Chapter 13

They Woke Up Married
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Hana’s House

Hannam-dong, Seoul

8 am



Hana has an unwanted visitor that morning. He used to be her most anticipated, wanted, cherished guest. But not today. Jong Kook removed his sunglasses. He shouldn’t have.




Because all Hana could see was anger and hate.

Nothing else.




There are disadvantages of having beautiful, expressive little eyes too. Like those of Kim Jong Kook’s. But he was controlling his emotions. She can see that too.




“What brings you here?” But she decided to be defensive. “Oh, let me guess, you’re here to blame everything on me, are you?”




She knew everything.

How Ji Hyo got sick.

How they lost their baby.




“You cheated on me, Oppa!” Hana went closer to him and looked straight into his eyes. “You and Song Ji Hyo cheated on me. You deserved what happened to you.”




Jong Kook didn’t flinch.

He just looked at her.




“C’mon, Kim Jong Kook, blame me now.” She dared him. “Blame me for losing your baby. Blame me that I left your wife alone in the rain that’s why she got sick and lost your baby. Blame me. Isn’t that’s the reason you came here?”



Jong Kook still didn’t change his expression.

Not one bit.




“Isn’t this why you came here?” Hana is becoming impatient. “To blame what had happened to you? Why aren’t you speaking?”




“I came to apologize.” He began. “For not telling the truth right away… I am sorry.”





The handsome muscled guy was saying ‘sorry’ to his ex-girlfriend. His gaze softened. The anger and hate in his eyes disappeared. And it was Hana’s turn to be speechless.





“Before Ji Hyo and I became more than friends…” Jong Kook was pretty much mincing his words, (It was weird when he became more than friends with Ji Hyo, since they started married actually), “I already broke up with you.”




His eyes were apologizing too.




“I am sorry…” He repeated. Then Hana slapped him. Hard.




“Bastard!” She snapped. “How could you do that to me?”





“I tried hard.” He confessed. “I didn’t talk to her, I avoided her. But I was still drawn to her…”




“You just pitied her, Oppa.” Hana changed her tone in a matter of minutes. “You just pitied her…”




“No, Hana.” Jong Kook shook his head. “There are two things that I wanted to tell you. First is that I am sorry… and the next is… I love her. I love Song Ji Hyo. I am in love with my wife.”





Do you really have to say it three times, Kim Jong Kook?

Then he earned another slap.

Harder than the first.




“I love her so much I want to say I’ll marry her, but we’re already married…” And he said it for the fourth time.




“ you!” Hana shot at him.




“If I didn’t love her that much, I wouldn’t get her pregnant.” Jong Kook told her straight.




“You were both stupid.” Hana retorted.




“We’re in love.” He replied and he almost smiled.




“Get out of my house!” She commanded him.




“GET OUT OF MY LIFE!” He told her. “I already get out of yours.”





That was ouch.

Serves her right.



Judge’s Office

Korean Family Court

Gangnam, Seoul




Jong Kook and Ji Hyo were both dressed formally that day when they were summoned again at the Judge’s office. They were told the Judge wanted to see them again. Apparently, the divorce that they were seeking out (and long been waiting for) will be granted earlier than they’ve been expecting.




That was the bad news: at least for Mr. and Mrs. Kim Jong Kook.




The two weren’t talking inside the car on the way to the Korean Family Court. They didn’t know what to say to each other. If their divorce is finalized, then there’s no need for them to live in one house anymore. They don’t even have a kid to raise together. Therefore, nothing to link the two of them. They have nothing in common soon.




And they’re back from where they’ve started: as strangers.




They walked in silence to their respective lawyers who were waiting inside the Judge’s room. Jong Kook’s lawyer is mad at him. Ji Hyo’s lawyer was mad at her.




The duo didn’t sign the additional papers that required their signatures. Now, they have to wait some more time for the divorce to be processed.




Ah, these kids.

Signing important papers when they shouldn’t.

Not signing important papers when they should.




“Do you guys want to separate or not?” Lawyer Park asked Ji Hyo irately. “Now we have to wait again. Now, you have to live with him longer.”




Jong Kook smiled.




“Sorry.” Ji Hyo bowed.




So, there’s no need for the judge to meet them apparently. They will be advised when they should see each other again. Bottom line, the Mr. and Mrs. should continue to co-habit under one roof again despite their protests (that is according to the knowledge of their lawyers). Both Jong Kook and Ji Hyo had to pretend they felt bad of what just had happened.




“What’s the ‘sorry’ for?” Jong Kook asked when he closed the door of his car.




“I just had to say it.” Ji Hyo fastened her seatbelt. “One of us should’ve---”




Jong Kook cut her talking by kissing her.




“What were you saying?” He asked smiling.




“I was saying…”



He kissed her again; longer this time.



“Let’s kiss first.” He told her. “No… Our lawyers haven’t left yet.” She told him.



“Oh.” He replied but he kissed her just the same.



“Yah, Kim Jong Kook!”



“Fine.” He pouted. “You were saying?”



“I was saying that maybe, one of us could’ve signed it…” Ji Hyo said.




Oh, so it was intentional? Oh dear.

Just tell your lawyers, you don’t want to divorce.



Jong Kook and Ji Hyo’s Villa

Hannam-dong, Seoul

7 pm



Ji Hyo woke up with Jong Kook nuzzling the back of her left ear while he tightly hugged her. She smiled while her eyes remained closed. This is what you call a “good morning”. She turned to face him and that ‘good morning’ became a ‘better morning’ when Jong Kook kissed her softly on the lips.






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