Thank You and Good Bye

Il mio primo e ultimo amore
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It was an awkward silence once the nurse left. Vincenzo moved forward and placed the bags on the table. Cha Young`couldn't disagree with the nurse's point; the man was handsome, wearing a 3-piece Booralo suit, pale skin, pink lips. Cha Young was no wonder amazed by the beauty, though she has spent half of her teenage life in Italy she hasn't ever saw someone like him. But right now, she needed answers. What was this thing about marriage. And so, without any hesitation, she asked "We're not married, are we? Who are you and what happened?''

Vincenzo was a bit shocked when she spoke up and the way she quickly started investigating, he was a bit surprised about the marriage question too but knew that it might be the same concidence as the doctor thought of him as 'her husband'. He stopped taking things out of the bag, turned towards her, with a warm smile on his face and said "No, we aren't in any relationship, the nurse and the doctor had a slight misunderstanding, I guess.'' He paused for a moment but spoke again, "I'm Vincenzo Cassano, I was walking out of a coffee shop when I saw you struggling with your health on the road. As soon as I came near you to ask whether you're alright, you passed out in my arms and so, I brought you here." Pausing again, he said, "I don't intend to harm you or anything, the doctor said that you've been in a lot of stress and haven't taken a proper meal since days, as soon as you're IV's are finished, you can go home."

Cha Young was quiet after the whole explanation, she was a bit flustered, it's been weeks since her father's death and she feels zoned-out. She's grateful to this man and feels her heart warm because of his kindness. No one knows her here in Korea, those who came to her father's funeral, only gave her pity eyes and wordly condolences. 

She's deep in her thoughts when he brought a plate of tteokbokki infront of her, and hesitantly spoke "I know I don't have the right to ask this, but seeing you in a dishelved state and in a sundress in this cold winter of Seoul, what happened?"

Cha Young numbly said "My father died."

Vincenzo was caught off-guard "Pardon?"

Cha Young looked at him with tears rising in the corner of her eyes and said "My father died a week ago."

Vincenzo who saw her, nodded and felt his heart aching for this woman here, whose name he doesen't know yet, which is something strange. After a moment, he asked "What

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This is so well-researched and thorough. I'm impressed. You make it seem so effortless, but I know you must have worked hard on this. Your hard work really paid off here :))