Upon Arrival

Il mio primo e ultimo amore
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Cha Young is sprawled on her bed. Her long hair fanning all over the pillows. It is the notification bell from her phone that wakes her up. She opened her eyes and to her shock, when she checked the time it was 5:30...

"SHIBAL" cursed Cha Young loudly.

She got out of bed, mentally thanking herself for packing before her clumsy drinking session and mentally cursing herself for drinking too much. While all this thanking and cursing, she has mad her way to the bathroom. She takes a quick shower and brushes her teeth, does her skincare and moves out.

She's in her bathrobe earching for a comfortable outfit for the flight. Not wasting too much time, she chooses a long, beige skirt with a plain white top and dons them on quickly. She never applies makeup so that ritual is skipped and the only thing she applies is a lip tint. After wearing some light jewelery and making her hair, she settles everything in her room and takes her luggage downstairs.

Just as she puts her handbag on a chair, the doorbell rings.

She rushes to the door, takes a moment to check whether she looks alright.

Why you haven't ever been so self-conscious, Cha Young-ah

Her brain has the audacity to say this.

She opens the door and is greeted by the sight of him in a crisp white shirt and a blue coat and pant.

A very formal attire.

Very mafia-like...

"Annyeonghaseyo, byeonhosanim."

Vincenzo greets back.

"Are you ready?"

"Ye, I was just bringing my bags down."

"Shall we leave then?"

Cha Young nods and smiles while Vincenzo smile backs and carries her suitcases to put them in the car.


There was a comfortable silence during the drive when Cha Young spoke "Are all mafia's kind like you?"

Vincenzo looks at her and sees her deep in thoughts. Looking back to drive, he replies "I doubt that, Miss Hong, not everyone is-"

"My name is Cha Young, we aren't any work partners Vincenzo."

Once again, he looks back at her, this time eyes a little widened. He remains silent at how easy it was for her to drop the honorifics, that too, so suddenly.

Whereas, Cha Young turns red. " Mianhe byeonho-"

"It's alright, Cha Young-ah. You are right, we aren't that unknown to each other are we?" He gives her a small smile and she awkwardly nods. Her tongues has no control and that's why she isn't a great person when it comes to socializing.

For a moment then, there's this insuffereable silence for both of them, but while Vincenzo is coping up with it, Cha Young can't so she tries to speak again. "You know I am really curious to know about all the mafia stuff. The culture and what not! Me and my father used to watch 'Godfather' together, it was super fascinating. The movie used to be our all time favourite, especially my father's." she says with a sad smile on her face.

Vincenzo looked at her with clear amusement in his eyes. But then a part of him realized that if she knew, how it really worked, how they handle matters, he has this feeling she'll part away. Thinking about what she said mere moments go, he spoke "There's a lot to know about Cha Young. It's a whole new world."

Instead of thinking more seriously, Cha Young got more intrigued. She moved herself towards Vincenzo in her seat. A visualization of her would be like a delighted kid who got a big candy in her hand.

"Wah! Daebak! Why not I start my questionare?"

Vincenzo looks at her once again and chuckled. He shook his head. "Alright but a few questions, we're about to arrive."

"I've got plenty of questions!"

"We have a lot of time, Cha Young. Don't worry, we'll cover it." 

That's how the rest of he drive went, Cha Young throwing questions at him like in a rapid-fire round and Vincenzo, calmly indulging her questions. He told her about his family, his mama, his sister, a little about Paolo, his uncle. Cha Young is surprised to know that mafia families have so many members. They reached airport soon, and then there came the part that surprised Cha Young. 

They boarded a jet instead of a commercial plane. That's when it dawns on her that they are very very rich 

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