Piece by Piece

Everything They Thought



A group of ten men were busy discussing at the far most corner of the bustling club located in Jeju. It was one of the high end famous clubs frequented by socialites, idols and even businessmen. The owner of the said club is the most respected director of the country hence the establishments they owned were deemed untouchable and indeed powerful. 




“How was the cut today?” one of the men asked.




“It was big as usual, a lot of young patrons came and booked.”




“Great, boss would be glad to know that the new system is working.”




“Did they order in bulk or just by doses?”




“Apparently all they wanted was on bulk which made the stocks disappear fast so I had to convince them to buy some liquor as well.”




A man whistles, “Ah, the new product they have is much better. Definitely kicks if you mix it with some of those pills.”




“Anyway, I heard that they’re making progress on taking down the director of the famous auto company.”




“Yeah, Teuk did you manage to convince the boards?”




The man who was busy playing with his phone, the leader, looked up, “Ah, yes. We’ll be making a new branch in San Francisco soon. Quite tough to be honest, the daughter, was a little bit – let’s say, hesitant on the acquisition.”




A man pats his back, “But you managed to convince her right?”




“Of course, she’s new to this that’s why Jinho hyung requested me to brief her. But I have to give credit to the kid, she’s hella smart and better than her dad.”




The group laughs ignoring some stares they get. A group of tall and buff men weren’t really the crowd some people would want to associate with when they’re out partying but they’re not there for gang fights. They had jobs to do for the owners, or should they say the new owner of this place.




“Better, huh. But do you think she can fathom all of it? This job doesn’t do well with the laws we have.”




The man named Teuk takes another swig on his beer.




“It’s my job to make the kid understand all of these. She’s a bit hesitant on pursuing all of it, I admit. Told me she wants to end all these transactions and just start cleaning all the mess. But you know the old man won’t allow it. Sooner or later we might hear the two have already clashed. One thing’s for sure, one of them is going to end up hurt pretty bad.”




“Totally ruined if I may add.”




“He can’t kill his own blood this time, though.”




The other men snicker.




“Y’all just be ready anytime boys. I put my cards on the young CEO this time, it’s about time the old man learns his lessons and pay some dues.”




Some nod in agreement.




“Now call the shipping manager, we still need to deliver those d’s in Gangnam and LA tomorrow. A week later then we can say hello to the new club and branch in San Francisco.”




The music drowns the stories these men shared, hiding behind posh suits, they carry a secret that can shake the nation.




It was the dirty little secret of a chaebol.




“Oh my God, who the is at my door in a Sunday morning?!” 




Tiffany was grumbling to herself after being disturbed by the ringing on her door. She was lazing on her couch after a tough week at work and Sunday was the only day she could quite relax. She even rejected lunch invitations from her friends.




It’s her ‘Me Day’.




Meaning she has the whole day to herself and no one can disturb her. She was also pissed that Taeyeon was not contacting her since yesterday.




The last message she received was the girl asking if she had lunch. She tried texting and calling but was only forwarded to voicemail.




She tells herself that once Taeyeon calls her, her short was going to get ed up.




She reaches her door and opens it without looking at the screen to look who was outside, not even bothering if she was wearing shorts and a tank top thinking it must’ve been the ahjumma who cleans.




“Hey, ahju-“








Tiffany almost falls back with the loud voice.




Recovering quickly she gasps when she sees Taeyeon in front of her trying to balance a large teddy bear, breakfast and two huge paper bags which she guesses were holiday gifts with the large pink bow on it.




“Yah, what are you doing here?! You weren’t even texting me and now you just magically show up on my front door?!” she shouts at her girlfriend.




Taeyeon winces at the loud voice. 




She almost forgot how Tiffany’s voice can get a couple of notches high when she’s mad. 




“Sorry, can you at least let me in? I’ll tell you everything.”




Tiffany sighs. “Fine.”




“Why don’t you take a seat first. Coffee? Juice?”




Taeyeon was about to respond when Tiffany cuts her. 




“And no, you can’t have wine or champagne. I have them but it’s freakin’ 9AM babe.”




