On Hopes and Twists

Everything They Thought


“Stop killing my character you flagpole!” 




“Then stop being a noob, blackhole!”








“I swear to – you cheater!”




“Ha! Loser Kwon.”




Yuri throws a pillow at Sooyoung and the latter just laughs. They were all in Taeyeon’s apartment hanging out after finalizing the papers needed for their graduation. Yuri, Taeyeon, Sooyoung and Hyoyeon we’re all part of the graduating batch that year except for Yoona and Seohyun who are their junior by one year. It was Taeyeon and Yuri who both took business while Hyoyeon and Sooyoung are enrolled in pre law and pre medical courses.




“Taeng, what time did Hyoyeon said she’s done?”




Taeyeon looks up from her laptop, “Around five? Oh, it’s five thirty now, where’d she go anyway?”




“Submitted a report, slept on the deadline that’s why. To think that she’s going to be a lawyer?” Sooyoung says after grabbing a drink from their junkfood pile at the center of the living room. 




“What about you, years from now I can see you giving me a fake diagnosis just so you can steal money from us!” Yuri laughs.




“Who you callin’ a fraud, huh? I can already see you snatch millions of dollars from a company” Sooyoung teases her back.




Taeyeon throws a paper at Sooyoung, “Soo, she’d be stealing businessmen’s wives.”




“Like you’re any better Taeng! I bet you had a girl back in New York and left her with a broken heart.”




The blonde just shrugs and indeed remembers a certain girl with long black locks whom she adores so much. She checks her phone from time to time but there isn’t a single notification and yet she was so shy to be the one to reach out first. Some days she’d compose a message but then deletes it afterward. It has been three weeks. Three agonizing weeks. Taeyeon tried to forget, she knew that such woman can never be hers given some circumstances. Especially with the incoming responsibilities she has to take once she grabs her diploma. She can’t promise anything to the young CEO when her own life is still a current mess.




She sighs and stands up to light a cigarette. Faith can indeed be cruel.




It was one of the grandest day the university has known, serving excellence for how many years and parents can be proud with their children for achieving another milestone on their lives. The real life indeed starts after graduation and Taeyeon found herself standing infront of hundreds of people after being awarded with the highest honors. Cheers and applause were heard everywhere, her friends were there with her as well as her family. Taeyeon acknowledges them of course, on her speech, it would be rude not to despite the fact that she had a troubled relationship with them. Though they treat her very well, it was just that Taeyeon wished she had more liberty on making decisions. Hence the rebellious life she had, when her parents found out about it they were mad furious. But with their names at stake, they had to forgive her as long as she, continues their so called ‘legacy’.




“Congratulations dear!” Her father hugs her.




“You made us the proudest parents here. We love you so much Taeyeon!” Her mother hugs her and kisses her cheek.




Taeyeon smiles at them, “Thanks dad, mom.”




A teenage girl runs toward them, “Unnie! Congratulations, treat me some ice cream!” 




They all laugh at the youngest, “Hayeon ah, I graduated and all you want is ice cream?”




“Unnieeee .. “




Yuri, Sooyoung and Hyoyeon approach them along with Seohyun and Yoona. They greet each other and Taeyeon’s parent’s congratulate them as well. 




“Unnie, why don’t we take a picture first together before you go?” Yoona suggests.




“Yoona unnie’s right, let me take your picture.” Hayeon tells them.




The group gathers together and the memories of that day are sealed on the pictures they’ve got.




Taeyeon was glad she had them with her throughout college, they all helped her on her lowest days. Sooyoung, Yuri and Hyoyeon made her feel family while Seohyun and Yoona reminded her of Hayeon. It was beyond happiness that they gave and she will always be thankful for their group.




“Sweetie, how about this?” the stylist presents her with the 10th dress that day. 




“Do you have that in pink? If not, then no.”




The man quickly nods, “Yes, of course. So will you be taking this?” 




He was very eager to make Tiffany agree because the woman was very picky and they've been here for three hours.




She doesn’t look up from her phone, “Yes.” 




“We will wrap this up for you Ms Hwang and have it delivered to you tomorrow to adjust it on your size.”




