The First Time I Saw You

Il mio primo e ultimo amore
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Vincenzo was here in South Korea for an urgent business. Being a Capo in his mid-twenties is a lot to handle. After his boss more likely, a person who he thought as a father, Fabio died, his own son Paolo had to take over, but his carelessness made him dig his own grave and he died in one of his own made missions. Since then, it's Vincenzo's responsibility and he became the Capo. His consigliere, Luca and right-hand man, Alfonso, the two people who had earned his trust are in Italy taking care of family matter's and business there.

Vincenzo Cassano, also known as Park Joo Hyeong was left by his own mum at a church when he was only 7 and was soon, adopted by an Italian family.

South Korea is a place with bad memories for him and he won't be ever coming here but he came due to a job for him written in his father's will.

Though, he's young, he's way different than his impractical brother Paolo and is reserved and cold. He's one of the most feared and ruthless mafia boss in Italy. No one till now has the guts to mess up with him and if they do, they pay severely.



He was just coming out of a coffee shop which was right by his hotel. He didn't had any guards around him as firstly, he fights very well and secondly, no one knows who he is, here in Korea.

It was all when he saw a beautiful woman who was struggling on the street with her health. He isn't anyone to help someone and mostly minds his own business bu

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