She's Not a Cassano

Il mio primo e ultimo amore
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It's a threat.

Vincenzo knows he was stalked in Korea.

Right now, he's driving to the location, the estimated time on his car's screen is 15 minutes. It is then, Luca calls.


"Capo, I went to Signora Hong's house, she isn't there but her luggage and handbag was right there-"

"Take her belongings with you to the villa, and inform mama about the situation, she must be worried."

"Si, Capo. I have taken Signora's belongings and I am on my way to the villa."

"Also, make sure Alfonso has an explanation ready, I want to know how I got stalked when he was managing everything perfectly."  Hearing Vincenzo's firm voice, Luca knew Alfonso is in for trouble.

"Si, Capo, I will inform him too..."


"Capo... Should I send Alfonso with some men for your-"

"No need Luca, I will be alright, don't worry."

 Luca knew he could handle it, but still couldn't help himself.


Vincenzo soon reaches his destination which is a barren area and his car stops right infront of a warehouse. A very ordinary sight for him.

But for the first time, he is scared.

Because he just got a responsibility, unlike any other he has gotten. And whenever, Vincenzo is given responsibility, he takes care of it very well.

But, in the present, he just got ahold of his responsibility, and he is failing at it miserably.

Because this responsibility is not a business deal, not a contract, not some thugs he has to handle, this responsibility is of a woman. 


Vincenzo walks towards the warehouse and is welcomed by guards at the door. They recognize him and let him in.

As soon as he walks in, he does not see Cha Young.

"Oh Vincenzo! I knew you would come!" Greta Luciano, the Capo of Luciano familia walks in and smiles at Vincenzo.

"Greta. Where is she?" Vincenzo speaks his voice, eerily calm.

"Oh, no need to hurry, Capo. Let's take this slowly, shall we?" Greta said with a mocking smile.

Vincenzo hands went into his pant's pocket, one hand clutching the gun tightly.

He came closer to Greta, taking the pistol out of his pocket, Greta got a glimpse and shouted.


The four men who were standing outside the warehouse barged inside but before any action could be taken, Vincenzo blindly shooted the men.

Greta was not ready for such a scene but nonetheless shrugged it off.

"Ahh, Capo, Capo." he sighed

"Aren't you in a little hurry?"

Vincenzo was furious

Being furious was an understatement.

And everyone knows that Vincenzo has anger issues.

He came close to Greta and choked him on his tie, till he couldn't breathe and placed the gun on his head.

"Greta, I am in no mood for playing petty games, speak up, where is she?"

When there was no reply, Vincenzo tugged at his tie, once again, gesturing him to speak.

Greta could only make out "The warehouse....n-near..ukhh..o-our vineyards-"

As soon as Greta spoke, Vincenzo threw him on the ground.

The warehouse's door opened and Luca and Alfonso with some guards came barging in with pistols in hand.


"I am done here. Luca, take Greta to our warehouse and then meet me at Greta's vineyards Alfonso you are coming with me."

"Si Capo." Luca went in with the guards towards Greta whereas Alfonso and Vincenzo left.

"Capo, where are we heading?"

While getting in the car, Vincenzo spoke "Luca has informed you about the situation hasn't he?" Vincenzo spoke calmly.

"Si Capo." 

"We are going to Greta's warehouse near his vineyards, Signora Hong is there."



Reaching to the vineyards, Vincenzo and Alfonso met Edoardo, Greta's sottocapo.

"Where is Signora Hong?" Alfonso asked.

Edoardo did not reply.

Then, Vincenzo spoke

"Greta is in my warehouse, he kidnapped Signora. Edoardo, lead me the way to

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