Chapter 4

They Woke Up Married
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Kim Jong Kook’s Villa

Hannam- Dong, Seoul



Jong Kook counted her suitcases.






She brought six suitcases with her. And that’s not all- there are boxes of her other things as well. Boxes of various sizes together with assorted paper bags. As if she will live in his house forever.




Oh wait, cross that word ‘forever’ first.




She will live in his house.




They had prior arrangements before she moved in. They set-up a joint bank account in which they would deposit fixed amount of money together which will be used to pay food and utilities. Ji Hyo wanted to pay extra, she said to consider it rent since she is not related to Jong Kook at all.




But her lawyer reminded her she is his wife and the Republic of South Korea recognizes that. Ji Hyo realized that she had no choice but to get used to it fast: that is, get used to being Mrs. Kim Jong Kook. She even applied to change her passport, driver’s license and other legal documents to reflect her new name:




Kim Soo Yeon (Kim Ji Hyo)




She also puts in a new name to that blank next to Person to Contact in Case of Emergency. It used to be Hyemin’s name now it reads Kim Jong Kook. And Jong Kook had to do the same, much to his disappointment.




Ji Hyo finally settled in his house. She couldn’t deny that his villa was one of a kind. It was even featured in the news before being one of the most expensive celebrity houses. It was elegant and she fell in love with it right away. It was with the owner (who decline to accept her offer of friendship) that she is having issues with. He didn’t even offer to help her with her things when she was moving in.




They mutually decided that she’ll just move in the house. Her house was smaller, and she lives in Mapo-gu- too many people and there is a risk that people might catch them living in one roof together. Jong Kook’s villa offers more privacy and the stubborn Jong Kook does not want to move out of his cave because his girlfriend, Hana lives nearby.




Ji Hyo took the larger guest room which in time turned into a pink and yellow girl’s room. The owner/ husband/ housemate didn’t have qualms about it since he was a fan of color pink himself. And besides he does not have any intention of going inside that room while she occupies it.




He promised himself that.

He promised her that.




One of the two promises he made to her. The other one being he won’t meddle in any of her affair and get in her way, ever. He told her that when they were still settling things and when he was still talking to her. He eventually stopped talking to her or at least tried his best not to do so. And Ji Hyo couldn’t figure out why. As if Jong Kook is blaming her for what happened to both of them. She couldn’t just understand why no matter how much she thinks about it.




The love of Jong Kook’s life, Park Hana didn’t like it lightly too. Who will if they were in her shoes, anyway? She got home so drunk and called up an ex-lover and things escalated from crying her heart out to later on.



But Hana regretted everything especially when she woke up to the crying Jong Kook witnessing a man right next to his ‘honey’.




That made them ‘quits’.

He was married to another woman.

He caught her in bed with another man.




The issue with Ji Hyo didn’t have much of an effect to their relationship. But there was animosity between the ladies. Hana lived near Jong Kook’s villa so most often than not, he would spend his night there. She couldn’t go to his place anymore because his wife lives there now. Although most of the time Ji Hyo stays locked up in her room, reading scripts for her drama. Hana feels uncomfortable towards Jong Kook’s home. It is totally different now, having Ji Hyo share a home with Jong Kook. And Hana admits she is jealous. Jong Kook assures her there should be no reason that she should feel that way. But Hana got lots of things to consider:




Ji Hyo is prettier.

She thinks Ji Hyo is ier and more attractive.

Ji Hyo got the spunk and personality.

Ji Hyo knows how to cook.

She’s got no one but Jong Kook…




They assume Ji Hyo would depend on Jong Kook. Word got to them that Ji Hyo almost got disowned by everyone she knew so they think she’s inclined to hang on to her husband dearest. But that was something Jong Kook assured Hana that it is never going to happen. If ever Ji hyo does that, he knew how to distance himself, he knows how to move away. He assures Hana that he will ignore Ji Hyo. So Jong Kook exactly does that. He ignores Ji Hyo.




When Ji Hyo talks to him, he either nods or shakes his head to say yes or no. If he needs something, his words are limited. In the end, Ji Hyo had no choice but to act the same way towards him. Forget that time she told him that she wanted to be friends with him. He was avoiding her and no matter how much effort she exerted to start a friendship with him, he was stiff as a rock.




Ji Hyo already gave up, she thought that if people don’t want to believe her, then she couldn’t do anything about it already. Until she helped one neighbour, a halmoni, Mrs. Lee, to get things inside her house. She lives three houses away from them. She became Ji Hyo’s grand mom, confidante and friend. She no longer have to eat alone and Mr. Lee, Mrs. Lee’s husband doted on Ji hyo like his own granddaughter too. All of their kids and grandchildren are in the States making them have more affinity with

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