Fabio's Last Wish

Il mio primo e ultimo amore
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It's been a few days since that meeting of Vincenzo and Cha Young. Vincenzo has been quite busy, he's been focusing on what he actually came to do.

Flashback On:

The Cassano family members were seated in the mansion. Vincenzo, Paolo, Cassandra, Fabio's wife Anotella and all the Cassano family's loyals. Mr. Martini, the trusted lawyer of the Cassano family was seated to handle the matters of Fabio's will, distributing his property, the next Capo and all other matters.

Paolo is Fabio's biological son whereas Vincenzo was adopted by him and his wife Anotella when they once went to Korea. As time passed by and both brothers grew older, Vincenzo had earned his father's trust. He was calm and patient and was Fabio's consiglirie when he was alive. Paolo was quite the opposite, seeing Vincenzo being admired by his father, he was jealous and wanted to degrade him somehow. He even has tried to kill Vincenzo a few times, he hated him to that extent.

Cassandra is the youngest. She's the younger sister of Paolo but quite the opposite of him. She's a pretty, kind and lively soul and always tries to make his brother Paolo understand. She thinks of Vincenzo as an older brother and is her mother's suppport. She's known in the whole Cassano family for her active and fun-loving nature.

Anotella is Fabio's wife, she's a kind-hearted woman who treated all her children fairly, she knew about her son, Paolo's nature and his feelings towards Vincenzo, yet she tried her best to make them both get along. She loved Vincenzo sincerely and brought him up like her own child. She was accustomed to the mafia world and was a brave mafia capo's wife. Fabio and her had been in a loving and sincere relationship and his death hurts her a lot but she still stands strong. She knows her son's are strong enough but knows Cassandra, her daughter, as much as she's a happy soul, she is sensitive too.

The property matters and Fabio's will had been read to all, it was written in Fabio's will that he wants his son, Vincenzo to be the Capo and Paolo to be his Consiglirie.Paolo had started an arguement about that but he knew there's no way but to agree. The family was leaving out from the hall and Vincenzo stood up too, to leave when Mr. Martini called him out.

"Signore Cassano?" Mr. Cassano?

"Si?" Yes?

"Tuo padre Fabio voleva che tu andassi in Corea, questa è una lettera che mi ha consegnato mentre presentavo il suo testamento e ha detto di dartela. Voleva che tu andassi in Corea, aprissi questa lettera e completassi il compito in essa contenuto." Your father fabio wanted you to go to Korea, this is a letter he handed me while submitting his will and said to give it to you. He wanted you to go to Korea and open this letter and complete the task in it.

He handed over the letter to Vincenzo while the latter took it in his hands.

"Perché non aprirlo ora?" Why not open it now? asked Vincenzo

"Io no

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