Up to the Stars

Everything They Thought


“Have you always been a workaholic?”








“Do you like going to carnivals?”








“Have you ever been to a musical?”








“Do you always answer with just one word?”




“Miss Ki—“




“Taeyeon. Please, just Taeyeon”




Taeyeon brought them to a restaurant where Tiffany knows the manager, it was usually crowded but Taeyeon seemed to also know him so they were able to find good seats. Tiffany made sure to ask Taeyeon about it some other time. Plus about her Mercedes AMG GT 2019, she doesn't know much about cars but she have read about this one from a magazine and it's one of the new sought sports cars. 




Taeyeon was the talkative one, asking Tiffany a bunch of questions while the latter answers with a monotonous tone and single words. The younger girl however doesn’t mind this side of her ‘boss’.




She was determined to know more about the most talked businesswoman. Truth is that when she first saw her back in London and offered to buy her a drink she thought that Tiffany was going to be one of the girls she can easily take home. To her surprise, the opposite happened and Taeyeon found a huge admiration for the other girl and developed a big fat crush after knowing Tiffany is going to be her superior during her internship. It wasn’t the beautiful face that she found but Tiffany’s character, leadership and how smart she is that made Taeyeon run after the youngest CEO.




“Taeyeon, alright. Do you have the habit of buying strangers drinks?” Tiffany asks.




“You can say that, but I only have eyes for pretty girls.” 




Tiffany shakes her head, “Then you should’ve bought one for my friend too.”




Taeyeon takes a sip on her wine and puts it down, “I saw you first, after that I can’t look at anyone again without comparing them to you.”




“Does that line ever work on others?” 




Taeyeon shrugs. They both laugh.




“Tiffany, I’m sorry for the wrong report”




“You revised it, it’s all done.”




“Yes, but I kinda did it on purpose?,” Taeyeon scratches her head “I really wanted to ask you out after work and I think it isn’t really good with everyone still around.”




“You know, wasting three hours like that is truly unprofessional. Seems like you don’t have problems with it but for me, time is more valuable than actual money.”




“Not really. But I’m sorry.” the younger one smiles.




Tiffany studies the person infront of her. Taeyeon was a bit talkative, she gives off a strong aura but she can also read that Taeyeon was a bit reserved and personal by admitting her little stunt back in the office and saying sorry. This was also the first time she saw Taeyeon’s tattoos on her hands, she hasn’t actually seen it when the girl submits her reports. 




Dinner went by smoothly without Tiffany snapping at the other girl for the rest of the night. She was now entering her address at Taeyeon’s GPS and when she’s done the other girl moves to her side and grabs the seatbelt to put on her but Tiffany stops her, “What are you doing?”




“Seatbelt? Safety purposes?”




“Excuse me, but I can do it myself.”




Taeyeon laughs and drives, “Suit yourself boss.”




The car ride was quiet and when they arrived at the building complex, Taeyeon opens the car door for Tiffany and walks her to the elevator.




“Fancy place, huh?” 




“Not much actually.”




“Thanks for tonight, I didn’t really expect you would agree but here we are.” 




“Lucky you, I was hungry.” Tiffany smiles.




Taeyeon puts her hands on her pockets and starts walking backward. “I’ll see you tomorrow then, have a good rest Tiffany. Goodnight! Dream about me!”




“In your dreams Kim Taeyeon!”




The latter laughs and waves leaving Tiffany smiling to herself. Both were lost on how the night went but happy at the same time finding comfort on a stranger’s company.




Weeks, turned to days. Next thing they knew it was Taeyeon’s last day and her coworkers organized a lunch party because the she will be flying back to Cambridge tonight. They were at a nearby restobar and their supervisor had graciously given them a half day for Taeyeon’s send off party. Of course, Tiffany wasn’t there for she was at a meeting. The relationship between the two seem to get better and that Tiffany no longer snaps at Taeyeon. Other employees noticed the different vibe of their boss but thought that it was due to the company’s stable but rising assets in the industry. After that dinner, Taeyeon always made an effort of buying Tiffany coffee and breakfast by arriving at work extra early beating Wendy, Tiffany’s assistant, and leaving it inside her office. She would also sneak in notes reminding Tiffany to eat or take a break. 




