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The ceremony had not yet started but he was already drunk. To be quite honest, he had already had a drink or two before coming down 50 miles to attend a ceremony just because he knew she will be there. But in his defence, without the alcohol messing with his mind he wouldn’t be able to come down here, least have a seat at the back wearing a suit.

He was not invited, not in the least knowing how much the family hates him. Everyone who knew him has been sending him disgusted looks but he was not going to back out simply because they did not like him here. She was the sole reason he had come down here and without seeing her, he was not leaving.

Besides, they hated him enough not to talk to him, even to tell him to leave so for now he will be sitting here with his glass of wine. And also, he was too drunk to care.

The oblivious groom was standing there with a nervous grin stuck in his face. He couldn’t care about who was getting married though. The only thing that mattered was her. But where on earth was she? She was supposed to be around. He had already checked everywhere, even the girl’s bathroom eliciting a few screams from the women in there but he couldn’t care less.

It has been exactly eight months since she left him and since he last saw her. His heart did a rip again as his thoughts landed on her. He missed her so much, just so, so much.

He thought about the time they first met. It was in college. She had struck him blind from the first look. There was something about her that drew him to her. He still remembers what she had worn that day… that first day when he had seen her in the orientation. He had a girlfriend back then and his girlfriend was obviously prettier than her, had better body than hers but every time he goes to his bed, she was the one lingering in his mind.

For two years he watched from afar, not daring to go near her for she was different. She was on a different plane

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I kept thinking of Kai yesterday and today and so I had to come here to go through this heartbreak again. I miss him so much T.T.


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Chapter 24: So hear I am at 5am- awake before my alarm finishing up a story of love that was basically always one-sided. And crying over it. Im glad you wrote it like this. They both finally grew into their true feelings and destiny.
Chapter 22: Now I’ve done a whole 180 in my feelings for him.
Chapter 21: It’s always at a certain point when God opens your eyes to your own issues, doesn’t He?
Chapter 20: I’m not sure how to feel about him now. Certainly I feel sorry for him but there have been some really good relationship lessons here so far that they both needed to learn.
Chapter 14: Well spit…. Now I’m feeling sorry for him - and I don’t wanna
Chapter 13: I’m so proud of her- she needed this. Maybe not in this manner but this independence
Chapter 12: I mean…. His boss does have a point. We both have a little smirk at the “that’s what you get” of him being left behind
Chapter 9: He should just have trusted his instincts
Chapter 7: The fact that there are people who have done this irl ….smh
Chapter 4: Her utter horror at finding herself as not the self she knows and remembers. I felt that