Us Vs. Them

The Bittersweet Deal
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On Monday, Kris came to school more keenly than usual. The last time he had seen Jungah were two nights ago at the nightclub when the two of them had exchanged hot sparks unknowingly. That incident made her more intriguing to him, and for some reason, she had been spinning in his mind ever since then.

Kris entered the classroom. Sure enough, Jungah was already at her desk. She scribbled mindless circles on the already-ruined desk with her earphones in her ears.

Kris sat next to her, and Jungah shifted her gaze towards him.

*Will she act like nothing happened Saturday night? Will she go back to her cold self?* “Hey.” Kris greeted, waiting for her response.

Jungah nodded back in acknowledgement but did not say anything else. *At least she didn’t at me like usual.* Kris tossed his backpack on the ground and looked around with a sigh. His phone vibrated in his pocket, and he flipped it open to find a new text message. ‘Tonight 6p.m. at Blue Tier Hotel.’

*I knew they would sign the contract.* Kris began texting back.

Jungah’s eyes drifted down towards his side, where he was covertly texting someone. She couldn’t help but become curious who he was texting so secretively. Before she could crane her neck and see, he shut his phone and slipped it back into his pocket. *Whatever. Who gives a damn anyways?* Jungah looked out the window.


Lunchtime came, and mostly everyone gathered in the cramped cafeteria to stuff their faces with food. Jungah had no appetite at school and just sat in the empty, dark auditorium alone with her ipod blasting in her ears.

The door opened a crack, and Kris poked his head in. *Finally, I found her.* When Kris realized Jungah wasn’t planning to show up in the cafeteria, he had gone looking for her. He didn’t know why. He just did what his heart told him to do. *Maybe she wants to be alone. But who really does? I prefer to be alone because there’s no other choice I have.*

Kris took a deep breath and entered the room. The door clicked shut behind him.

Yet, Jungah didn’t move. She was too deep in her thoughts, and the music distracted her. She felt a shadow by her side and looked up. *What the freak…?* Slowly, Jungah pulled the earphones out of her ears and stared up at him.

“What are you doing alone here?” Kris asked.

“What you said. Being alone.” She said. He sat next to her without even asking.

Jungah raised an eyebrow, “Didn’t you hear what I just said? I want to be alone. I don’t know what your definition of alone means, but it definitely does not include you.”

He ignored her quip, “Aren’t you going to eat?” “Aren’t you?” She backfired.

This time, Kris raised an eyebrow, “Do you ever answer a question directly?” “Do I have to?” Jungah questioned back.

Kris smirked and shook his head.

“Damn you. Now that you’re here, it’s not my secret place anymore.” Jungah growled as she turned her ipod off and wound the earphones around it. “There are no such things as secrets in the world. One way or another, they will always get exposed.” Kris stated. *I should heed my own warning. What the hell am I doing trying to get closer to this girl who isn’t even impressed with me?*

“Okay, Confucius. Go and spread your wisdom to people who are interested.” Jungah stood up and walked towards the door. Kris got up and followed her. Jungah glanced over her shoulder and rolled her eyes. She opened the door a bit and gave him a look, “You know. You have a bad habit of stalking me.” He grabbed the edge of the door and smirked, “I don’t know what your definition of stalking is, but I don’t think that includes leaving the room.”

*Touche.* Jungah lifted her chin, slightly impressed. He opened the door, and she stepped out of the auditorium.

“Yo, babe.” Jiwan, one of the seniors with jet black hair and a row of shiny black and gold earrings dangling on his right cartilage, nodded at her with a smirk. Jungah ignored him and tried to walk by, but he blocked her path. “Why didn’t you answer my call?” She gave him her best dumbfounded expression, “Your call?”

“Yeah, I called you this weekend.” Jiwan grinned.

*So that strange number was his.* “I don’t talk to strangers.” Jungah passed by, but he grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

Kris furrowed his eyebrows in disapproval. For an unknown reason, his heart simmered with anger. He didn’t like the way he was touching her like that. “Aww, come on, Han Jungah. We’ve known each other since the freshman year.” Jiwan laughed.