With that, she leaves the shop and proceeds to the café where she will be meeting a potential investor.




Tiffany has seen the news. No, she actually searched for Harvard’s page and see the news about the graduation ceremony. She saw Taeyeon on her black robes, her empowering speech where Tiffany thought Taeyeon talked very smart and appealing and of course, her accepting the highest honors award. Tiffany was proud of her. And now it has been five months since the graduation, and she still hasn’t heard from her.




She wasn’t expecting of course, what they had was not even close to dating. They flirted, subtle. But that was it. Tiffany wasn’t even sure how Taeyeon made her respond to her advancements in the first place. When the girl left the company, she had to admit to herself that she indeed have a crush on the former company apprentice. Realizing this, she refrained herself from contacting her. Too afraid for the things that may develop. Tiffany was a little disappointed that Taeyeon never made any effort to reach out but who was she to demand? 




On her mind was that she had to guard herself from catching more feelings or history may just repeat itself. 




Her driver calls her out saying they have arrived and she thanks him before going inside the café.




“I am very much interested on expanding production here in US with your company Ms Hwang.” the man introduced himself as Kwon Hanje earlier, a development manager of a smartphone and smart gadgets company in Korea.




“Likewise, and how do you propose this?”




“The company is expanding and then we want to globalize the new brand. With your help, we wish to build an office and a shop in one of your malls here in New York since its at the commercial center.”



“I have seen the papers and I am pleased with your offer, my team has studied it and I think this deal can work. But your company is a subsidiary of what company if I may ask again?”




“GK Incorporated ma’am” 




The name was quite familiar for Tiffany but she shrugs the thought off.




“Alright Mr Kwon, I will be sending you the paper works you need then we can sign soon?” Tiffany smiles.



“Ah yes Ms Hwang, we are very glad for this. Since we will be signing in Seoul in the next two months, we love to invite you for a company tour to show you how intricate the process is when it comes to making our products.”




“Then I’m honored to visit,” she laughs. “I’ll see you there.”




Tiffany swore she will come back to Seoul. The moment she tasted the good old Korean food, she knew she would come back to the city soon. The tour was delayed yesterday much to her annoyance due to an abrupt ceremony Mr Kwon’s management had to deal with. Good thing her mood wasn’t completely ruined thanks to the country she missed so much. It was good to be back at her roots. 




“And that’s the last of it!” Mr Kwon smiles.




Tiffany thanks him, “Thank you Mr Kwon for personally assisting me today and my team. I am very impressed with how you work here. Seems like I made a right choice.”




“Yes Ms Hwang! Of course. Now, now, let me show you our main hall so we can give you our personal gifts.” 




“Oh, you don’t have to!”




“Please we insist.”




“Alright, alright. Thank you.” 




They were led to a hall that is very fancy and Tiffany had to admire it, this is one of the fanciest office she’d been. Of course hers was too, but this one is also one of a kind. She was busy reading a magazine when she heard rushed steps of some employees, some are quickly fixing their selves, others are tidying up desks, she can see these through the glass panels. Tiffany chuckles, it must be Mr Kwon coming back. She remembers her own office due to this.




But no Mr Kwon has greeted her this time.




It was a voice all too familiar.



A scent too familiar.




Honey dripping voice.



An ocean scent making her head swirl.




Turning around to see who was it was almost a dream.




Flashing her dimple and grinning at her right now was no other than the person that she secretly missed.




“Hello, Tiffany Hwang. What brings you here in our office?” 




Tiffany had to do everything in her power to not strangle Taeyeon at that moment for being a cocky bachelorette with her hands on her pocket grinning at her or by just being the most attractive person she has met. 




AN: Thank u so much to all of your encouragements! Exams are done and I have to finish some reports but here is an update!

Btw, some of you might get confused with the angst tag. Actually me too! Lol. I am still undecided on how I am gonna go with this story because I originally planned it to be angsty but ideas are just really coming everywhere so idk but I honestly love the flow right now, so I don’t think there’ll be any angst moment (for now hehe). Love y’all please comment, I love reading them and thank u for subscribing!!! 


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