bomb and U-Kwon were too fast and managed to grab her and lift her over their shoulders. Jungah twisted and kicked about. “I’M SERIOUS! LET ME GO! IF YOU DUMP ME IN THERE, I WILL KILL ALL OF YOU!”

“Threatening won’t help you in this situation, I’m afraid.” U-Kwon shook his head. B-Bomb smirked, “Yeah, Jungah. Just accept your fate. If you drown, I’m sure us oppas will go after you.” Jungah shot him a murderous look. Her eyes widened as they came to the edge of the pier. She started to panic, “KIM YUKWON! LEE MINHYUK! DON’T!” Before they could throw her in, a pair of strong arms lifted her away from them. Jungah looked up to see Zico setting her on the ground. Then he kicked U-Kwon into the water along with B-Bomb.

“AHHH!” There was a loud splash as they landed in the waters. “ZICO!” They came sputtering up while shivering.

P.O., who was drenched from head to toe, pointed at them while laughing, “HAHA! SERVES YOU RIGHT!”

“Shut up! Look who is talking!” B-Bomb hissed.

Zico double over with laughter, and Jungah smiled in appreciation. “Mess with Jungah, mess with the Z-I-C-O. So be wise who you pick on.” He held out a hand, and she slapped his palm. “Mehrong~” Zico stuck his tongue out. Jungah chuckled. She felt secure and safe, knowing that he always had her back.

U-Kwon and B-Bomb grumbled as they swam out of the water. Taeil, who was holding P.O.’s camera, took a picture of the funny situation.

After letting the boiling sun dry their clothes, they headed up the hills for an adventurous hike. At first, Jungah didn’t want to go, but Zico persuaded her. U-Kwon and B-Bomb were the most skillful at hiking. They loved any outdoor activity and were ahead of everyone else. Jaehyo, Taeil, Kyung, and P.O. lagged way behind.

Zico and Jungah were a few feet behind U-Kwon and B-Bomb. Zico climbed up the hill and stopped. He glanced back to see Jungah having trouble coming up. Her shoes kept slipping on the dirt, and she tripped on some rocks. She glanced down and muttered hateful words to the inanimate objects. Chuckling, Zico walked back down. Jungah faced forward and stepped back in surprise at his outstretched hand. She blinked up at him in curiosity.

Zico smiled, “Take my hand. I’ll help you.” Her cheeks burned. She glanced around uneasily, “I’m, er, all right.”

Jungah tried to walk past him and clumsily slipped on a few pebbles. Zico grabbed her arm just in time. *God, I have such bad luck! Why am I so inept around him?!* She scolded herself in mortification. A hand slipped into hers, and she looked up. “See? That’s why I told you to take my hand. Nothing wrong can come from that.” He gave her an assuring smile and led the way.

Jungah glanced down at her hand in his reliable one, and her heart skipped many beats. She didn’t like hiking, but she wished this trail would never end. Suddenly, the forest had turned to their own paradise.

All too soon, they arrived at the top and reluctantly withdrew their hands from each other.

“LOOK AT THIS! IT’S A RIVER!” U-Kwon excitedly pointed. B-Bomb giddily walked across the stones to the other side of the river. Jungah and Zico came over to the breathtaking scenery. She dipped her finger into the cool, fresh water and smiled.

“RIVER!” P.O. snatched his camera from Taeil and took pictures. Jaehyo sat on a large boulder and watched everyone else have fun.

“Jungah, come here.” Zico waved her over. She stood up and walked over to him. “Look.” He held out a gorgeous white flower he had plucked. “Isn’t it pretty?” Jungah nodded in agreement. “I think it would look prettier…” Zico slipped the flower behind her ear and softly smiled, “On you.” Gently, he curled a strand of her hair behind her ear with a tender smile overflowing with affection. “You compliment the flower well.”

Jungah blushed fervently, “Don’t you mean the other way around? The flower compliments me well.”

Zico shook his head with sparkling eyes, “I know what I meant.”

Her eyes softened. *He knows how to say the nicest things.*

Their gazes were locked, and his hand was still cupping her chin. Neither of them looked away from each other.

“Perfect! Turn this way!” P.O. boomed. Zico and Jungah slightly turned their heads.

“On 3!” P.O. pointed the camera at them, “1! 2! 3!” Jungah managed to smile a bit.

The photo spit out. “That was my last film, too. Damn.” P.O. snapped his fingers.

Zico laughed, “Don’t worry, P.O. I’ll get you another film.” “You promised, hyung!” He grinned and ran off.

U-Kwon, Kyung, and B-Bomb looked at the photo. “Hey! How come you’re smiling with Zico and not me?!” Kyung asked. Jungah rolled her eyes. *Do you really have to ask?* “Because smiling with a cucumber is just so goddamn strange, Kyung.” Zico said. “Freak you, man!” Kyung splashed water at him.

Zico blinked at him, “Did you just splash me?!” He ran up to the boulder and pointed at Kyung with a puffed out chest, “THIS MEANS WAR!”

