Chapter 6

They Woke Up Married
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Life goes on and after that Jeju incident, apart form being estranged, aloof and awkward towards each other, Jong Kook and Ji Hyo started to eye each other with disdain and hate. Ji Hyo felt Jong Kook could’ve understood her a bit since they were suffering in this ‘injustice’ together, but no, she is alone. All alone.



And that was not the last situation where she felt alone, and she felt like dying. If only her fans knew about this, they will definitely hunt down that muscled guy.



There was one instance, it happened after filming The Witch’s Diner, she’s on the way home and in the middle of the night, her car got a flat tire. She couldn’t reach her manager and obviously she couldn’t call any of her friends. The Lee’s were still not back. She had no choice. She called up Jong Kook to help her. But her husband told her he still need to ask his girlfriend if he can help her.



He never came.



Ji Hyo had to walk a long road to get help from other people. It was dark and it was cold. Not to mention it was scary.



She was alone. She cried. Again.



Another time there was a burglary near Jong Kook and Ji Hyo’s villa. The house where the robbers broke in was about six houses away from the Kims. It was one a.m. when the police and media arrived and residents went outside to see what the noise and commotion was all about.




Jong Kook who came late from filming ‘My Ugly Duckling’, went straight to Hana’s house instead of checking on Ji Hyo who was shaking out of fear. The Lee’s wanted to take her in but she said she couldn’t leave their house. She locked all their doors and windows and she couldn’t sleep. Bad boy Jong Kook listened to the news in Hana’s house (which is far away from the house robbed) and didn’t even bother to call on Ji Hyo who was alone in their house.



She was alone. She cried. Again.



And Ji Hyo once hurt her foot while filming the final episode of The Witch’s Diner. She was rushed to the hospital and was in crunches for few days. She can’t drive and she needed to go back to the hospital for her check-up. Because Hyemin’s parents were unwell, she can’t always ask her manager to do all things for her. She had to swallow her pride (she hated it though) and ask Jong Kook if he can possibly drive her to the doctor. He said he will ask Hana first.



Ji Hyo grimaced in pain while she got inside the taxi. Mr. Taxi Ajusshi will bring her to the hospital.



She was alone. She cried. Again.


Jong Kook and Ji Hyo’s Villa

Hannam-dong, Seoul

11 pm



“I always wanted to have a nice beach wedding with you, oppa. But that ruined it all.” Hana cried. “Tell her to leave, please honey, please.”




Hana was at it again. Out of nowhere, she blurted out unnecessary words to Jong Kook. They were hanging out at his living room; talking about the movie they just watched when she spoke those hurtful words. Even Jong Kook was surprised. And Hana was surprised that Jong Kook was surprised.




“Honey, what’s that face?” Hana put down her glass of beer and hugged Jong Kook and acted like a ‘baby’ and she is crying. ANNOYING at all counts.




“Hana, babe…” Jong Kook kissed her hair. They were hugging while sitting in the sofa in the living room. “Ji Hyo didn’t do anything…”




But Hana stood up and prepared to leave.







“Make her leave!” Hana turned to Jong Kook with a stern look, “Now.”



“Honey…” Jong Kook stood up too. He was confused and scared at the same time. “I can’t do that. She must stay here. The judge can’t grant us divorce if we don’t live together. And besides, it’s cold outside.”




Jong Kook, the bad guy, finally got some heart.




“So what?” Hana started crying again. “Don’t you think about me, oppa? What I feel? Every night I can’t sleep thinking what you think about Ji Hyo. You might think she’s beautiful. Who knows she might seduce you or something? And she is not an ugly lady. Tell me, are you attracted to her? Is the great Kim Jong Kook attracted to Song Ji Hyo?”




Jong Kook did not reply. Does it mean a ‘yes’?




“Yah, Kim Jong Kook!” Hana shouted and cried. “You ar

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