The Last Weeks in Homeland...

Il mio primo e ultimo amore
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[ Gemuga Plaza, Korea]

Everyone was mourning the loss of Cha Young's mother. It all happened very sudden, Cha Young's father loved his wife and now thats she's gone he doesen't know how to start life, what to do and how to upbring his little daughter alone.Hong Cha Young was only 7 when her mother passed away, she indeed is too young to know and feel the troubles of life.

The Gemuga Plaza tenants really supported and encouraged Cha Young's father but he really couldn't bring himself back. He decided to finish the cases he has taken in his lawfirm and move to a new country with his daughter, that woul be a new start for him and he can raise his daughter, teach her well and and spend the remaining time of his life with her.

This all seemed too easy but Yoo Chan knew starting a new life has it's own struggles but he had no choice. Everytime he went home, he missed her presence, he missed how she scolded him for working late, he missed how he, his daughter and her wife used to go to night markets, he truly missed those days, they were a complete happy family but now he knows he can't give up, he has a daughter to take care of and he will do his best to raise her as a single-parent. 

These were his thoughts while he was cleaning his office desk when suddenly a business card fell on the floor. Yoo Chan picked it up and read the details on it. It was some 'Kang Min Soo' who lives in Italy and works in a law corporate there. This contact seemed useful an

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Awfwell #1
Chapter 21: its so nice , we waited so long for it.
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Chapter 19: That's amazing tbh
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Chapter 16: Woah!!
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Chapter 7: Gosh I am excited 😆
Chapter 15: A-yo for the first time reading your fic, only read one chapter lololol, I'm here for support and karma too (⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠)
heyy! Amazing story cara ♡
Luv your work
This is so well-researched and thorough. I'm impressed. You make it seem so effortless, but I know you must have worked hard on this. Your hard work really paid off here :))
Chapter 14: vincenzo come save her 😋