Can We Meet Again?

Il mio primo e ultimo amore
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Vincenzo was frozen for a moment. He was processing all the information he had just recieved.

Hong Cha Young? Hong Yoo Chan? Marriage?

He took the letter in his hand again and took a glance.

He can't believe it.

Fabio's last wish, in his mind, would be to finish off some people or perhaps to solve some matters. But no, marriage was definitely not what he thought, not even near to his thinking.

And then  "He wanted her daughter to be married to you Vincenzo."  His daughter, Hong Cha Young.

He remembers that he's met Hong Yoo Chan once. And Hong Cha Young? Is she the one, who passed out on the street? Then some of her words started coming in his mind.

"I was the only child of my parents, when eomma died, abeoji took me to Italy with him"

"My name is Hong Cha Young, thank you for taking care of me and bringing me food, I promise to pay you back, somehow."


Its her, isn't it?

Vincenzo was pretty messed up and so got off the chair and went to take a bath to clear his mind. He doesn't know what's next but he'll complete his father's wish.



Hong Cha Young was in her father's home. This is the only place they had in Korea. She spent her best moments of childhood here with her appa and eomma. But then, everything started to break. Her mother died. She went to Italy, spent her childhood, grew up, got a law degree, came back to Korea to spent vacations with her father, and then.... her father left her. How perfect. She hates life. She hates how perfectly fate can fool her. What had she ever done? All she wanted was a good and happy life with her parents! But it seems like fate hates her, she hates it more.

Right now, she's putting her father's items in boxes. Seeing them right there like they were when he was alive breaks her. She was on her father's desk putting the ornaments, the pictures, his files in a box. She opened a drawer to take out the things when she saw her father's diary. She remembers that she always used to see her father writing in the night when he came back from work. It was his daily routine. She knows reading someone's diary is not nice but she knows that her father has never shared his worries with her. Just not to make her stressed up. He used to keep all the thoughts to himself (or that's what she thinks). 

She opened the diary, flipping some pages, smiling after reading a few passages. However, after a few pages, her expressions changed. 


Today was the day Fabio had opened upto me. About something which was astonishing. Fabio is the mafia boss of the Cassano family. I don't feel scared but the feeling of not being scared haunts me. I have known Fabio for years and I know how hard it would have been for him to tell me about something like this. He became vulnerable, told me he killed people mercilessly. After al that he told me, I didn't had any feelings of resentment towards him. I have been fighting for justice my whole life and after a life experience, good can never fight evil, it always is going to be evil fighting evil. I don't know a lot about the mafia but I know it's dangerous and dirty and filled with blood and illegal work. But Fabio had cleared my thoughts and gave me a clear vision about them

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