This actions made Tiffany’s days a bit brighter and without knowing it, everytime she goes to work, she was already looking forward on what Taeyeon would bring her the next day and what the other girl is up to. Though she still has that wall up between them, afraid that she might just hurt herself again and lose so much, she still treats Taeyeon way nicer than before.




“So you’re graduating next month?” Jae asks.




“Yes finally and I’m so glad I met you guys!” 




Sook pats her back, “No need to be modest. Heard that you’re graduating with Latin Honors huh?”




Taeyeon gives a shy smile, “Nah, that’s not really important news.”




“Are you serious? I wish I was even half as smart as you! A quarter would also be fine!” Minho, her ‘deskmate’ as he tells Taeyeon, shouts at them.




They all laugh and share their stories and how they’ll miss having her around when suddenly a figure greets them with her signature Hermés Birkin bag and designer clothes that made the bunch quiet.




“Good afternoon Miss Hwang. Please join us.” Sook offers their boss a chair and a table on the side.




Tiffany removes her sunnies and stops her, “No need, I’ll only be here for a while. Please continue.”




She proceeds to the counter but before that she calls on Taeyeon, “Miss Kim, may I have a word with you?”




Taeyeon stands, “Yes, Miss Hwang.”




The bartender gives them drinks and they found themselves drowning on to the noise and the bitter taste of vodka.












They both smile.




“You’re leaving tonight?”




“Ah yes, I need to be there early for tomorrow due to exams.”




“Finished reviewing?”




“I can manage.”





“I see. Latin honors, hm?”




Taeyeon laughs, “Yeah, aren’t you one too before?”




Tiffany looks at her with a teasing smile, “Stalking my Wikipedia page now, aren’t you?”




“It isn’t a big deal actually. I wish schools would give awards to everyone. I mean didn’t we all fight for our way up? Everyone isn’t blessed with high intellect but courage and perseverance? I like to believe everyone has that.”




Tiffany takes a drink. “But that’s how the systems work. It’s never fair. Like how stocks get manipulated and some corrupt businesses pick on small ones. The world is big but not big enough to escape mishaps on our paths. Choose wisely Taeyeon.”




The latter nods. “Can I work here after graduation?”




“Companies would chase after you. You can choose after that.”




“Won’t you chase for me?” Taeyeon grins.




Tiffany knows that face. “Only if you want to be chased.” She grins back. “But no, I don’t want to influence your decision.”




They were always caught in these moments, talking and subtle flirting. Though Taeyeon never made it clear to Tiffany that she really wants to date her. It was this stolen moments that they craved for secretly. And now that Taeyeon was leaving, Tiffany doesn’t know where it leaves them, she always had the power to control things but this one is something that may just slip off her hands.




“I’ll reach out. Then we can catch up or something.” Taeyeon tells her after a brief silence. She knows this lingering feeling too. All too familiar. But this time, she ought to make it different. “I promise.”




“You don’t have to promise anything Taeyeon.”




“But I want to. Keep in touch, don’t shut me out again.” 




They both succumbed to the laughter and music behind them. This can be the last day they can see each other. They both don’t know. Just the stars, the universe even. Will they even be more that what they are right now despite the fact of the huge walls they built around them. Mornings won’t ever be the same at the office, Tiffany hates it and Taeyeon’s days might just be blurry as ever again. 




Will they even realize that they are each other’s sunshine when distance comes in between them?



AN: Thank youuuuu for reading and commenting!!!! I have my midterm exams tomorrow but I had to write this up while ideas are fresh. Wish me luck to pass all my exams! Keep safe everyone! And hello plus massive thanks to the new subscribers.  <3



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