Come and Get Her

Il mio primo e ultimo amore
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Vincenzo and Luca are on their way to the family villa, they chatted a bit about matters and business deals that took place in Vincenzo's absence. After a short discussion, Vincenzo sighs and rests his head on the headrest of the car. He fiddles with his tie, until its loose and closes his eyes.

Luca notices his tireness " We'll be reaching in a few minutes, Capo."

Vincenzo nods.

Once the car stops, Vincenzo opens his eyes.

 "We're here, Capo."

"Grazie Luca."   Luca gives a smile in response.

Although, Vincenzo and Luca have been with each other for years. it always been 'Capo' and 'Luca' between them. They know they can count on each other, but they've settled in this comfortable dynamic now. Whether out infront of people, whether business or whether in a shootout against their rivals. It has always been this way.

But there are times in life, honorifics are dropped and the formality breaks.

A guard soon comes and opens the door for Vincenzo and he gets out with his coat in his hand. It's when he's walking towards the villa, he hears familiar voices chatting and a vibrant laughter that unknowingly forms a smile on his face. He turns to the direction of the sound and starts to walk to the garden where his mother and sister are having tea.

His mother loves gardening and soon, rememebrs her daily ritual in the evening to look after the plants she has grown with love and care. The family villa's graden is really an artisitc view with different types of flowers. Blue bells, roses, daisies, daffodills, all grown by his mother with great love and care.

A few months ago, it used to be Papa out with his Mama for tea, now it is Cassandra giving her company.

Time really flys by.

His presence isn't noticed by his mother or sister, but the maid does and she is about to inform his mother when he gestures her not to. 

When he is behind the chair, his mother's sitting on, Cassandra notices him and her face lights up

" Fratello!" she stands up.

Anotella looks back as fast as she can while standing up.

" Mio figlio! What a pleasant surprise!"

Vincenzo hugs her " How are you doing Mama?"

" Missing you all along." she replies.

" Well, I thought someone was chatting and laughing and having a great time."

That earns him a slap on his back. He laughs.

Cassandra jumps in soon,

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