She learned that Taeyeon is quite a drinker and sometimes take a glass or two of wine even if it was still early. The girl has a collection of wine and she knows that she handles a couple of distillers and clubs back in Korea.




Taeyeon closes her eyes and rests her head on the long white L-couch. “Just coffee babe.”




Tiffany can’t help but notice Taeyeon’s tired figure and how she lost some weight. She suddenly felt bad shouting at the girl earlier. Taeyeon must’ve been tired from the long flight and work. 




Quickly making coffee, she heads back to her and Taeyeon thanks her after a sip. The girl also grabs her presents for Tiffany.




“Now, these are for you. I hope you still like it even if it’s three months delayed.” she hands Tiffany the two large bags.




Tiffany smiles and grabs Taeyeon’s hand. “It’s alright babe, you didn’t even have to get me anything. I don’t even have anything prepared for you and I already yelled at you earlier.”




“Nah, you’re already the gift I wanted”, she moves closer putting a hand on Tiffany’s exposed thighs, “this one’s enough already.” Taeyeon says in a rather low raspy voice.




Tiffany lazily swats Taeyeons hand away covering her face to hide her burning red face. The girl laughs at her reaction and puts an arm around her instead.




“I was just messing with you! Relax babe.”




“Now, you’re messing?” Tiffany laughs as well.




“Yes, now open these up.”




Tiffany obliges grabbing the first bag and opening.




She immediately recognizes the orange box, opening it she gasps when she sees what was inside.




“What the -, Tae you did not just –“




Taeyeon just smiles.




“Taeyeon, do you know how much trouble I got to get one of these? I wasn’t able to get one! Yet you-! How?”




“I’ve been planning to get this for you and I don’t know how. So I asked a friend who was working with them to secure me one of it.” Taeyeon calmly explains.




Tiffany raises an eyebrow. “Babe, if I’m not mistaken. Securing one earlier than the release date means you have to pay at least double or triple the price. This is a Hermés Kellier Crocodile Prunoir bag. Are you ing kidding me?!”




Taeyeon laughs at her girlfriend’s reaction. “If you don’t like it, I can just buy you another one.” She jokingly grabs the bag from Tiffany’s hand.




“What? No! I love it. This is actually too much.” She says.




 Tiffany opens the other bag and for the second time she looks at Taeyeon in awe. The girl had purchased her a set of jewellery from her favourite brand. It was donned with simple flower and star designs making the bracelet classy. The necklace had a single star as pendant as well. 




“You like?” Taeyeon asks when Tiffany felt silent.




Taeyeon was caught off guard when Tiffany launched herself to her. Kissing her all over her face, she held Tiffany on her waist to give the girl a tight hug. Taking in the sweet smell, Taeyeon buries her face on the crook of her girlfriend’s neck. 




“Thank you so much for this.” Tiffany whispers.




“You don’t have to thank me.”




“I have too. You’re making me love you too much.”




“Isn’t that great then? I love you so much Fany. Every day that we are together, I feel like this surge of happiness envelopes me that I can’t let you go.”
 Taeyeon loosens her hold to look at Tiffany.




“Don’t leave me okay? I’ll work so hard to give you all the things you like, be the person you need to be. Just don’t leave me no matter how rough things can get.”








Tiffany holds Taeyeon’s face on her hands after seeing the loneliness behind the blonde’s eyes. 




The first time you see Taeyeon, you will definitely think that the girl had everything under control. But right now, on these intimate moments they share, are the only time Tiffany can ask herself how much weight does her girlfriend really carry? 




She wants to know.




She wants to help.




But she will never force her to tell. She will only tell her that she will be there.




Assurance and commitment.




That was something she was going to give Taeyeon until she’s ready to open up. She will trust her with all her heart.




On the other side, Tiffany hopes that it isn’t something so bad because she herself also needs some healing to do. 




And so even if she’s also struggling with her inner demons, Tiffany promises to be there for her significant other no matter how ty it can get. 




They’ll fix each other. 




Because two souls are better than being alone in this cruel world they live in. 




But how much of a god forsaken story does Taeyeon have?




She ought to know.




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