Let's Go Together

Il mio primo e ultimo amore
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Hearing what the last wish of Fabio was, Cha Young choked on her drink.

So they were really loyal companions

Seeing Cha Young coughing, Vincenzo passed his handkerchief to her as if own defualt which Cha Young didn't hesitate to take. 

'' I'm sorry, this was a bit out of my imagination.'' said Cha Young, while getting her posture back.

'' It's alright Miss Hong, my reaction was quite the same, when I read the letter.''

For a while then, there was silence, both of them busy with their own thoughts.

Out of the blue, Vincenzo spoke '' You told me at the hospital, Miss Hong, that you've spent the most of your chidhood in Italy?''

''Yes, I graduated from my law school there too.''  answered Cha Young.

'' Do you plan on going back to Italy?''

This was something Cha Young hadn't thought about but she knew that except for their old home in Korea, there's nothing left for her. Her father had started a new life in Italy again and everything was settled there for them.

'' Sooner or later, I'll have to go back, byenhosanim, There's nothing left for me here. Korea has fond memories of my childhood but I've also experienced the death of my parents here.'' With a sad smile on her face, Cha Young spoke these words. Her eyes all distant and lost.

Whereas Vincenzo thought that they relly were similar. Korea reminds him of painful memories that he wants to forget. A wound in his heart starts paining when he thinks of his biological mother.

Getting out of his somber thoughts, Vincenzo makes his mind clear. This isn't like any situation he's ever dealt with. 

This is a foreign territory for him.

This isn't like any complicated situation he's find himself stuck in.

He hasn't ever dated except when Anotella forced him to date Francessca, a member of Giordano family.

They broke up as he wasn't giving time to their relationship and was always busy with work.

He can kill people with 150 different ways but if you ask him about these matters, it's all unknown to him.

'' Oh, Vincenzo, mio figlio, I hope you find a woman who can deal with your boring personality''. 

That's what his mama said to him, once.

And, this isn't any woman, she is...

'' Byeonhosanim?'' Cha Young spoke a bit louder than usual. This man had been lost in his thoughts for more than 10 minutes.

'' Aaah, mia

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