Through Gold & Silver

Everything They Thought



Meetings, presentations, business deals, ribbon cutting, elegant parties, and endless cash. This was her world. She was good at every aspect of business, and when you googled business, her name was one of the first ones you’d see. Being the youngest and one of the top on Forbes Millionaire’s Club is intoxicating, but she always loved the power and control that goes along with it. 



She has everything in her hands, or so she thought, there was still a missing piece in her life, and she can’t grasp on what it could be. She just knows that there’s still a void that needs to be filled.



A knock interrupted her thoughts, and she was greeted by her assistant, Wendy.



“Ms. Hwang, Mr. Park has arrived and he wishes to see you immediately”



“Send him in” 



“Yes, ma’am”, Wendy bows and exits.



A man in his late fifties enters the luxurious office and greets her with a big smile with open arms. She stands from her leather chair, smiles, and hugs him.



“You’re early, I’m still waiting for the final papers from HR,” she says while proceeding on the L-shaped couch and invites the man to sit with her.



The man sits a couple of inches away from her and laughs, “Darling, I know you handle things here really well and I’m not worried about the papers. I came here to see how you’re doing.”



“You said so yourself, I’m handling things here really well.” She laughs.



Wendy comes in and serves them drinks and cake. She bows then excuses herself after they said their ‘thank you’s’.



The man takes a sip in his coffee, “You know what I mean darling, tell me, how’s life outside work?”



“Samchon …” she shakes her head.




“I’m not getting any younger darling and I need to know that someone can take care of you when that time comes”



The young woman huffs in disbelief, “Samchon, you know that I am able to take care of myself, everything’s fine, and don’t get me started with your health because you and I know that I am tired of hearing you say that as if you’re gonna die tomorrow.”



She puts her mug down and continues, “Relax samchon, please”.



He grins, undeterred on his niece’s scolding he continues to ask, “When are you getting married then?”



“I’m married to my work samchon. I’m fine and healthy. So if there’s nothing more you’d like to ask, you may take your leave. Wendy will hand you the papers at the front desk.” She stands up and starts to work on her table.



The man stands up and proceeds to the door. But before going out he turns back and says, “Tiffany, darling, you know I only want the best for you. Business is doing well and you have everything any woman could dream off. Successful, beautiful, rich, and famous. Have fun and live your life. You’re still young”.



And with that, Mr. Park finally leaves.



Tiffany sighs, she sits back and turns around to face the glorious city in front of her. 



New York. Busy streets and busy people. 



Her uncle was right, she had everything in her hands. He just failed to mention about her being nice because she wasn’t nice. Cruel, strict, and perfectionist. She’s a tyrant on this building and in all the other properties and businesses she owned. To her, being nice is letting her guard down. People can’t see that vulnerable side of her, she kept it hidden for years. She had no plans for marriage just yet, she dated but it was all just for fun.



Men only wanted and cash. She feels nothing but pity on them of course. Trying to get in her pants, wooing her with endless compliments just to make her notice them. Oh, she knows their ways. That is why she never took relationships seriously, no one can be trusted anyway these days.  All her time went to her business, then. And without noticing it she became the top bachelorette 5 years in a row.



Checking the time, it was 3 in the afternoon. She decided to continue reviewing the presentation for tomorrow.



“Nothing could go wrong”, she mutters.



This is the world Tiffany Hwang lived in. Luxury, beauty, success and perfection were all in her hands. No one knew how to tame the most eligible bachelorette of the decade. No one caught her eye and she knows that no one will ever.





But is there really no one?



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This story is close to me, and I want to update you with a chapter with so much effort. I feel bad not updating and starting a new story, and I just need to find the right words to give justice to Tiffany & Taeyeon's characters here. In the meantime, I hope you all are safe and full of love. ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
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