“Funny. I don’t remember you at all. Get the hint? That’s how much you are worth in my life. Now piss off.” Jungah tried to go, but he squeezed her arm. “Don’t be like that, babe. You seem really lonely lately. How about I bring some excitement into your life?” Jiwan touched her cheek and intently gazed down at her lips, “I’m better than Park Wonsuk. Come on, babe. You don’t know what you’re missing out on.”

Before Kris could tear the boy limb from limb, Jungah slapped his hand away, “Actually, I do know what I’m missing out on, and I’m glad I am.” She bravely looked into his eyes with a smirk, “Sorry, Jiwoon. But I’m not interested in AIDS or any other infectious diseases you may have.” His eyebrows pinched together as a deep frown appeared on his lips. “It’s Jiwan.”

“Yeah, like I said, you’re not worth remembering.” Jungah snapped.

Kris watched her defend herself. He was growing more and more captivated by her independence. *She’s really different from any girl I’ve ever met.*

“JIWAN!” A fourth party intruded the scene.

Kris, Jungah, and Jiwan looked up. Jiwan was whipped back by his girlfriend Ahn Haeri.

“What the hell are you doing with this ?!”

Before he could reply, she narrowed her eyes, “Don’t tell me the strange numbers I saw on your phone was hers?!” “You looked through my phone again?!” Jiwan yelped in anger. Jungah rolled her eyes. *I don’t need this drama.* She turned to leave, but Haeri yanked her back, “I’m not done with you, hoe!”

Jungah twisted away, “I have nothing to do with this mess. Your boytoy was the one that called me.”

“Then how did he get your number, huh?! You probably gave it to him!” Haeri sneered.

*This is impossible.* Jungah thought.


Jungah raised an eyebrow, “That’s it? That’s the problem? That he has my number in his phone?” Haeri furiously nodded. Jungah held out her hand, “Give me your phone.”

Jiwan’s eyes shined, “You’ll accept me?!” Haeri roared, “You -“

“Give me your goddamn phone!” Jungah hissed. Jiwan eagerly handed it to her.

Jungah stared at his phone for two seconds. Then she opened it up…and snapped it in half. Haeri gasped. Kris stared in shock. Jiwan gaped at Jungah as if she was insane, “MY PHONE!” She placed the broken phone into Haeri’s palm, “There. Problem solved. Happy?” She started to walk away.

Jiwan became livid. He stormed towards Jungah, “You conniving, little -“

Before he could hurt her, someone blocked his path and grabbed his raised arm. Jungah spun around, and her eyes rounded in surprise. Kris coldly stared down at Jiwan. “You might not want to do that. Hurting a female makes you more of a than her.” Jiwan was taken aback by his threatening size, but quickly sneered, “This isn’t any of your business!”

“You made it my business when you decided to provoke her.” Kris sneered.

Jungah was stunned. Was someone else besides Zico actually defending her? Her insides grew fuzzy, but the feeling didn’t last long.

“Who do you think you are?! Let go of me, you bastard!” Jiwan swung a punch. Kris deftly dodged it and stepped back. Jiwan swung his fist again. This time, Jungah stepped in between them and grabbed his fist. Her palm stung at his impact, but she was too irritated to care.

“This is between you and me, er. If you’re pissed at me, hit me, unless you’re too much of a to do it.” She hissed.

Kris stared at her in shock. This was the first time someone had defended him as well.

“WHAT?!” Jiwan yelled in outrage. “You tramp! How dare you hit my boyfriend!” Haeri yelled. She tugged on Jungah's arm, “Let go of him! Let go- AHHH!” Haeri went crashing into the ground as Jungah shoved her.

Jiwan glared at her, “Did you just shove my girlfriend? That’s the last straw. , you’re going down.” He raised his fist.

A hand shot out from behind Jungah and grabbed his fist while twisting his wrist mercilessly. Jiwan yelped in pain as he went lowering onto the ground. Jungah glanced behind her to see Kris staring down at Jiwan with contempt.

He didn’t look guilty or angry at all. He wore the same detached expression on his face as he twisted Jiwan’s arm more and more. “Didn’t I tell you not to lay a hand on her?”

Jungah stared at him. Kris turned his head and stared back.

The trance was broken by the teachers' appearances.


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Chapter 77: Oh god this is one of the two books that can make me sob like this. How could you do this to me oh my god their are tears coming down and like I'm literally about to make a small pond on my bed because of all the tears ???
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