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The guard on the lobby immediately recognizes her and greets her with a ninety degree bow and a huge smile. As she makes way toward the elevator up to the reception area for visitors confirming their appointments on the ninth floor; employees greeted her with so much respect that she could be mistaken as the owner of the said building. 




But no, she was only there for visitation. 




She had no reservations or schedule to meet with the Director but here she is walking towards the secretary of the famous personality who just graced the cover of Vogue’s magazine this month as a successful lady entrepreneur of the west. 




The young woman quickly stands from her table and greets her. Soon she finds her way on the big, rather; intimidating looking door on that floor which houses the office of the most terrifying yet respected icon on that building. 




Letting out a big exhale, she turns the knob and walks in.




She doesn’t see the woman she’s looking for on her table, she scans the room and sees her on the L-shaped couch, back turned from her and in front of her were stacks of papers she thought might be sales report.




It’s the end of the month so it must be paychecks.




“Wendy, I told you to go ahead and send the report to HR. I still need to sign this so the Budget Department can release it after two days.” The brunette says without looking up.




Funny, office hours ended thirty minutes ago. Guess she has to wait for her to finish then. Again.




She laughs thinking about the first time they went for dinner.




“By the way, can you call –“ words were cut out the moment the woman turned her head, seeing that the person who went inside her office was not her secretary, she immediately rolls her eyes at the intruder.




“What are you doing here?”




“Hiya, thought I’d see you personally this time.” The blonde proceeds to sit beside her, ignoring the harsh turning of papers of the pissed brunette. 




She has to control herself from laughing at the cute sight.




“Dinner? Thought this might be the next time you were referring to.”




“Can’t you see that I am busy with something?”




“Tiffany, these are paychecks and you are just going to scan them to check for errors. I do this for about forty minutes and I know you can do it less than that.”




Tiffany knows Taeyeon was right. That’s one of the flaws of dating a CEO. You can’t really excuse yourself from doing something work related because the both of you know how to deal with paper works. 




‘Damn it’ Tiffany thought.




Taeyeon sees Tiffany pursing her lips. She smiles knowing that the girl was going to think of another excuse. Well, she has all day. The whole week as a matter of fact. She plans to stay in New York and not leave until they’ve finished fixing whatever is between them. She isn’t going back to Seoul without making Tiffany hers again.




“Why don’t you just invite someone else? Preferably the one you’re with yesterday?”




Taeyeon smiles. A jealous Tiffany has finally appeared. She feels bad for Yoona catching Tiffany’s wrath but seeing Tiffany jealous today makes her realize that the girl hated the fact of being replaced. 




“She flew back to Shanghai yesterday that’s why I’m here.” She playfully replies.




“So what, I’m a second option? Or let’s say third? Fourth?” her voice reaching a higher pitch.




Taeyeon laughs.




“You think this is funny? Get out Taeyeon.”




Instead of going out, Taeyeon does the opposite and moves to Tiffany closer making the latter tense up a little. Taeyeon’s arm was resting on the back of the couch and just inches away from Tiffany’s bare shoulder thanks to her pink Moschino dress. She had to do everything on her willpower to stop herself from casually putting an arm around her because she still wants to for a while.




“Now, now. No need to be cranky because you know very well that you’re my only priority.” Taeyeon emphasizes.




Tiffany scoffs at the remark. The blonde knows that Tiffany was still angry at what she saw yesterday so she moves closer. Tiffany moves away but Taeyeon just scoots closer. So now they were on the edge of the couch.




“You could’ve just asked yesterday. No need to get sassy and all.”




“Honey, I won’t be called Tiffany Hwang if it ain’t sassy or y at all.” Tiffany retorts making eye contact with the young Chairman.




Taeyeon had to flinch a little. She could smell Tiffany’s perfume from this distance; she could hear her breathing that it made her head swirl. But she knows the girl wasn’t backing down as well, she knows how Tiffany knows that she was making her squirm and play with her thoughts. 




“She’s just a friend.”




“And I don’t care.”




“You think that I’m seeing someone, don’t you?”




“You think I care about that?”




“Stop repeating yourself Fany. We both know how jealous you can be.”




“Get off me Taeyeon, I need to call Wendy.” 




Tiffany tries to push her off but had zero to no strength at all because of how Taeyeon was looking at her with so much attentiveness and longing. 




“Nuh uh. I need you to listen first.”




“Fine. Make it quick.”




“Okay. So remember when I told you about my college friends? My best of friends? Yuri, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Seohyun and Yoona? Well I’m here to tell you Ms Hwang that whom you thought was my side chick is actually Yoona. We can call her if you still don’t want to believe me.”




Looking into each other’s eyes for a couple of seconds, Tiffany breaks the eye contact and talks.












“Yes. Okay. Now, move.”




Tiffany quickly stands up to call Wendy and tell her to gather up the paychecks and deliver it to the Budget Department. Taeyeon saw how red Tiffany was and saw little beads of sweat. Taeyeon checks herself and realizes that she too was feeling a bit hot even if the AC was on. 