*Oh God.* Jungah shook her head. Soon everyone, but Jaehyo and Jungah, were playing the water game.

“ACK! NOT AGAIN! WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME?!” P.O. was soaked once again. Everyone laughed while pointing at his misery.

Zico wiped the water from his face and looked up. Jungah was standing on top of the boulder completely dry. She caught him staring and looked down at him with one eyebrow arched. “What?” *I’ll get you.* Zico feigned innocence, “Nothing. But can you help me up? I don’t want to be in the water anymore.” He held out a hand. Jungah’s eyebrow rose higher, but she was gullible enough to believe his naive face. She bent her knees a little and held out her hand. Zico grasped it then fluidly tugged her down. Jungah gasped as she fell over. Zico caught her bridal style just in time before she cracked her skull on the ground.

“What the was that for?! I almost died!” She hissed as she slapped his shoulder. He smirked, “Trust me, Jungah. That is the last thing I would allow you to do.”

Zico began carrying her towards the water.

Jungah straightened up with wide, alert eyes, “What are you doing?!”

“Making you have some fun.” He grinned. “I don’t need any! Put me down at once!” She demanded.

“Sorry, Jungie Jungie~” Then Zico tossed her into the deep part of the river. Jungah came up gasping for air. She was soaked from top to bottom, and her clothes stuck to her body.

“BRAVO!” Block B cheered. Jungah shot them the finger. Zico laughed and held out his hand, “Need help?” Scowling, she slapped his palm, “Screw you.” “Nasty, Jungah.” Taeil scrunched up his nose. Jungah shoved him without a word, and he immersed into the water. Everyone cracked up.

Jungah made it to the shore and looked up. Jaehyo was still dry as ever. He raised an eyebrow, “What are you staring at?”

Jungah boldly stared back. Then she hollered, “U-KWON! B-BOMB! JAEHYO SAID HE WANTS TO GO IN THE WATER!”

Jaehyo shot up fast as lightning, “ you! I did not say such !”

“What?! Jaehyo hyung wants to get wet?! Okay!” Guffawing, U-Kwon and B-Bomb ran over and picked up their hyung. “NO! PUT ME DOWN AT ONCE BEFORE I BEAT ALL OF YOUR ASSES!” He struggled. U-Kwon shook his head, “Why do people think threatening works? It only gets you into deep .” Then they tossed Jaehyo into the river. He came up sputtering for air. “YOU ASSES!” Everyone laughed at him.

Even Jungah was grinning. Zico held out his hand, “Good job.” She smiled and slapped him a hi-five.

“It’s freaking cold, and the sun is starting to set. Let’s go back.” Taeil shivered. “And have barbeque!” Kyung suggested. “HELL YEAH!” P.O. pumped his fist in the air.

Everyone headed down the slope. Jaehyo shot Jungah the evil eye as he walked by.

Jungah shook her head with a pleased smile. Zico came over and lightly bumped his hand against hers. She looked up at him. He lightly pinched the end of her shirt, “You’re wet.” “I could say the same for you.” Jungah quipped. Zico laughed, “You won’t have any trouble going down?” “I’ll be fine.” She waved her hand. “Here. Get on.” He stooped down in front of her.

Jungah crossed her arms, “What part of ‘I’ll be fine’ do you not understand?”

Zico looked back at her, “And what part of ‘get on’ do you have trouble comprehending?”

She scowled, “Zico.” He faced forward again, “Hop on, or I’ll stay forever like this.”

Jungah uneasily glanced around. People stared at them as they hiked past. With a resigned sigh, she placed her hands on his shoulders, “Sometimes I think you’re as stubborn as me.”

“Wrong.” Zico took her hands and yanked her arms tightly around his neck. Her eyes widened in shock. “I’m more stubborn than you.” Smiling, he easily picked her up. Zico began to carry Jungah down the steep slope.

“Careful, Zico.” She warned. “Don’t worry. I got this.” He stated with his forehead creasing in concentration.

Jungah couldn’t help but admiringly gaze at him. *He’s strong, reliable, and sweet. I’m lucky to have him by my side.* They arrived at the bottom of the hill and were leisurely walking down the dirt pathway.

“How long has it been since I gave you a piggy-back ride? Since you were in middle school?” Zico guessed. Jungah nodded.

“Damn. It’s been that long. Yet, you haven’t changed a bit. You’re still the scrawny girl I met. What happened to all the food I give you? Don’t you eat it? You’re as light as a feather. I was worried that the river current would drag you out of my sight.” Zico chuckled.

“Liar. I’m heavy, and you know it.” Jungah lightly punched his arm.

“You caught me. You’re like a freaking piano.” He stated. “Muh?!” She hissed in outrage.

“Kidding, Jungie Jungie~ I’m only kidding.” Zico smiled at her.

Jungah gazed into his brown eyes and softened immediately. Her cold heart had melted and was warm and tender.

Zico broke the gaze and continued walking, “Be patient, Jungah. We’re almost there.”

*I don’t mind at all. I wish this path would never end. That way, I can keep being so close to you.* Jungah tightened her arms around his neck.







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