Not A Simple Marriage

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You and Yoongi met at the first fanmeet overseas and at an after party but ended up getting married to each other. You helped him when he needed it because you loved him, but does he?


I sat across from him in the meeting room with my hands wrapped around the coffee cup that was handed to me by Namjoon before they left us alone. I was nervous seeing him sit across from me, moreso because he was just staring at me with his unpredicted glares. I couldn't keep eye contact with him and kept looking at my coffee. 

"So...what did you want to talk about?" I gathered the courage to ask him first since he wasn't speaking or more like he was trying to find the words to say to me. 

"Let's get married." He replied in a serious tone of voice. 

"W--what??" I almost knocked over my cup of coffee but managed to catch it before it tipped over. 

"I said..let's get married." He repeated.

"Is this how you're going to propose to a girl?" I asked thinking he was joking. 

"I'm being serious. I want to marry you...I mean we need to get married." I searched his eyes for answers but couldn't pick out anything. 

"Need to? You just met me." I asked as my heart was beating as if I had ran a marathon. 

"Don't ask me why," He responded. 

I smiled and nodded; the guy who I have admired for a long time and saved up some money by working overtime to meet is now sitting in front of me asking me to marry him. Did I save a country in my past life? 

I walked out of the meeting room with Yoongi following behind and the members were all sitting and waiting for us to finish talking. 

"How'd it go hyung?" Hoseok asked. 

Yoongi nodded, "It's settled."

The members breathed out a sigh and smiled, "So when should we do this wedding?" Namjoon asked.

"The quicker the better." Yoongi said. "How about at the end of the month?"

I turned around, "That fast?!" 

"Get it done and over with." He said. I was a bit sad when he said that, but I thought he rushed it because their schedules were getting busier. Who knew...this marriage wasn't going to be simple at all.


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Chapter 17: 🥰
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Chapter 19: Really loved your story.
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Chapter 20: Please add a link to the continued story
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Chapter 19: Omg it’s the end damn I just read this all in a few hours. That ending though does it mean a sequel but with hobi storyline cause if so I’m excited.