Chapter 7

They Woke Up Married
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Grandma and Grandpa Lee’s Villa

Hannam-dong, Seoul




When Grandma and Grandpa Lee learned about the incident the other night (from a neighbour) they immediately called Ji Hyo to their house and asked her to explain what happened. They wanted to know exactly what she and Jong Kook fought about. The Lee’s were told Ji Hyo looked as if she cried the whole year; with her eyes so red and puffy.



Ji Hyo just finished having an early breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa Lee and they were sitting at the mini couches near the couples rectangular shaped swimming pool. No one uses the pool now; Grandma and Grandpa are too old to be doing freestyles and butterfly , but it was kept clean and well maintained.



Ji Hyo is staring at the pool for the longest time while Grandma Lee stared at her too. Pity swept over the old lady watching how Ji Hyo looked so lonely and broken all this time. She kept a jolly and brave front when she was with them. Ji Hyo pretended she was strong, but Grandma Lee have always noticed she had a hidden spot; something that she doesn’t want to show to Grandma and Grandpa.




Until she was forced to tell Grandma and Grandpa what she has been through all this time. And Ji Hyo told everything.



On how she and Jong Kook just woke up married one day and how she woke up with no one. Her family felt she was irresponsible enough to get married and regretted it later on; making up lame excuses like someone just asked for an autograph with marriage registration document which later on ended up being legally filed. Her friends and her ex-boyfriend thought she did have an affair with Jong Kook and the marriage was a thing they did out of impulse.




Jong Kook’s family, girlfriend, and friends hated her, and they made very sure that she is aware of it. There was never an instance that they didn’t let her feel that way whenever they have an opportunity to do so; if they don’t, they created one.




Grandma and Grandpa were astonished. They were even lost for words at the beginning. They too, wanted to blame Ji Hyo for not telling at the start. They thought Jong Kook and Ji Hyo were a happy couple. Heck, they look good together. No wonder, Jong Kook never dropped by their house to say hi.




“I am so tired Grandma.” Ji Hyo told her, “I am too tired to cry.”




“Oh, you poor little one.” It was Grandma Lee who wanted to cry. But it was Grandpa who shed tears.




“Damn those people.” Grandpa muttered under his breath.



“Sweetheart, listen to Grandma.” Grandma is talking seriously, and she is half-mad, half- angry. “That night, when he asked you to leave the villa is the last time you will cry.”




Ji Hyo had put down her tea. The soft-spoken, rich old Lady had transformed into a tigress. Grandma Lee continued, her voice the same, “Those people do not deserve your tears; heck, they don’t even deserve your attention. Goodness, they are lucky if you even look at them. Ji Hyo, from now on, let go of all the bad things in your life. If they are really your friends, they will understand you and come back to you. Family is always family, they probably feel bad because marriage has always been a sensitive matter. And for those people who mock you, and hate you… who are they by the way? They are unimportant people to you. Without them, life still goes on for you, why are you crying because of them, sweetheart? You are only making them happy by crying…” Grandma sincerely told her.




Ji Hyo nodded. Grandma was right. What was she thinking all this time?




“People only hurt you when you give them the right to hurt you. And your husband, didn’t you say he was just a stranger before all of this? Then still treat him like one.”



Grandma is right. Why not? Ji Hyo thought. Why not? He didn’t want to be friends, right? Jong Kook doesn’t want to be friends. And Hana will definitely disagree if she and Jong Kook will be talking, much more if they will be friends.





“Ignore that Jong Kook. Pretend he doesn’t exist.” Grandma said. “He is ignoring you anyway. And didn’t he refuse to help you when you asked him to? And I don’t think it would matter to him if you start ignoring him. On the contrary, I think you will be doing him a favor. You will be doing both of you a favor. Ignore him, sweetheart… Okay?”




“Okay, Grandma.” Ji Hyo smiled faintly.




“Not unless, you tell me your husband is a guy who sing and dance the black cat Nero.” Grandma grinned.




“Oh, Grandma!” Ji Hyo can’t help but smile.




“I think it will be difficult to ignore him if he is a handsome boy. I should tell you to just go ahead and have babies with him instead.” Grandma laughed. Oh, Grandma. Please, not including you. Ji Hyo closed her eyes and shake her head.




“I am just joking.” But Grandma took it back. “Whether he is a handsome boy or not, ignore him sweetheart. If you can, avoid talking to him. Not for anything, but it will save you some trouble.”




“Why don’t you just live with us here?” Grandpa asked before wiping his eyes and nose with tissue. It was Grandpa who can’t control his tears. “You mentioned someone checking if you live together, I doubt if they check on you everyday. And besides, if you get caught, we can always say you’re just sleeping over for the night and we invited you over. We are old already, we need company aside from our household help.”





Grandma added, “You keep your things there, and keep some here sweetheart. I am sure your husband will be happy, and her girlfriend will be happier.”




And Ji Hyo will be the happiest. Why didn’t she think about this?




“Oh my…” She covered her face with her hands. “Thank you so much…” She stood up to hug Grandma first then Grandpa next. She was ecstatic. Finally, her stormy days are over.




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