Silver Moon Resort

The Bittersweet Deal
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At 8:15, Block B had picked up Jungah, and they had left for the mountains together.

Three and a half hours later, they arrived at the Silver Moon Resort.

It was a wide, beautiful open place surrounded by verdant nature. There was a large, deep lake along with several wooden piers that stretched across it.

B-Bomb parked the van, and U-Kwon opened the door.

“Finally! I was about to get carsick!” P.O. jumped out.

Jungah piled out after U-Kwon. She rubbed her drowsy eyes and looked around with one eye open. *What the hell? Who does drug business up here? Seriously?* Shaking her head, she gave a wide yawn.

“Close your mouth, or a fly will go in there~” Kyung warned. “Shut your trap.” Jungah snapped.

“Ooo. Someone lost their beauty sleep.” U-Kwon wiggled his fingers her way.

“Beauty sleep?!” B-Bomb cracked up. “Well, from the look of it, you need plenty of beauty sleep, Han Jungah.” She tried to kick him, but ended up slipping on the pebbles as her hood fell over her head. Zico caught her just in time.

B-Bomb and U-Kwon pointed at her and cracked up.

“Aish.” Jungah grumbled. “You two are lucky I’m still only half-awake, or I would’ve kicked both your asses plus cucumber over there.”

“Aww, look at you, Jungie Jungie~ You’re like a lethargic teddy bear.” Zico chuckled as he straightened her up.

“Shut it, or I’ll end up kicking your , too.” She pointed at him. He patted her head, “Don’t forget who taught you to kick asses in the first place, Jungie Jungie~” With a wink, Zico left.

“He got you good.” Kyung shook his head. “Shut up!” Jungah snapped.

“Why did we bring Grumpy to our vacation anyways?” B-Bomb muttered.

Jungah chased after him. *Such kids.* Jaehyo rolled his eyes.


“Thank you. It was pleasant doing business to you. I’ll let Liang know, and he’ll send you the supply ship at the docks by Tuesday midnight.” Kris bowed. He left the private VIP room of the restaurant at Silver Moon Resort. He had come up here just last night, and now had concluded all meetings with the party of interest.

Silver Moon Resort was an ideal place to do such illicit business because one, it was remote from anywhere else, including major police stations, two, no one suspected such business to be going on at a family resort, and three, the owner had allegiance to the drug trading business.

Kris was about to head downstairs when he heard a name that made his entire body, from head to toe, freeze.


His eyes widened. *No. Please don’t let that be the Han Jungah I know. It can’t be. It would be too much of a coincidence…* He shifted his gaze downwards to the entrance of the resort.

A brown-haired boy darted inside, “Woo Jiho! Control your damn guest!”

A girl in a yellow hoodie dashed after him.

Zico spun around and grabbed her waist just in time before she could claw B-Bomb’s eyes out.

“Back away from the animal, sir.” U-Kwon pulled B-Bomb away. Jungah shot him a baleful look.

“Stop taunting her.” Zico sighed.

“We never taunted her! All we did was call her ugly and ask why she was so grumpy!” The troubling duo innocently blinked.

*That’s it.* Jungah raised her legs to kick them.

“WHOA! WHOA! HOLD YOUR HORSE!” The boys backed away.

Zico gripped tightly onto her waist, “Jungah, quit it. You’re only stressing yourself out.” She stopped kicking. “Besides, we all know they’re just lying. You’re beautiful and a sweetheart.” Zico patted her head.

“PUHAHAHA!” U-Kwon and B-Bomb cracked her, “O-O-OHMYGOD! H-HE CALLED HER S-SWEET!”

Jungah glared at Zico. He good-naturedly shrugged, “At least they didn’t deny that you’re beautiful.”

With a roll of her eyes, she pushed her hood off her head.

Kris’s eyes widened, and his heart stopped beating. *It’s really her. It’s the Han Jungah I know. But…what is she doing here? On this resort? On the same weekend as me?* His eyes shifted to the boys crowding around her. *And who are they? Her brothers? Her friends? But I thought she said she didn’t have any friends…*

Zico walked up to the counter and took care of the check-in. Jungah looked around the cabin. Her eyes swept over the pictures, drawings, and stuffed bear in the corner. She looked up. Kris swiftly hid behind the wall. He held his breath with a trembling heart.

Zico received two keys. “Here.” He tossed one key to Jaehyo, “Take the boys to our suite, while I help Jungah settle in.” Jaehyo left with the rest of Block B. “Come on, Jungie Jungie~” Zico took her bag and walked towards the other set of elevators. Jungah followed him.

Kris stepped out of the shadow and watched them leave together. *Who is that male she is with?* He couldn’t leave now. He was too curious. He had to stay and find out what your relationship was with these seven males.

Zico and Jungah entered the elevator, and it swept upwards. “I don’t need help settling in.” She spoke. “I know. I just wanted to walk you safely to your suite. And I want to know if it’s better than ours.” He snickered. The doors pinged and slid open.

Zico led her down the hallway to a room in the last row. “213. Here it is. Our room is on the other side. If you need anything, call me first.” Zico said.

“Araso.” Jungah took her bag and nodded, “Go on. You must be busy with your ‘business’.”

“I’ll be done by the end of the day. It will only take a few hours. In the meantime, you can play alone, right?” Zico asked, concerned.

Jungah rolled her eyes, “What am I? Five? I can do things alone. Go, and don’t mind me.” She slid her card into the slot, and the door opened. Jungah was about to go in, but Zico grabbed her wrist. She looked up at him with curiosity. His eyes were soft, gentle, and apologetic. “I’m sorry, Jungah. I’ll be as quick as I can. Our vacation will be memorable. I promise. Business will only take a few hours, but there’s a reason why I reserved rooms for the weekend. I wanted you to have a good time, and I’ll make sure that happens. So wait for me, okay?” He searched her eyes frantically.

Jungah softened. She nodded. Her tone was mild. “Really, Zico, don’t worry about me. I’ll be perfectly fine. I’ll wait for you. After all…you’re my ride back.” “Aigoo.” He lightly pushed her. She gave him a small smile.

*That’s my Han Jungah. So strong-spirited.* Zico smiled back, “I’ll be back.”

Jungah nodded. Lightly, he ruffled her hair and walked away. With a small sigh, Jungah entered her suite, and the door shut behind her.

Kris stepped out of the staircase. He had seen and heard the way she had reacted with Zico. It was strange to see Jungah so different. She was talkative, and she seemed bright and almost carefree.

Kris watched Zico enter the elevator. *I recognize that guy now. I remember he came to fetch Jungah when she was in the office. He’s the guy on her phone also. What is their relationship? It seems like something more than friendship, yet they don’t seem to be family either.*

The more he thought about it, the more perplexing the situation became. Who on earth was Woo Jiho? What did he mean to Han Jungah? Kris knew he wouldn’t be able to go back to Seoul knowing that she was on this resort with another male.

The idea drove him mad.

*I can’t go back until I find out who this guy is to her.*

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