He Wanted Me To Marry You

Il mio primo e ultimo amore
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 Yesterday, Vincenzo had just came out from the shower when his phone rang. It was an unknown number but he didn't hesitate to recieve the call and to his surprise, it was Hong Cha Young.... 

Now, he's in his car driving to the cafe where he's going to meet her. He's messed up. His mind's like a disorganized room full of crumpled paper on the floor. He wonders why she wanted to meet him? But anyways, he's going right now and is trying his best to clear his mind.

 Dio Mio, he's never been this messed up in his entire life not even when he did something extremely dangerous. Then why the hell is he messed up right now? datti una calmata, Vincenzo.


On the other hand, Cha Young is regretting her hasty actions. She's sitting in a cafe waiting for the man she called. A part of her mind says her to leave but she knows that it isn't nice and this isn't a solution. How is she going to ask the man what she wants to ask? She feels stupid. What the hell is your problem Cha Young? Can't even talk? And here you decided to be a fiesty lawyer like your father?

She starts to feel sad after thinking about her father. She soon wakes up from her delusions when she got aware of someone's presence.


Vincenzo has arrived at the cafe and is now looking for a woman he is familiar with and has to get familiar with. When he spots her, he walks slowly to the table she's seated at. 

While walking, he realizes that she is beautiful and pretty. 

Dici sul serio, Vincenzo? Are you serious, Vincenzo?

He reaches the table and sees her be aware of his presence and suddenly stands up.

"Mr. Cassano"  She bows politely

"Ms. Hong. Please sit down"

When they both were seated, Vincenzo spoke again "How are you doing?" 

"I'm better, what about you?"

Vincenzo's mind speaks "Sto facendo terribile." I'm doing terrible. but instead says "I'm doing good."  

There is an awkward silence then which is suffocating for both of them and so Vincenzo decides to finish it before it becomes unbearable for him "Would you like to drink something? Coffee?" 

"Ahh, ye."

Vincenzo orders a double shot espresso for himself whereas Cha Young orders an iced-americano. After ordering, Cha Young spoke up "Byeonho-sanim, where are you from?"

Vincenzo smiles and replies "Italy, Ms.Hong, I guess my name made it obvious, didn't it?"

Italy. It's him.

"Aaah, ye but I thought you're from France. They are quite similar countries aren't they?" 


Vincenzo looks up at her gesturing her to speak. 

Cha Young starts to get nervous and starts playing with her fingers.

"Have you met my father, do you know him?" 

Vincenzo is a bit surprised by the question and wonde

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