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Everything They Thought



It was all too fast for her that she didn’t notice what she was saying that moment. 




Didn’t hear the noise around them; the traffic below them, nor the loud music the DJ was playing. Beyond all those noises, she only heard her own heart beating so fast and it felt like exploding in to a thousand pieces.




Was it for a good reason?




A leap of faith?




Or was it a new mistake born?




But one thing is for sure and that is she valued the person who held her hand. The person who lied about her real self was the same person she kept on running back to after all these months. It was the person who made her feel she wasn’t alone this time, made her feel very important and that every moment they share mattered.




She is scared. Hell yes.




Looking back on her past, it wasn’t exactly that pleasant. And now that she’s opening a new chapter on her life with a fifty – fifty possibility of success or repeating the same failed history she got, this was a gamble she was willing to take.




But boy was Taeyeon like a ray of sunshine that Tiffany needed on her gloomy life. 




She had told herself countless of times how Taeyeon made her feel but every day felt different for her. It was the small gestures that made Taeyeon special. How she treated Tiffany with respect despite how annoying she becomes sometimes especially on the first time they met. How Taeyeon would frequently run her fingers through her hair to fix it or stare at her like she was the only girl in this world. It was how Taeyeon would send messages reminding her to eat or take breaks, how she would open the car door for her or buy her favourite drink at Starbucks. It was in Seoul where she saw the utmost sincerity on the girl’s actions. 




Taeyeon never forced her on anything, never invaded her personal space nor asked too much questions about her private life. She didn’t even remember she ran a whole company when they were touring the city, she just felt like herself. 




She just felt like Tiffany.




Hearing last night’s confession made her feel thousands of feelings at the same time. She didn’t know where she got the courage to speak up and tell the other girl to not be scared and that she had her. She felt like crying that minute, both of them looked so scared and vulnerable but seeing Taeyeon’s teary eyes made her think that this may not be that bad. 




That maybe things could work out and this time it could be a different ending for her.




And so she hugged Taeyeon that night, so tight, she was so scared that she might lose her anytime.




Relief washed over her when the other girl returned the hug with so much passion. 




Endlessly thanking Tiffany for giving her a chance and that she would not waste it. Continuing that she changed her life the moment they met.




Tiffany was glad for this. Thankful, even.




That finally their stars had somehow aligned.




She was back at the office reviewing the new crisis that have hit the US market when a knock interrupts her reading.




“Come in”




“Miss Hwang, Mr Park is here to see you.” Wendy tells her.




“Oh, sure. Let him in.”




Tiffany proceeds on the couch and waits for the man to come in and sit himself.




“Tiffany, dear. How are you?” Mr. Park greets her.




“I’m good samchon. How was Tokyo, did you get enough rest last night?” 




“Tokyo’s good. Met with a couple of investors there and I’m glad some are interested on having a meeting with your team.”




Tiffany pats him, “Samchon, I told you. You shouldn’t stress yourself with our work, right? I told you to just enjoy there and meet with your old friends, not to talk about investing.”




The man shakes his head. “It’s fine darling. It is essential anyway to talk about it since there has been a rumor that one company is silently, but not secretly, taking over a lot of small time businesses. I am merely looking out for you.”




“Thank you Samchon. I know you already retired but you still help every now and then. The company is doing well right now and we’re not even experiencing the so called crisis today. No one has sold their stocks yet so I’m confident that a certain company, which you are referring to, can take us down. They haven’t seen me yet, so ..” 




Mr. Park laughs, “Now that’s the confidence I am proud of! Just be careful. The people I’ve talked to have no idea which company does this dirty work but anyways, this could just be a tale to scare future investors.”




“Yes, Samchon. I’ll take note on that.”




“By the way, is there something you want to tell me?”




Tiffany sits back. She knew what he was talking about. That man has eyes everywhere and she’ll be damned if he didn’t know that she and Taeyeon went out frequently. He knows her close friends, she introduced them to him and Taeyeon was not one of them. 




Now how can she say she was seeing someone now? On top of that, a CEO from the number one company in Asia? 




Yes. Freakin’ number one.




Tiffany had done her research alright and what she found out was more than what she looked for. 




Taeyeon came from a mothering rich family in Asia. The richest to be exact. And the girl was the heir to all of it, following her father’s footsteps as a CEO. GK Incorporated or Great Kim is the leading company that houses the top electronics and mega malls in the continent as well as a pioneer in medical facilities and machine/equipment manufacturing. Tiffany never cared about net worths but looking at Jinho Kim’s, Taeyeon’s father, to be almost the same value as hers made Tiffany realize that Taeyeon wasn’t really that much different from her in terms of having a luxurious life. No wonder Taeyeon drove such expensive cars when she was still an apprentice at her company.




But Tiffany never cared about that, money can be earned. But what Taeyeon gave her was trust and a chance for a new life. She didn’t care who was more wealthy between them, she didn’t bother looking. Because what’s the point? Is she going to let such petty reason to ruin her relationship with Taeyeon? She’s smart and she knows she’ll handle things between them well.




