Long-Term Proposal

Il mio primo e ultimo amore
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Cha Young woke up with a sore body. She opened her eyes and saw the unfamiliar setting, it wasn't her room. Then her mind drifted to yesterday.

She was kidnapped. Cha Young smiled. This is too dreamy for her, too delusional. She tries to get up and groans. Her body is in real pain.

Once she sits down, she looks around. She's in a room which is very spacious, elegant. On her left, there's an open balcony. Her phone is on the side table. She checks the time and its 6 past something. She gets up, goes to freshen herself, and she finds her suitcase on the side of the wardrobe. She unpacks her clothing and stuff, and takes a shower and dresses up, by the time she's done doing her hair. There's a knock on the door. She walks to the door and opens it up. 

"Buongiorno Signora. I am Maria. I have been sent by Signorina Antonella . She is in the main garden, if you are ready, we can go there."

Cha Young nods and walks along with Maria.

"Are we going to have breakfast in the main garden?" Cha Youngs asks while slowly walking down the stairs with Maria.

"No, Signora. Signorina usually has her tea there, the breakfast is at 7 in the dining hall." Cha Young nods understandingly.

"You don't need to call me formally, my name's Cha Young." 

"It's an order from Signorina, Signora." Maria smiles warmly.

"Will you accompany at all times?" 


"Wahh! My personal assistant!" Cha Young laughs. 

Maria chuckles.

"Then, when we're alone, you can call me Cha Young, alright?"

"Yes, Cha Young." Maria smiles warmly.

They reach the main garden and Cha Young can see Anotella sitting on one of the garden chairs, sipping her tea.

Maria speaks first. "Signorina."

Antonella looks towards the both of them and smiles. Cha Young smiles back and says "Buongiorno Signora."

"Buongiorno, did you sleep well? Come and sit. Maria pour some tea for Cha Young."

Once they both are seated, Maria is dismissed. Antonella questions.

"Do you remember coming here when you were young? You used to play with my daughter."

Cha Young looks at her, and then tries to remember. After a moment, she laughs and says "I remember Cassandra very well!"

Antonella smiles widely "You have a better memory then Vincenzo, he doesn't remember anything from childhood. You might remember me too, then?"

And Cha Young does remember everything now, she used to come with her father here, to this place, when she was young, she now remembers Antonella too. It's like her memory is restored now.

"I do Signorina." Cha Young smiles, blurry memories play in her mind and suddenly she feels nostalgia with a sudden wave of grief. Her bubble breaks when she hears

"No need to be formal with me, youngina, you are just like my daughter to me, call me mama."

Cha Young is blinking back tears at this moment. She just feels so much warmth towards this woman. And then suddenly she remembers her own mother, it's been a decade or two, since she has ever called someone mother. She just nods slowly.

"Grazie mama."

Cha Young doesn't know what's happening and what she's feeling, she just lets it all pass through her head.

After a pleasant cup of tea, they both make their way inside.

Cha Young sees a beautiful girl and assumes its Cassandra.

Cassandra soon notices their presence and greets her mother good morning by hugging her. Cha Young smiles. Cassandra then walks towards Cha Young and says her a very bright good morning too. They both sit side by side and Antonella on their left. 

The three of them have started eating breakfast when Vincenzo comes in the hall.

"Buongiorno mama." He kisses her mother on the cheeks. And sits down on the other side and pours himself a glass of juice.

"I am here too!" Cassandra says.

"Good Morning to you too." Vincenzo says, sordid.'Grumpy Goose' Cassandra mutters, Cha Young chuckles hearing that but soon stops. She looks at Vincenzo who smiles at her knwoingly as if she's "Did the shooting practice went well?"

"Yes mama. Antonio needs more practice, though."

Antonella hums.

"I have a meeting with the Romano's Capo today."

And then there were discussions between Antonella and Vincenzo for a few minutes whereas Cha Young and Cassandra were quietly eating. Cha Young was deducing her own conclusions by hearing the conversation but couldn't really understand anything.

Vincenzo gets up first, and wears his coat.

"Nonna's coming over on Friday, caro. She told me a week ago, you'd been busy. It wasn't in my mind tomorrow."

Vincenzo nods.

"See you at dinner." he says shortly while hugging his mother.

He pats Cassandra's head and she whines that she's not a little child. "Review the files I have sent you."

Cha Young is still eating her breakfast. What she doesn't know is that Vincenzo is standing behind her. He smiles at her before moving out.

"Mama, I am planning of giving Cha Young a tour after breakfast." Cassandra starts the conversation again.

Antonella nods appreciatively and smiles. "Sure, why not? I'll be back by afternoon from the boutique."

Antonella has a strong sense of fashion, which lead her to launch her own brand.

While Cassandra helps Vincenzo in handling businesses.

Cassandra looks at Cha Young and smiles "We used to be such great friends whenwe were young! Do you remember? We both loved playing with the doll house!"

Cha Young laughs and nods."I do! They are such vivid memories.."

The three chatted for a while before Antonella left for boutique and Cassandra started giving Cha Young the home tour.

Well, home is definitely not what Cha Young would call it, its a huge palace with almost everything, from squash court to gym to even a helipad.

Once the tour ended, they leisurely strolled around the garden.

"How did you and brother meet?" Cassandra asks. 

Cha Young smiles, and just speaks Vincenzo's words which he said to her that day

"He saw me struggling with my health on the road side. He took me to the hospital.."

Cassandra nods and chuckles.

"I can't believe he really helped, he is an extremely composed man and sticks to his own business more than needed."Cha Young

"No really, he is really boring!" Cassandra goes on.

" But I guess, he's just saw a lot in his life..." Cha Young looks at her.

"What do you mean?" Cha Young asks good-naturedly.

"He's had a rough childhood, it took him 6 months alone to talk to me... Then he started opening with Mama and Papa, it's surprising he was open to you.. I am actually glad." Cassandra smiles at her.

Cha Young nods but is in deep thoughts.

This man she gotten acquainted with, he's a whole new world to explore for her.

But she actually feels bad for him for having a bad childhood... She does remember what her father wrote in his diary; his mother left him in a church when he was just 7.

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