Il mio primo e ultimo amore
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Vincenzo was sleeping soundly when a loud bang outside startled him. The noise was followed by a stream of curses and then he could hear footsteps towards the room he's in. He quickly stood up, his head and body protesting while he does so, and opens the door to be greeted by Cha Young, his wife, who currently had her hands placed towards the door and now, she was startled by his presence.

She let out a little yelp and stumbled backwards, nearly tripping when Vincenzo grabbed her arm and helped her stand steady.

"Mianhe, I was just trying to take the rice cooker out. You can sleep again." He notices she just showered and then further notices the mess in the kitchen and gapes.

He is wide awake now.

"What in the world were you doing?" There are used cooking utensils everywhere with splashes of tomato sauce, he assumes on the marble slabs of the kitchen. He smells burnt spaghetti and takes a step towards the kitchen when Cha Young, who is right infront of him, stops him, by pushing him backwards.

"Yah!" He looks at her now.

"If you don't want to sleep, go and freshen up. Then come out for breakfast."

"I don't think I'll be able to eat any breakfast." That earns him a glare and he steps back from her.

She pushes him inside and slams the door.

Vincenzo scoffs.

But goes to the bathroom to freshen himself up.

Once he's showered and is dressed casually, he comes out and is once again surprised at how clean the kitchen is now.

He then sees Cha Young brewing coffee for the both of them.

"Oh, you're back. Come, have a seat." She says while pouring coffee in two mugs.

He takes a seat and soon she settles down too, putting one cup infront of him and the other infront of her.

"I made bean-sprout soup. It's good for hangovers, and is soothing and relaxing." She starts pouring the soup in a bowl and then takes one of the rice bowls and chopsticks and starts eating.

Vincenzo pours the soup for himself, and takes a small sip of it.

Meanwhile, Cha Young notices him and smiles when she sees his head nodding while adding more soup into the bowl and taking the rice. She had been told about his picky eating tendencies, courtesy of Antonella.

"What were you trying to make before?" Vincenzo questions while delicately taking a the kimchi laden rice in his mouth.

Cha Young pauses.

"Though, I am good with making Korean food...the same can't be said for Italian." Cha Young thinks she doesn't need to explain further. 

Vincenzo slowly nods and smiles.

"What were you trying to make?"

"Spaghetti." She answers.

And he chuckles. "Yes, of course. What else except for the most basic Italian foods."

"Well, do you know how to cook?" She challenges him.

"I do, Cha Young." He says smugly, raising his brows to her challenge.

"Why don't you cook today's dinner for us?"

He laughs and nods. And Cha Young tries her best to suppress the small smile creeping up on her face, she suddenly feels very warm.

"Don't be snarky, I'll make you cook me two portions." She says.

He smiles at her and then goes back to eating.

They eat in comfortable silence, when suddenly Vincenzo's phone rings.

He excuses himself and takes the call while she is done with her meal and carries the dishes to the dishwasher.

She is placing the utensils in the dishwasher when Vincenzo comes back from his room.

"You'll start having your self-defense classes from today. Luca called and told that the instructor had landed to Rome yesterday."

Cha Young nods.

"I'll drop you off today by afternoon and then head to the office, you'll be picked up by Marco, my consiglirie if I won't be free by then."

She nods again, coming out from the kitchen but then she remembers.

"We'll have to stop by the grocery store while coming back for a few minutes, I have to pick up a few things. And you might have to take a few things too, because you're cooking dinner." 

He nods.

They get ready and leave for the day.

Vincenzo told her to wear something athletic and so, she wore a t-shirt and a pair of leggings and sneakers.

 They first stop by a luxurious building, where a few people are waiting for them.

Cha Young is welcomed by a woman named Isabella, who introduces herself as her instructor for the upcoming months.

Vincenzo shortly leaves after and Cha Young is taken in to one of the many, private gymnasium of the Cassano family which she initially thought was a public property.

She has been underestimating the wealth of the family.

She feels her stomach churn when she realises, that she is the wife of the Capo of the Cassano family.

Nonetheless, the rest of the few hours are spent in doing exercises and few of the most basic self defense lessons.

But because its been a while she ever headed towards the gym, when she comes out, she's burning and can't feel her legs anymore.

Suprisingly, when she comes out of the building, the sky is painted in hues of orange and pink. 

Isabella is by her side all the time and leaves when Vincenzo comes to pick her up again.

She gets in the car and feels her body relax against the comfortable leather seats of the car. Sighing, she makes herself comfortable and drinks water from the bottle Isabella gave her previously.

"How was the practice?" Vincenzo speaks while starting the car again.

"Tiring." Cha Young mumbles, eyes closed and head resting on the head rest of the car.

Vincenzo looks at her momentarily, then focuses on the road.

"We can keep the training on alternative days, if you feel t

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