“So?” Mr. Park asks again after a minute of silence between them.




Tiffany looks at him. “Well, there’s this person. We’ve been hanging out a lot and I think we’re really going great.”




“I see. You’re dating this person?”








The man felt silent. He knew how high Tiffany built her walls and now that this someone had managed to climb over it, means this person was very close to her. He knew she was smart. Very smart on making decisions as well and so she trusted her judgements.




“Well that’s great darling. Will I be able to meet this special someone soon?”




She smiles. “I still don’t know when Samchon. I’ll tell you when we’re both ready.”




The man stands, “Very well, keep in touch okay? And if this someone hurts you” he points a finger at her “Don’t hesitate to call me.”




Tiffany hugs him and bids him goodbye. She was glad she was able to tell him the truth although she didn’t tell him the name.




She returns to her desk and was surprised to see Wendy coming in with a bouquet of flowers and a small gift box.




“Wendy, what are those?”




“This came for you Miss Hwang. There’s no name of the sender though. Just a letter ‘T’” Wendy tells her with a smile.




It was a beautiful arrangement of pink roses and with a small teddy bear on the middle. Wendy was looking at her expecting for a response and she rolls her eyes at her and laughs.




“Wendy, is there anything else?”




“Well this is the first time I saw you smile after receiving such gifts Miss Hwang. I assume this was from someone special?” her young assistant giggles.




“What if I’m just having a good day?” she smiles at her.




“Oh my god! It definitely is a special someone!”




Tiffany laughs at her squealing assistant. 




“Now, now, Wendy. Aren’t you forgetting the coffee I told you?”




Her assistant bows with a smile. “Ah, yes Miss Hwang! It’s coming right up.”




Finally alone, she opens the box to see a silver bracelet decorated with little stars. It was a simple design but Tiffany can’t help but look at it like it’s the most expensive thing she received. Suddenly her phone rings, indicating that the person who sent this gifts want to know her reaction.




“Hi there Santa.”




The person on the other line laughs.




“Well, I’m a cute Santa.”




“A short Santa.”




“Are we really going to mock my height right now?”




Tiffany smiles. “Thanks for the flowers. The bracelet is beautiful, by the way. I love it.”




“Glad you like it.”




She can now tell that Taeyeon was smiling.




“So, how was meeting?”




“Dreadful! How do you handle this stuff every day?!”




Tiffany laughs. Taeyeon was at a meeting just on the other side of the district where her office is. She understands the complaints, the young CEO was still on the adjusting phase.




“Well maybe if you wanna go grab something to eat with me, it could get better?”




Oh, wow. Tiffany never thought she could be this cheesy. But hearing Taeyeon’s muffled giggles brought her life.




“Wait, this is the first time I’m being asked out by a pretty lady who runs a company. Let me think.”




She blushes. “The offer ends in 3, 2 –“




“Yes! Yes! Jeez, such an impatient woman.”




“Not a week in this relationship and you’re already complaining, huh?” she teases.








Tiffany laughs. “Are you going to come by here or are we meeting downtown?”




“Nah, I’ll pick you up. I’m on my way there now.”




“Okay, I’ll see you at the parking lot. Drive safely.”




“Sure, I’m near now. See you.”




Tiffany hangs up and fixes her things. She tells Wendy that she can have her coffee because she is going out early and that she can take the rest of the day off. The girl was surprised of course, it was rare to see her boss having this much positive vibes and she was so thankful whoever was the reason behind this change. 




She was now on the parking lot and she instantly sees the blonde going out of her red Ferrari.




Taeyeon walks toward her and Tiffany was greeted by a hug.




“I missed you.” Taeyeon says.




“We just saw each other last night Taeyeon.”




Taeyeon opens the car door for her and quickly proceeds to the driver seat.




“But I did. The meeting earlier felt like a thousand years.”




“Now you’re just exaggerating.” 




They both laugh. 




“Where are you taking me today?” Tiffany asks.




“Oh, there’s new restaurant downtown. My friend is the owner and she invited me to try out the food. They serve Japanese food. But if you’re in the mood for something else, we can go to whatever you like.”




It’s on these moments that Tiffany appreciates Taeyeon’s thoughtfulness. 




“Sure, we can go there. It’s been a while since I’ve had Japanese food.”




They were caught on a short traffic and Taeyeon takes the opportunity to grab Tiffany’s hand and kiss it. Tiffany blushes at the action but before she can say anything, the other girl cuts her off.




“I just wanted to say that from now on you have me and I’ll always be there for you. I’ll take you out for food every day or be your chauffeur. I’ll even help you on financial reports like before.” She chuckles. “Just let me take care of you, you don’t have to worry about anything because we’re together on everything from now on. I’ll do everything to make you the happiest girl on the universe. I promise that.”




Tiffany puts her hand on Taeyeon’s cheeks, slightly brushing her thumb on the soft white skin. She was so lost for words. Just hearing Taeyeon telling those things to her are enough to make her feel like the happiest girl on the universe. 




Pushing all those negative thoughts she had, she fully surrenders her heart to Taeyeon.






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