Marry Her

Il mio primo e ultimo amore
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Vincenzo takes a shower and changes into his night attire. He then quickly makes his way to the family room, where his mother is waiting for him.

"Did I make you wait long?"

Anotella smiled at his child after noticing his presence and shook her head.

"No, you came back faster than I expected."

Vincenzo smiled and made his way to the mini bar to get a glass of wine. He really needs his wine to lift off the stress.

Anotella makes her way towards him, standing beside him.

"You want some, Mama?"

"Oh! You know me 'Cenzo, I don't drink at night, it's you and Papa who have this nasty habit of finishing the day with copious glasses of wine."

Vincenzo chuckles and pours himself a glass.

After taking a sip, he hums.

"A lot has happened, Mama." He speaks while gesturing his mother to sit on one of the sofa's.

"Is she alright?" He asks again once they settle on the sofa.

"She is alright, mio figlio. Luca informed me about everything. I called our family doctor, he checked her. She's given some sleeping pills, there were a few scarpes on her arms, but she's fine. I told the maids to stay with her if she needs anything."

Vincenzo takes a sip again, while nodding his head.

"It's been a while since I saw her. She has turned into a charming woman." Anotella says while smiling wisely.

Vincenzo looks at his mother "You know her?"

"Oh 'Cenzo, I guess Fabio didn't told how close he was to Yoo Chan.. Cha Young used to come along whenever, Fabio invited Yoo Chan over. She and Cassandra used to play together."

Well, this is news to Vincenzo. For as long as he remembers, he can't recall anything similar.

"Well, that's odd. I don't remember anything like that."

Anotella laughs. "Well that's because you always preferred to mind your own business 'Cenzo!"

Vincenzo smiles and just shakes his head.

He can't deny though, he's always been a silent child who always does what needed. 

He couldn't even speak to Fabio and Anotella and so, they had to hire a Korean nanny, whom he can talk too when he first came with them.

He slowly started to open himself to them and now, when he's a young-adult, he can finally think of them as family.

"So that means you know Cha Young?"

Anotella nods and smiles.

"She's always been a chatty and bubbly little girl, Cassandra and her always got along well... And if she doesn't have a poor-memory like you, maybe she would recognize me."

"Mama, I don't have a 'poor memory'."

"You do 'Cenzo, you don't even remember how picky you were when you were a child. It was understandable though, as Italian food and culture was new to you."

"As long as I remember, I used to love Italian food, I used to watch Nonna cook in the kitchen."


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