A Hint of Each Other's Secrets

Everything They Thought


Back on their usual hangout place or what some people call ‘man cave’; three young, highly accomplished ladies were playing pool and just chilling at the Choi’s Villa on Gangnam. It took quite a while before the group got together again.




Although Hyoyeon was unable to join them; it was still great that at least three of them were present that night.




“I don’t want to play anymore, Taeyeon just keeps beating me.” Sooyoung huffs. Taeyeon just shakes her head.




“Damn, I’m so sorry Dr. Choi.” Yuri grabs a drink and seats near the fireplace.




“You guys are boring. If Hyo was here she’d smack you both in the head with a wine bottle.”




“Too bad she has that case to handle.” Taeyeon says. Sooyoung hums in response.




“By the way Taeng, is uncle still giving you a hard time?”




She was referring to Taeyeon’s father. The man has stepped down giving Taeyeon full responsibility on the family’s business but he still meddled a lot. Ordering Taeyeon what to do or planning on company decisions that need to be implemented. They knew how he would push their friend to do things. They rarely talked about it but the tension between Taeyeon and her father never left since she was little. The man was nice though when it comes to other matters, he was like the cool uncle on a family gathering but he was that strict and manipulative chaebol dad everyone wished they never had.




Yuri nods. “Any updates on the acquisition?”




Taeyeon sighs. “Exhausting. We are reviewing a lot of potential contracts especially in the US. Dollar exchange have hit rock bottom and so a lot of contractors are vulnerable today. I still haven’t decided though which one we’ll be signing with.”




“Dad told me about this. There aren’t many producers of electronics in US right now and it’s a really great opportunity to have a base in there. It’s just that you need to have an established company working there to be able to open a potential market meaning you have to merge with or buy all of the stocks of the said company.” Yuri continues, ”He’s making me work even on breaks.”




Yuri’s father is an investor and a known economist working for the Kim’s. Hanje Kwon is her uncle which is the manager of GK’s production sector. Yuri knows the upcoming plans on the company and she worries that the pressure and stress can strongly affect their friend.




“It’s a tough decision Yuri, the panel has to review it but the final decision is mine. I still need to clean up on what’s left of dad’s men on some clubs in LA and Jeju.” Taeyeon sighs remembering how difficult that work is now that security on those city is very strict. Sooyoung finishes her drink.




“I kinda feel sorry for both of you right now. Mostly to you Taeng,” she looks at Taeyeon. “But I know you’re smart. Like , you’re smarter than your Dad. So you gotta let him see that you’re the boss now. Not him. We’re always here with you, remember that.”




“Sooyoung’s right. And besides, you have someone with you now. Who knew you’d settle for one girl today after all those years of countless flings and sleeping around.”




The three of them laughed at Yuri’s remark.




Taeyeon remembers her hardworking girlfriend.




She stayed for two months in New York before flying back to Seoul. Most of her time was spent with Tiffany but she managed to finish her work since she was never new to multi – tasking. Work was stressful especially when her father introduced her to the new plan and vision of their company.




Taeyeon didn’t like it at first but she came to realize that this is how capitalism works. But she has her own set of rules, one that is slightly on the better side and quite more legal than her father’s. And she will follow that rule.




Even though business is nowhere fair.




But she was glad for being with Tiffany.




It was surprising that they did not fight for those two months. They went out to see movies and Tiffany showed her around the city like how Taeyeon treated her in Seoul. It was all too perfect for the both of them and they just couldn’t ask for more. Each other’s company completed what was missing on each other’s life. She is glad that her girlfriend is understanding. To her, Tiffany is the smartest person she met.




She’s everything Taeyeon thought was not possible to be in one girl. Tiffany is smart, beautiful, disciplined and a good leader. She knows what she wants and she’s able to achieve it with her charismatic traits.




Taeyeon was also aware that a lot of people feared Tiffany due to her perfectionism when it comes to work. She’s known to be quite an iron lady because of this. But she still adored her with all her heart. The girl made Taeyeon’s days brighter and she had something to look forward to from now on. This was something she intends to keep for a long, long time. She’s committing herself to her and she’s going to make Tiffany the happiest girl on this planet.