‘God she’s making me crazy.’ Taeyeon thought.




Wendy walks inside and secretly gives Taeyeon a victorious smile and a thumbs up when the young secretary sees how flustered her boss was while retouching her makeup. Taeyeon smiles back and nods to acknowledge her. 




Soon they were left alone again after Wendy bids goodbye to them to send the paychecks and go home as well.




Taeyeons stands up to where Tiffany was and watches the girl fix her bag.




“What?” Tiffany looks at her and gets a hair brush to comb her hair.




Taeyeon’s eyes soften when Tiffany looks at her. God, Tiffany is the most beautiful being on earth. Hands down, Taeyeon would kneel for her.




“Dinner?” Taeyeon asks.




“Sure, let’s go.”




Tiffany wants to kick herself. Her emotions got in the way that’s why she thought that Yoona, Taeyeon’s best friend, was a side chick. She felt bad for reacting that way to the younger girl who was innocent after all. She recalls during the car ride who was Yoona and remembers that Yoona and Seohyun were one year younger than Taeyeon. They were their juniors whom they met at Harvard. Taeyeon told her before that their team were so close that they are actually like sisters already.




A buzz from Taeyeon’s phone interrupts her train of thoughts. She watches as Taeyeon takes out a small box from her coat pocket and takes out two pills to swallow.




Taeyeon notices Tiffany watching her and grabs the box and shakes it. “Meds.”




“How long have you been taking it?”




“I’ve been on medication ever since I was hospitalized. The damage on my ribs were more severe than we thought. It almost ruined my spine, actually. But these here are like maintenance pills to help me on my bones so I won’t get weak that fast.”




“Oh. I’m –“




Taeyeon smiles and taps Tiffany’s free hand resting on the table. “It’s fine Fany. Must be one of the prices I have to pay. Even though I might get stuck with some medication for the rest of my life, at least some things turned out pretty well.”




Tiffany smiles at Taeyeon. A smile that’s both sorry and happy. Happy that Taeyeon was able to recover and achieve her plans successfully and sorry for not being with her when she was recovering. When she needed her the most. She wanted to be there but she knows that being there might just hurt them both so she chose to watch her from a distance.




“I’m sorry that I wasn’t there.”




“Like I said Fany, it’s okay. There are certain things we can’t control and I want you to find your happiness, the calmness in your heart as well. I found mine so who am I to even stop you, right?”




Taeyeon was such a kind soul. Tiffany always finds herself admiring the girl. She was older than Taeyeon that’s why Tiffany thought about it a lot before actually letting herself fall for Taeyeon. What if Taeyeon was immature, what if she just finds Tiffany intriguing that’s why she wanted to date someone older than her, what if she’s just one of her conquests, what if she was just another chick on her list. Questions like that. But Taeyeon, she’s just as sweet as an angel that she can’t find reasons to hate her or question the love Taeyeon was giving her. 




“Thank you, Taeyeon – ah.”




“Come on, this is no time to be solemn about my tragic ribs,” Taeyeon laughs. “are you busy tomorrow?”




“Not really. Just the usual day. Why?”




“Great, I was planning on doing some shopping for Hayeon tomorrow because she’s flying to Cambridge tonight.”




Tiffany’s eyes lit up after hearing the word shopping. “Light shopping Fany.” Taeyeon quickly adds.




“Oh, shush. Shopping is shopping Tae. What are you buying her?”




“I don’t know. I’m going to get her the new iPad Pro but I wanted to buy more. I just don’t have any idea.”




“Really? The answer is clothes Tae. Tons of them.”




“Right, but help me pick? I trust your choices. Every single one of them. Wait, I think you should do all the picking, I don’t wanna ruin my little sister’s new wardrobe.”




“Sure. You’re speaking with the only CEO who graced Vogue, Grazia and Marie Claire’s cover in one year,” Tiffany chuckles. “Harvard, huh? Just like you.”




“CEO turned model. I like that, more reason to love you,“ Taeyeon flirts back. “Yeah, I’m really proud of her you know. This time she can do what she likes. Mom and I would always be there. My best friends.”, Taeyeon pauses and looks at her. “And you.”




Tiffany tries to hide her smile but fails this time. She can feel her face warm up because of the remark. She hasn’t met Taeyeon’s family yet but hearing her say those words feels like a proposal. 




‘You’re saying that we're going to stay together forever, huh?’ Tiffany thoughts.




“Yeah, hopefully.”




“I’ll pick you up again tomorrow. Same time?”




“Can you pick me up at the apartment instead? I don’t wanna go shopping with work clothes on.”




“Work clothes or not you’re still pretty though.” Taeyeon absentmindedly remarks missing the blush on Tiffany’s cheeks.




The night just couldn’t get any perfect. 





AN: You guys like jealous Tiffany? How about jealous Taeyeon? Kkk here’s a light update ( I at writing fluff. TBH I don’t know where I’m actually good at.) We’ll be working on the next update now :) 

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