Chapter 15

They Woke Up Married
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Ji Hyo just finished her work for the day and she’s having a small break when her phone notified an incoming videocall. It was Kimmy, her friend from the land down under. The one who mentioned that Kim Jong Kook is love and lust.



“You must’ve saved an entire nation in your past life, Song Ji Hyo.” Kimmy laughed.



“My last name is KIM. Now it’s Kim Soo Yeon.” She corrected.



Apparently, Kimmy sent her the screenshots of Jong Kook, it was from one of his ongoing shows. He was looking too damn handsome. His smile was too freaking handsome.



“Sometimes the best things in life don’t come for free; they come in white shirts and tight-fitting pants too.” Ji Hyo beamed at Kimmy who was smirking at her.



Damn you, Kim Jong Kook.



Even Ji Hyo would like to curse him. The pants were too tight. The ‘something’ that should just be for her can be seen and fangirls were going crazy. Oh well, the smile made up for it.



“How do you sleep at night?” Kimmy asked.



“I close my eyes.” Bad Ji Hyo arrogantly and sarcastically answered as she looked at her nails.



“Shut up!” Kimmy shot at her. “He is one hell of a hot guy. Seriously. Goodness, I would probably get a serious case of insomnia if I were you. Tell me his name again?” Kimmy said teasingly.



“Kim Jong Kook.” Ji Hyo’s eyes smiled. “He is Kim Jong Kook. KJK, that’s how I spell love with three letters.”



What? How do you spell love with three letters?



LUV? No. It’s KJK.

You spell love with three letters as KJK according to Ji Hyo.




“I hate you! Yah! Get a life!” Kimmy said.




“I have a life.” Ji Hyo was laughing at her obviously pissed off friend. “He is in Anyang and had worn a bit too tight pants last night.”




“I regret talking to you.” Kimmy jokingly told her.




Ji Hyo just stuck her tongue. Kimmy ended the call with an annoyed face. After her conversation with her friend, she searched for Jong Kook’s pictures in Anyang.




Oh dear.

Why is she doing this? She was his wife for goodness sake; but he was too handsome to ignore. She saved some of his pictures too.




Oh, he can’t find that out.

Fan girl, Ji Hyo.



Jong Kook and Ji Hyo’s Villa

Hannam-dong, Seoul

10 pm




“Why did you wear such tight pants, Jong Kook? I’ve finally found a ground for our divorce.” Ji Hyo laughed while she hugged him more tightly.





They’re cuddled together in an improvised hammock by the rooftop of their villa. It was a typical hammock that you see in beaches tied between two trees where people used to lie down, swing lightly and rest. Mr. and Mrs. Kim Jong Kook’s own version were tied in between two posts, and it’s made of fabric netting too. But that hammock doesn’t get used by one person alone. It’s always been used by the two of them and it’s during their Spartace time.





There is what they call Spartace time.

And no, it’s not those times when they attempt to make another baby.




That’s when Kim Jong Kook as “Sparta” and Song Ji Hyo as “Ace” talk to each other about anything and everything under the sun. In this case, under the moon.




Anything goes. Serious stuff; nonsense things, you name it. They talk about it. Either they end up fighting in the end or making passionate love without finishing their conversation, they still have these Spartace time once in a while. And it’s quite different from their casual conversations or normal chats.




Ji Hyo was talking about Jong Kook’s bit-too-tight pants that he wore in Anyang, in his performance on stage. She was finding it amusing teasing him about it and it’s not the first time that she did. She already called him while he was still in Anyang and told him exactly the same words.




Jong Kook smiled and didn’t reply to her; he kissed her instead.




“You are lucky, I find you handsome.” She admitted, while she placed her head on his chest. “No wonder, girls were screaming like crazy. I would’ve screamed ‘I love you’ as hard as they did.”




Seriously, Ji Hyo? Will there be a need to scream it out?

When you can just whisper those words… those ‘I love you’.




Jong Kook did not reply. He just smiled again, lifted Ji Hyo’s chin and kissed her again.





“But that was an alumni homecoming event. Were there beautiful girls? Your first love was there?”




Jong Kook let out a small laugh.

Mrs. Kim Jong Kook is jealous.




“Yah! Aren’t you rumored to be dating that lady from the drama ‘Goong’? Yoon Eun Hye-sshi?”




Jong kook smiled again. But this time he his lip.

So, the smiling was left to his eyes alone.




He didn’t reply audibly to her again; and just like how he replied to her previously, he kissed her once more. Jong Kook’s answer to each Ji Hyo’s statement or question was a kiss. It wasn’t a word or words, or gesture, but a sweet kiss.




Sweet, short kiss on the lips.




“You never answered anything.” Ji Hyo had to tell him. But she can’t complain.

If Kim Jong Kook kissed you, will you complain?




Hell no.

You would kiss him back.




“Would you prefer that I answer?” He flirtatiously smiled. It was her turn not to answer and her turn to kiss him. No wonder, Mr. and Mrs. Kim have been very good kissers. They have a lot of practice.




“Ji Hyo-yah.” He took her hand and interlocked it with his. Jong Kook was just looking at her intently. His eyes were telling her that she was his. And that he loves her and that he sees no one else except her.




“Stop staring at me as if I am the only girl in the world that exists.” Ji Hyo smiled.




“Then you’re asking me to stop breathing.” Jong Kook smiled back.




“That’s…” Ji Hyo didn’t know how to respond to that anymore.




Jong Kook had told her many times that he was really serious about her. So serious that he is going to tell the boss of his agency about them now and that he is pulling out that petition for divorce. He didn’t even ask Ji Hyo if she felt the same about that – about wanting to cancel their divorce. The first time he told Ji Hyo he didn’t want to go through that divorce, he was too definite about his decision, he failed to ask the other party, his wife, about her consensus.




But Ji Hyo didn’t stop him. Truth is, she felt the same. She was happy that he took initiative. Ji Hyo would tell Miss Boming too. She wasn’t scared oh how she would react. She and Jong Kook were both prepared to tell everyone about their relationship- that they are married, and that they are in love.




Married and in love.

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