Now in Korea, 13 Years Later...

Il mio primo e ultimo amore
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Hong Cha Young never thought that this would happen, especially not now. She was too young when her mother died, now her father has gone too... It all happened when they came back to Korea for vacations. Cha Young had graduated from her university. And this was the first time, Cha Young had seen her father soo happy since her mother's death. Now, she holds those memories in her hand and tears stroll down her cheeks. She's standing in front of her father's grave, Her mind numb, her heart ahing, her eyes wet. "Abeoji," she ekes out a sob "How am I going to live without you, I don't even know anyone, should I come and join you and eomma there? Why did you leave me? Now, I'm all alone, I don't know what to do. You both left me, how am I going to survive?" She shudders and sobs when she remebers the moment her father was on the hospital bed, groaning due to heartacher and she shakes her head and sobs louder when she remembers, the time, the doctors told her that he left her.


It's been a week, since this has happened and Cha Young can't think of anything. She hasn't eaten anything for days. This reminds of her father who used to scold her when she used to work till late night for cases. Everything somehow reminds her of her father. He was her best companion since she was a baby, a toddler. 

She's only surviving on Advil and water. Right now, she's walking on a street which she doesn't know leads to where. She's wearing a sundress and winter has started,

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Awfwell #1
Chapter 21: its so nice , we waited so long for it.
Awfellia #2
Chapter 19: That's amazing tbh
Chapter 18: Ahhhhh 👌👌🥳🥳
Chapter 17: I thought he was gonna propose 😭😭
Chapter 16: Ahhh! What next? I'm soo curios, and these exams 😫
I'm rlly excited for chap 15
Anyways I read it all today 🤪
Awfellia #6
Chapter 16: Woah!!
Awfellia #7
Chapter 7: Gosh I am excited 😆
Chapter 15: A-yo for the first time reading your fic, only read one chapter lololol, I'm here for support and karma too (⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠)
heyy! Amazing story cara ♡
Luv your work
This is so well-researched and thorough. I'm impressed. You make it seem so effortless, but I know you must have worked hard on this. Your hard work really paid off here :))
Chapter 14: vincenzo come save her 😋