Chapter 26

They Woke Up Married
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“I chose to wake up married to you every single day of my life.” He choked. “If you choose otherwise, then I am back without a choice again.”



“We never had a choice before, Ji Hyo.” Jong Kook took her hand. “Now we’re given a chance to make one.”



Jong Kook told her that before she left. And Ji Hyo held on that. That kept playing on her head so many times. She wanted to forget he told her he was married. So, she kept repeating those words he told her.



But sadly, she said no and left for Los Angeles.



Everything just happened too fast. Now, she’s few days away from being Mrs. Lee Ji Hoon. And she is still a mess; not one bit excited and totally broken.



Until one night, she cried herself to sleep, Ji Hyo felt someone hold her in bed.



She knew that scent.

She knew that touch.

She knew that man.



Sometimes there is that Part Two of fairy tales isn’t it?



“Ji Hyo, of all the things you’ve been through I suppose you know that you need to use your head not your heart…” Grandma told her.



They are taking a walk at Hollywood Boulevard that lazy afternoon after having lunch in an Italian restaurant.



“Are you getting confused now that Jong Kook is in the picture again?”



Ji hyo shook her head.



“Great.” Grandma smiled.



“I am never confused, Grandma.” Ji Hyo smiled then showed her Grandma her ring.




Not her engagement ring.



“That is…” Grandma stammered. “A…a… w-w-we-d-wed-wedding ring, isn’t it?”



Ji Hyo nodded.



Oh dear.

Confession time.



“But it doesn’t look like your old one.” Grandma’s voice shook.




Goodness, Grandma noticed.

And Goodness, Grandma is still sharp.

Oh boy.



Ji Hyo, for the nth time, nodded.






“Jong Kook…” Ji Hyo bit her lip. “He registered our marriage in Seoul before he left…”



Let’s have trip back to memory lane, shall we? When Jong Kook proposed to her, he asked for her autograph didn’t he? They both signed it then they asked it to be coursed through the same people. However, they were unsuccessful because they thought someone’s just playing a prank on them. So, Jong Kook filed it himself this time around. He brought witness too.




To cut the long story short, they are married again. So yes, Kim Jong Kook got married. He was holding it from Ji Hyo because he was planning on something special and a little grander on telling her, but he didn’t realize he was hurting her that bad.




And Jong Kook must admit, he loved every second when Ji Hyo was asking him to run away together with her. Years later, he can always use it to blackmail her for anything. He can tell their kids about it when they grow up. But he also got scared that it seemed real that she said that she’s going to be happy with Ji Hoon, it sent shivers to his bones.




And that woman that he’s supposedly married? That was Tiny’s friend. JK’s best ‘hyung’ to the rescue of course. His friends are there to help him if such need arise.



Oh dear, he heard too many “ you’s”. But the good thing is, he was a good actor, so he held back. But he almost gave it away when Ji Hyo called herself a though.



Grandma began crying. They stopped walking because Grandma had to cover her face while she cried. The old lady had to cry loudly too.



“Oh, my poor Ji Hoon. My poor baby.” Sobbed Grandma Lee.



“I am not going to say sorry because I know it’s not going to be enough…” Then tears started to fall from her eyes. “I am happy Grandma. Jong kook and I, we’re really very happy.”



“I wanted to be happy for you, but I can’t.” Grandma was still crying. “I love you and I love that boy Kim Jong Kook. But my Ji Hoon will be broken… he is going to be broken into pieces. It is going to hurt him too, but I don’t think I can love you the way I loved you all these years, sweetheart. Take care, Ji Hyo. Be happy with Jong Kook. He is a good boy. I know that. Go now… This is the last time we talk to each other. Please go…”




“Grandma…” Ji Hyo tried to touch her Grandma, but Grandma removed her hand.




“You made your choice, I am making mine.” Grandma’s tears were still falling from her eyes. “It is all about family. You chose to create yours, I am protecting mine. Go, sweetheart. There’s nothing wrong with our choices. We’re both protecting the ones we love. Go… I’ll be fine.”



Ji Hyo was the one crying hard now. But she had no choice but to leave the old lady behind who was being approached by her chauffeur. Ji Hyo didn’t turn back and looked at Grandma anymore, even if she turned back, she wouldn’t be able to see her because tears filled her eyes.




She just lost them, and she knew it.



Jong Kook is waiting by the lobby of Ji Hyo’s hotel when she arrived.




All her sadness, disappointment and heartbreak disappeared the moment he held her tightly.




No words.

He just hugged her and kissed her hair several times.

It could probably be the tightest, longest and warmest hug she ever got her entire life.

And she got it from her ex and current husband.



They are married again.

So, it was, is, still Kim Soo Yeon.

Was, is, still Mrs. Kim Jong Kook.

Was, is, still Mrs. Capable.



“Ji Hyo-yah…” He moved in forward closer to her.



Ji Hyo dropped her handbag, even her mobile phone; it landed on the tiled floor.



“Jong Kook…” Ji Hyo but her lip, trying to control her tears again.



Jong Kook knew she cried. He couldn’t offer comforting words. What could he possibly tell her? After all, it seemed like she committed a crime, and he masterminded it. So, he can only hold her and do nothing else.



So, he did just that. He pulled her in for a tight embrace.



He couldn’t even say sorry, because he’s not.



You don’t marry the one you love, go extremes to do it and be sorry days after. NO WAY.




“Shhhh.” Jong Kook tried to hush her down. “It is okay, I don’t think they’re going to forgive us this soon anyway. Let’s give them time.”



Ji Hyo cried harder.



Letting go, my .

Every time he’d say he’d let her go he felt like choking.




Jong Kook never had plans of letting Ji Hyo go. And obviously he didn’t have the slightest plan of attending her wedding with Ji Hoon too because he knew there will never be such a wedding. Though, he never thought of such grandiose plan of whisking her away, he was one step ahead.


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