She told her friends about them. Everything.




And they were surprised she was dating a fellow CEO who was three years older than her. They weren’t mocking the age difference though, what’s three years anyway? It’s just that when two powerful company directors dated, the chances of actually getting married were slim because of conflicts in interest. But who gives a on those previous failed examples? Taeyeon was determined to make hers and Tiffany’s bond stronger and long – lasting.




She loves the girl so much. Taeyeon’s willing to risk everything. Both of them running a company wouldn’t be a hindrance on their relationship she tells herself. She found her happiness and she will not easily give it away.




“I never expected it to be honest. She just came out of nowhere and the rest was just a miracle.” She tells them.




Yuri pats her back. “Good for you my friend. Just don’t let that thing you’ve been telling us about affect you.”




“I won’t. Thanks Yul.” She bumps fist with Sooyoung. “And to you Soo.”




Sooyoung smiles. “Nah, you have the whole gang. We’ll back you up.”




And so Taeyeon relaxes with her heart on Tiffany’s hoping that internal conflicts won’t arise too soon.




Her clicking heels made everyone return back to work after a short break since the team counseling. She was on her way down to her car when a rushing employee called her because of a mail named after her. After reading the said letter, Tiffany’s day just turned sour.




What an early holiday gift.




The letter contained a dozen amount of pleas, trying to reach out to her while saying how sorry they were. Good thing she was meeting a close friend today to make her day better since she won’t be able to spend the holidays with Taeyeon.




Cruising her way to a private resort she finds a secluded area to have brunch while waiting for the other person. She decides to check on Taeyeon for the mean time and calls her.




“Hey, where are you?”




“Just meeting a friend today. Still at work?”




“Yeah, still have an hour left. Want to enlighten me who this friend is?”




Tiffany smiles to herself.




After spending a lot of time together, she have found out that the blonde was quite possessive. Remembering one incident where Taeyeon had to politely tell a waiter to stop bothering them while eating. It was because he kept coming back to their table asking this and that or if they ever need anything when Taeyeon already told him they’ll be the one to call if there was any. It was when the waiter asked for a photo with Tiffany when Taeyeon had to tell the waiter to back off a bit because he was starting to get annoying.




“Just an old friend back in college and it’s a woman.”




“Oh, I see.”




“So, we won’t be able to spend the holidays together, huh?”




“I’m sorry babe. You know how work is, I got really unlucky on working at a holiday.”




Tiffany sighs, “I understand babe. Don’t worry, okay? I’m not mad at all.”




“I’m really, really sorry. I’ll make up to you, I promise.”




Taeyeon always fulfilled her promises so Tiffany knows that the girl was sincere. One of the many loveable traits of Taeyeon.




“I know you will babe. Listen, I’ll call you back later my friend is already here.”




“Sure, enjoy your day babe.”




“You too, I love you.”




“Love you too babe.”




She hangs up and puts her phone back into her bag while the woman who was now sitting across her giggles.




“Everything seems well with you, Fany.” She smiles.




“I guess so. Another right thing just came in my life.” “That’s why I’m happy for you.”




“Thanks but we’re not here about that Sunny.”




“Now, you don’t have to use that tone on me Fany. Why don’t you tell me what’s bothering you?”




“The usual work stuff. Why don’t we order first?” Tiffany grabs the menu and avoids eye contact with Sunny. Busying herself with other things to avoid more questioning from her friend.




Sunny Lee is her best friend. They went to college together with Sunny majoring in Psychology while Tiffany in business although they both met when they were still kids. She’s her personal psychologist and Tiffany sometimes hates it that her best friend is always right about her problems. They both know each other’s deepest secrets.




Everything about Tiffany’s past? Sunny knows.




And so this little meeting they were going to have was another counseling session slash catching up.




Sunny takes her phone out and catches Tiffany glancing at the small family outside especially at the toddler playing with her mom. Sunny bets the little girl is about three or four years old. She just shakes her head knowing that this is going to be another episode where Tiffany becomes stubborn on acknowledging her own problems.




“Just so you know, if you keep going back at it you’re never going to move forward Fany. It’s all in the past. She’s gone, okay? But we’re all here so remember that.”



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