Author Wants to Clear A Few Things~

Il mio primo e ultimo amore
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Hello Readers!

Allegro here, I wanted to clear somethings up so it can be easier to understand while reading. I thought it's necessary for those who are reading to know:

1. This is an AU, any person who hasn't watched the series can also read this.

2. The first chapters were a shift for Cha Young and her father from Korea-Italy-Korea again. This was so as first I wanted to make a teen-fic of them but due to my abrupt HIATUS, it couldn't be done and so now, this is a new plot and a new storyline which is finalized :)

3. The reason why I made Cha Young and her father move to Italy has a plot behind it, basically that's where the plot starts. AKA Fabio and Yoo Chan know each other.

4. Vincenzo's personality might be the same but as for Cha Young, I really do love the character played by JYB in the season, sassy and witty but here because she's young and her father died recently, she's going to be a bit fragile and not-so quite herself but as soon as she meets him, you'll notice the change.

5. In the drama, their basically in their 30's whereas here, they are in their 20's (Vincenzo being 25 and Cha Young 23)

6. Anything that doesn't makes sense, please be considerate as this is my very first story. :)

7. It's going to be fluffy as we got pretty less fluffy or romantic scenes in the season and WE NEED MORE


This was all I wanted to clear! See you in the next chapter. This Was Allegro! Signing Out <3

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heyy! Amazing story cara ♡
Luv your work
This is so well-researched and thorough. I'm impressed. You make it seem so effortless, but I know you must have worked hard on this. Your hard work really paid off here :))